World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Three Episode Six

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You’re at less than 100 points, outnumbered and outgunned. All hope seems lost…. and then you remember you’re in an Episode of A Game of Throws…

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  1. Immaculate timing just turned the kettle on 👍

  2. Bear Necessities

    The “I’mmm helpinnngggg” bit cracked me up XD

  3. These WoWs players must be very strong to be throwing stuff so hard and so often

    • Upper body strength that is the envy of Olympic shotputters.

    • ​@WalterReimerThe irony of it’s the same upper body strength that you need to carry… 😂

    • Drill Sargent once told me “Private! You can be SMART, or you can be STRONG!”

      Sadly, there are a lot of strong players in WoWS.

    • @SgtMclupus I prefer to lift with my legs… Means when I’m expected to carry, I can at least squat press out an extra battleship or three. Most of the time that’s STILL not enough though lmao

  4. i felt a huge shiver down my spine when k9 sailed broadside on in front of that new mex.

  5. Actually Jingles, both of the rear turrets can rotate 360. 😊

  6. Props to the friendly carrier, not only helping him destroy the 3 ships but also using fighters to help him attack the enemy carriers

  7. Heck of a battle that! I reckon this episode should be in the carry harder series rather than game of throws tho.

  8. that was actually a pretty good job on his part. I’m surprised really.

  9. Great one. And a battle that isn’t over in a few minutes either. Props to K9transfer_1 for keeping his head on a swivel, dodging the enemy sub, the Marblehead and the New Mexico, killing them in short succession and – in a stroke of luck and mastery – avoiding the enemy’s CV torpedo planes seconds after. One of the most satisfying maneuvers I’ve ever seen.

  10. The Konigsberg is one of the ships I liked the most when I was still playing WoWS. Got it when there was that “mission” that gifted the ship to you if you sank 4 enemy ships in a single battle.
    The ship was hilariously unreliable when released, even HE near-misses could knock out your entire machinery, but it always had good potential for damage, and it rewarded your knowledge of the game… as demonstrated in this battle.

  11. So many times when I just kinda internally screamed to swithch to HE, but that onslaught of cits on the CV’s was sooo satisfying.

  12. Cheers Jingles, thanks for the laughs and so i raise a glass to you, Rita, Eddie and the mighty Boo.

  13. GG and thank you for sharing your match with Mr. J.
    Thank you Jingles for sharing this awesome gameplay with us. Much love from Oklahoma, USA!❤😂

  14. outstanding performance and luck having by K9 🙂

  15. I’ve always loved your world of warships videos but I’m craving more alien’s play through. I’m really invested in that now lol

  16. Splatoonist Productions

    Listening to jingles while building a 1:350 scale prince of wales battleship is an evening I’m going to enjoy

  17. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Really great battle, great job to K9transfer!

  18. Broccan Mac Ronain

    I was expecting him to get at least a double strike.

  19. As a Cruiser main i enjoyed this a lot. Ty Jingles 🙂

  20. As a cruiser-main, I very much enjoyed this edition. I hope K9’s back made a swift recovery from that carry.

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