World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Three Episode 12

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  1. New contestants, same old story. It’s Game of Throws.

  2. ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ is also the debut single from the post punk band Bauhaus; released in 1979.

  3. The Italians experimented with a battleship (this was before the pre-dreadnought era) that sported 17-inch guns . . . and NO armor.
    So when I see an unusual design from the Italians, I just say, “Oh, that’s nice.”

    • Technically you could just put armoured boxes around the really critical stuff like the ammo stores and the engine. then just rely on the lack of armour causeing overpens. Thats basically what the Brits did with some of their aircraft.

    • The Italians also experimented with concrete armour pre WW2. Fortunately for them, it was never tried out in combat.

    • so basically a floating italian KV2

  4. A Duke of York? You had me guessing which one was the Duke of York here. Answer, it was the King George V. As for that devastating strike, it looks a lot more like a detonation to me. 😀

    • It was a detonation. Someone who either couldn’t afford a Det Flag, or didn’t think his ship needed one. He was wrong.

    • @@jcorbett9620
      I only fly det flag on DDs.
      Whenever I get a det in any other ship, its bad luck and I just shrug it off.
      Not worth it to prevent the 1 in 100 (or even less) detonation.
      But for DDs its critical
      (unless ofc its CBs & KotS)

    • @justintolentino661

      Oh it’s even better. I think I hear Jingles stumble and say “Duke of New York” at roughly 9:34

    • @PiersLawsonBrown1972

      To give Mr Jingles some credit, King George V was titled Duke of York in 1892, so amazingly on a technicality, he is somewhat correct in what he said.

    • @@jcorbett9620 He was dead either way at the HP he was on… so he was technically correct.

  5. Thank you for another great and infuriating episode of The Game of Throws.

  6. The only thing worse than an idiot who won’t hold their fire is an incompetent idiot who can’t even hit the broadside of a battleship let alone use islands for cover.

  7. 11:29 Is anyone else going to point out how the Duncan panic shot his rear turret and COMPLETELY missed?

  8. “Winning is for losers” – Radioactive Gunner

  9. The Bismark suffered from “my turret rotation can’t keep up with the Michaelangelos forward speed at this close a range”. He fired when his turret was pointing at the last few mm of Stats ship, but the few yards the shells had to travel were enough that Stats was out of the way when they arrived.

    • I think one or two caught the very aft end of the ship. If you look at the health pool, he did lose some points.

      But that was quite a hilarious encounter and made the video worth watching by itself

    • @@comicus01 could have been the secondaries maybe ? 🤔

  10. At this point, considering that the second set of dockyard missions hasn’t even unlocked yet, not even utter tryhards managed to get their hands on this ship. It’s either CCs or whales.

    • I am pretty certain that Statsbloke is a WG Supertester. So it makes sense he has that Michaelangelo ship so early. He publishes a lot of Stats on all of the new ships from WG that a lot of the CCs use in their videos.

    • I know he is, and I wasn’t arguing against him having the ship. I was just pointing out the flaw in Jingles’s statement, which included tryhards among those who could be in possession of this ship right now. Did you even read what I wrote?

    • Yes you seemed uncertain and asking if he was either a CC or a whale and I was trying to help you answer your question

    • @@allaboutboats you may have read what I wrote, but you certainly didn’t understand the information that I was conveying. There was no reference to Statsbloke in it, nor was there any question. As for the confusion part, I am utterly baffled as to where that came from, since I was stating clear and concise information.

  11. “The New Orleans now knows the importance of not being seen !”

  12. Actually Jingles, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is the debut single by the English post-punk band Bauhaus, released on 6 August 1979 on the Small Wonder label. It is often considered the first gothic rock record.

  13. Soon as I saw the New Orleans turn around that island instead of continue out to the map border, i knew he was gonna do something stupid.

    • I mean, the video is titled Game of Throws. Based on prior performance, wasn’t going to be the Jupiter who threw.

    • Could’ve been a lucky blind shot – but he did give the reds *some* idea where he was even if he was invisible behind the island(s)

    • @@slavkovalsky1671 look what he does after that first shot from behind the island.

      Clearly sails into the open and fires again. And you can see shell splashes around the Duncan before he dies so he’s still shooting while being shot at.

    • @@Talon1124 Yeah, that was pretty… less than smart – yes, those are the words.

    • The kind of player you want to track down in real life and disembowel with a chainsaw.

  14. The World of Warships wiki refers to battleship designs because when describing this ship, as said ship is based upon one of a series of 26,500 ton “medium displacement battleship” designs armed with 320mm guns, drawn up for Maricominav (Italian acronym for “Ship Design Committee”) in 1935. See “The Italian Navy and the Battleship in the 1930s: Theory and Practice” by Michele Cosentino, Warship 2023 for more information. This source also provides some information:

    The wargaming art department has fucked up this design slightly, it was supposed to have an all-diesel propulsion plant with underwater exhausts, hence there was no funnel admidships, so the turrets would have had much better arcs than they do in game.

    Interestingly the Project 5 and Project 5bis preliminary designs for the Richelieu class has a similar arrangement.

  15. Actually, Jingles, “Bela Lugosi is Dead” is a reference to the Bauhaus song of the same name, somewhat famous for being the backing track to the beginning of Tony Scott’s 1983 vampire film “The Hunger,” which includes a cool supporting role by David Bowie. There was no set project in production when Lugosi died, though Ed Wood did later use some test footage he shot of Lugosi in Plan 9 from Outer Space. The dentist in question was actually a chiropractor and his forehead and eyebrows was similar (enough) to Lugosi’s, hence his drafting to cover for the dead Lugosi, who – according to the internets – was 6’1.

  16. “Nobody’s going to tell me how to play”… says the New Orleans captain.

  17. The game was going so well up till the end, both teams were playing it about as smart as they could at every point under their individual circumstances and the game was basically being handed to Statsbloke’s team, as soon as i saw the New Orleans and the Jupiter being the last ones i knew the sad ending that awaited. Amazing game played by the entire team, commiserations to you all, all except for the New Orleans player. His division mate sarcastically thanked him for throwing the match and handing over a guaranteed win to the other team and he had the audacity to say “No problem”

  18. That Jupiter captain deserves a round of applause for doing so much. A shame that he and Statsbloke’s efforts were for naught.

  19. The sad part is that it’s completely possible to shoot from there into the middle without getting spotted – in fact it’s hard to _get_ spotted in that location at that angle. The New Orleans went out of his way to BE spotted.

  20. I feel sorry for Stats and that Jupiter 42 captain.

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