World of Warships // Adatara / “Sometimes an 18-inch shell is just an 18-inch shell”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Thanks!

  2. Well done! 3 mm – of course! Mahalo

  3. Nearly every sub mechanic is bonkers and/or magical.

  4. Per ardua adatara?

  5. Use the spotter more!

  6. Ahhh battleships, famously great at fighting subs.

  7. PHJ, I do appreciate the efforts you make to generate an upload. I agree, an inconsistent shift schedule can take a bit more out of you than only “extended hours”. I’d rather stay on one particular shift rather then float back and forth, even if the shift is one of the less desired ones.

  8. btw: Given that you find this line to be such a grind, I’d not have expended XP on increasing gun range. Means you can miss from further.

  9. Many players have given up on randoms and other modes due to subs or other toxic things. Operations can avoid most of those.

  10. For a ship with no armor… you spend a lot of time going broadside.

  11. I did not enjoy this BB. The shells are just rolled up balls of toilet paper. I’d always get hit by someone while fully angled and they’d do 14K damage, they’re fully broadside to me, get off a beautiful shot and have 3 overpens and 3 non pens for 3.4K. Like what??

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