World of Warships- Top 5 Must Buy Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over 5 ships that are 100% worth the cost in my opinion!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Video Intro
0:49 5. Agir
3:07 4. Kidd
6:06 3. Alabama
9:24 2. Prinz Eugen
11:37 1. Jager


  1. 1. S-189
    2. Kearsarge
    3. Smolensk
    4. Halford
    5. Thunderer

  2. Defiantly pick of Jager now, since it’s not stated what resource she’s going to be out for later, it’s going to be 19300 doubloons if we look at previous ships like the Velos as examples

    • I grinded Jäger in 3 days Friday-Sunday first week I got it for 340 tokens m and I bought camo for 20 mil … and I put my main account for sale , so I grinded her again on my second account 3 days , bu this time she cost 400 tokens , but she is still worth it , but not worh to spend cash on her.

  3. Today I dusted off my Alabama and took her out for a random game to do my daily crates, and she gave me a surprisingly good match despite not playing her for quite a while. Solid BB, jack of all trades with no significant drawbacks. Enemy Pobeda didn’t bother with me for too much and I ended up in the top 3 of my team in an easy win.

  4. Daniel Butterworth

    I love the Kidd, one of my favourite ships to play and it was the first premium ship that I ever picked up.

  5. Ägir is really an underrated ship , playing her sometimes in co op is very fun , good guns good reload and torps too
    Tirpitz i play as main gun build with secondary luetjens
    correct me if im wrong , wasnt kidd still visitable as a museum ? if you can make it there
    got all 3 carolina T8 BBs and all of them are nice in their own way
    also AA on Alabama lets enemy planes go sweet home alabama on you

  6. The only one I don’t have and won’t have is the Jaeger, I don’t play enough to get her. You forgot to mention Prinze Eugens’ torps I always have fun with those lol. Great List Sea Lord. 👍🇬🇧

  7. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Your video suffers from a severe lack of Cossack 😉 Probably the best of all premiums.

    • Maybe not the best but certainly excellent – I need to take her out more

    • +10. Cossack is probably the best solo play DD at its tier. This is especially true for T8/9 ranked and the just ended CB season.

      While Agir isn’t bad it suffers hard again other cruisers with more DPM with it’s 1 minute burn time. Ships like Vallejo, Buffalo, and even Ibuki crap all over it in 1 v 1 engagements since no overmatch and no magic angles like Alaska.
      Eugan is another one I’ll say is not bad because it’s so tanky but it’s DPM is so pathetic it’s challenging to influence matches when more than surviving is needed for the W.
      I’d day something Friesland/ Groningen is better for battle influence especially with its AA in mind.
      Mainz is another I’d rate above Eugan.

  8. As a casual player it’s quite a grind for the Jäger but I think I will be able to get there. No shot at getting it with the coupon so I will have to spend more resources.

    • I’m in the same boat! But I like torp DDS (I lust for a Kamikaze Tier V rare ship) so I will grind whatever grist the mill requires!

  9. Steven Wiederholt

    I am SOOO looking forward to getting the Jager!

  10. Prisoner of the Highway

    Fun fact, 2 of these are available for free. In the community tab in the armory, you can buy veteran containers with your free community points. That’s how I got both the Prinz Eugen and the Kidd.

    • I won Prinz Eugen in a Warships competition on Steam. It took only 2 days to get “Jager” ship for free including Steampunk Camo.
      Perhaps i should try to get the free Kidd ship.

  11. West VA 41 is fun and free if you got her in the Independence Day event. Arizona is also a very good ship. I have carried tier 6-7 ranked matches with her and got my first kraken with her.

  12. I LOVE Agir, it just prints money. I only hate that I get SO MUCH over pens that it hurts

  13. I’ve noticed on my Jager that after torp hit, and you fire your guns, you anodically seem to set a fire 100% of the time. I’ve only played this ship in non-PVP environments but it sure seems to happen.

  14. I like the Agir on Rank specially, even though I prefer the Schroeder. And had had a couple of battles with the new WV44 and was quite nice too.

  15. I’m curious now, what would you say are the top five “No Fly Zone” ships?
    I know three, (Arizona, Seattle, and Worcester) but I’d like to know what you think.
    Actually, A top five anti-cv/sub video would probably go over quite well in Warships community.

  16. Alabama looks like a good ship but I already have the Massachusetts which is tough, has amazing secondaries, and prints lots of credits, Aguir and Kidd I don’t have they look good, I am grinding the missions for the Jaeger , it looks fun.

  17. I just got teh iwaml and other than teh matchmaking its a great ship and extremely fun, good armour great secondaries good primaries good manevuerability.

  18. If WG would be kind enough to roll back some of the changes that have hurt the game so badly I would consider giving them some more of my money. Subs in randoms and ranked just killed it for me.

  19. Prinz Eugen also has serviceable AA for it’s tier and if you build into it you can be an effective AA screen boat for teammates. I have tons of fun melting planes in mine. Good list!

  20. I absolutely love my Bama, my favorite BB after the Iowa

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