Kitakaze has arrived – World of Warships

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IJN tier 9 tech tree DD, Kitakeze is probably the most famous of the 3 actual IJN gunboat DDs, because it sits in the middle in terms of tiers and firepower.

Truly a little monster

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. At first I thought “Hey, a real Jingles moment from Flambass, it’s KitaKAMI, not KitaKAZE!”, and then I saw the ship. Well played to you, sir.

  2. Just how detached from reality this game is. A destroyer with its vision obscured with smoke can sight its guns, and defeat a battleship. It’s just a game, but makes you think what lengths they will go to, to add content. Not to mention the subs😂😅

    • Well it’s less detached from reality then you think, and it’s kind of happened really. Of course you need fire control radar to do it, and you need no such radar on your target so it can’t shoot back. 100mm is maaaybe lacks a bit of damage to really start messing up a BB, but still perfectly capable to degrade combat capability of any WW2 BB significantly. And in case of “genius german engineering”, well, it was actually possible to sink Tirpitz/Bismark by making enough holes in not so armored parts of the hull 😀 .

    • If you want reality then play “Destroyer: The Uboat-hunter” and get bored to death!

    • It’s also ridiculous that a ship with 1 HP is just as strong as a normal one. All the guns are still working, etc

    • You forgot hydro and radar that can see through land but the hydro cant see subs unless they get so close that any other ship would be auto detected

    • @@Scotzie69 well that’s not true, in game the ship with 1 HP functions a lot better compared to full health, because AR.

  3. Lesson of the day folks: killstealing doesn’t pay! And then you feel guilty about it 😈

    • There’s kill securing and then there’s kill stealing when it’s a carrier from the person the carrier has been harassing the whole match.

  4. I ran 6-7 games in a row, all lost even though I always in top 3, meanwhile half of my team dead before the first 5 minutes. So does that mean the game is rigged or just my skill issue of not doing enough to get the win

    • Must’ve been playing ranked.

    • Sometimes it is like that. And it doesn’t mean either.
      Just that RNG doesnt like you right now. But thats fine. Because sooner or later you will be on RNGs good side.

      Just to be clear, if you look at it statistically, a 10 loss streak out of a 1000 games is not only not unlikely, but very likely, but similarly a 10 game win streak is equal as likely (but only if you have a WR% of 50/50)

    • Even with 57% WR for solo randoms, you can get 10+ games in a row with 80% losses while being top 2 in exp. I think unicums get a lot less of those, but even Flambass gets bad days. Some games you just have to make up for 5 of your teammates to win, and that’s often too much carrying for even decent players.

  5. at least you know XD

  6. Kitakaze is amazing

  7. @richard_zanormous3648

    One of the best players in WOWs says “Rigged.” Respectable. I like Flambass

  8. The fella saying he cheated as he lost the last 15 games. I have noticed far too often with ships that if I log in I either get put in with a winning ‘group’ or a trash ‘group’, I don’t know how WG can do this but it happens a lot. The games are mostly steam rolls and which side you are on in any given session is decided by WG when a person logs in? It sounds like a conspirisary I know but if I have a run of losses on logging into the game I often log out and back in again and the tide switches 180 and I’ll be on a winning streak! I’m an average player so don’t carry often. I wonder if it’s even possible WG can somehow put a player into a specific group based on stats to allow this but it happens too often to not be a coincidence……foil hat removed?

  9. It’s just a click-boint ❤

  10. I think Haru was considered worse than Kita when DDs could get full-penned by BBs.

  11. You’re right to think of 5.9 km conceal. This was Kitakaze’s base concealment (for both hulls) for years, and was one of the reasons it was seen as OP. Back in those days Harugumo would also take full BB pens while Kita would not, and Haru would be decimated by cruiser AP faster than Kita. Haru is also FAR less manoeuvrable and it’s length made it very vulnerable to blind torpedo attacks into its smoke screen.

    But even back then, Haru still had substantially higher average damage per battle and could absolutely crush Kita (and every other DD) in an even knife fight, but the 6.3 conceal vs 5.9 gave Kita a good window to avoid, and Haru’s much bigger target size, weakness to AP, and crap steering, meant that supporting fire from friendly players would often benefit Kita more than Haru. So in many early-game cap contest battles, knife fights between the two actually would go in Kita’s favour and I think Kita had a higher win rate when in the hands of experienced players, debatably even in TX battles.

    Kita got quietly nerfed a little while ago though to a 6.1 conceal, because 5.9 conceal + best DPM in tier + good manoeuvrability was just an OP combination. This didn’t seem like much on paper, but it gave the torpedo-focused DDs with poor DPM a larger window to outspot and evade Kita’s DD-hunting incursions. Those extra few seconds you get to escape do make a huge difference in DD knife fights, as I’m sure you’ve experienced far more than I.

  12. Flambass, how do you bring up that equipment screen in game? Is it a mod?

  13. sub is usfull .. i see .

  14. dirty gamer. that carrier kill. 😉

  15. I play on the NA server, not EU. Randoms overall seem very random. I don’t see this ‘rigged’ or ‘cheating’ issue.. I use no mods myself. I know some players do.. Sometimes it seems as if when I play game after game without taking breaks, the matchmaking puts me on gradually worse teams, as if to challenge me, if I’m on the winning side to start or after like the first three matches.. The opposing team will get better divisions and better players overall. If, on the other hand, I take a few minutes break between matches, the sides seem a lot more even, as far as winning rates for individual players and divs..Other times, I can’t notice any difference at all regardless of how my matches’ win/loss are going or how often I continue battling.. This is how just about any ship I use, I can get to at least 50% win rate in randoms – even the seemingly worst ships that are outclassed within their own tiers. Some take me longer than others and a lot of that too has to do with my own skill level and ship play style preference. But that comment about ‘cheating” I don’t see it at all.. I don’t mind players venting either.. Go ahead and vent if you must, sunk players. No need to get nasty or personal.

  16. I know it’s a big debate but what do you spec kitakaze with? A fire setter build or IFHE build?

  17. That “was” a kill steal…

  18. Got called cheater for citadelling a broadsided petro with moskva from 11km. Moskva according to the petromplayer cant pen petro 😂 He had 10k games under his belt

  19. Evil 666’th like achievement award!

  20. Quacken or not, kill steal is a punk move. You have the skill to get your own kills. Be better.

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