World of Warships- Wait….Is This Ship Suddenly Cracked Now??

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a replay featuring the Sun Yat Sen! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Yes it is GOOD now. Btw i run reload mod and sec build and this guy isnt doing that at all not taking reload mod is a major mistake for this ship 23 second base reload is good gents. I also run the special commander that reduces consumable reload time every 1.5mil pot dmg i do pretty well in it close and far distances thx to good reload and armor

  2. There’s a family reunion in game with the Yorktowns! Unfortunately Hornet betrayed her two oldest sisters

  3. More of a video highlighting the benefits of skipping the SYS and just grinding the Minnesota xD

  4. Can’t relate to the kills but can relate to the overpens. I’ve been playing her a lot since i’ve got the mission giving 200% bonus’s, not a bad ship if you go into survivability.

  5. @williamneitzel2249

    IMO, the friendly team is at a CV disadvantage as the HORNET has the flight of B-25s, her other squadrons are T6 planes. The HORNET is lucky she wasn’t double-upped against T10s. And SL, you need to require submits to include their ship and commander builds so we can see how they got their set-ups; thus why the replay was submitted.

  6. She has battlecruiser dispersion and 1.9 sigma, aa is pretty good with dfaa and its pretty tanky

  7. @borislavstoqnov5132

    I got mine from a Santa box in December, i loved playing the Soyuz so having that hull with overmatching guns was awesome for me even before the buff and now when the guns punch like proper 18 inchers she has became one of my favorites.

  8. I have one of these ships and currently use it because it gets the 200% bonus for a couple weeks. But man it is a frustrating ship to use. The AP is a lot of over pen, so early on I stick with HE, cause it can cause fires at over 40%. So I try and take advantage of that. But it is slow and hard to move. And if you get stuck in a spot where your teammates are sunk, then you are screwed. It just can’t do well when outnumbered.

  9. I have had 3 krakens in the last 2-3 weeks with mine. She is definitely a sleeper

  10. Overpens on the belt and citadel are WAY broken in WoWS (yes, I know so are 1,000 other aspects). When you pen a citadel you aren’t just impacting the armor. You are hitting enormous steel engine blocks, boilers, gear-boxes, propeller shafts, stuffing boxes, giant steam manifolds, generators, countless racks of steel tooling and parts.

  11. Looking at ships I don’t own. Though do have a ship that is great to 2 CV’s.

  12. I had 58 WR on it before update, can’t wait to sport it into battle.

  13. What I disliked about the SYS was the accuracy. Yes, I know, I know, it “officially” had this great dispersion, etc., but my first several plays of it I got to “enjoy” missing a flat broadside at 5K, watching midrange shots fall all around the target, and once in a while actually hit something with it. It made playing mid-tier Japanese battleships enjoyable. I have taken it out recently, and it has improved, but I still wouldn’t rank this ship like some did as one of the best new ships of the year.

    As an aside, did anyone watch Flambass being forced to play the Montana? It was hilarious.

  14. This is my favourite Battleship😀

  15. ngl, i did forgot to send my commander build: Emergency Repair specialist, grease the gears, super heavy AP, and Adrenalin rush

    • That 20km shot on the FDG was beautiful. I mean just look at that grouping, RNJesus was like “alright enough of this, YOU DIE NOW!”

  16. @mattgearytransplanted

    this is why people spam HE. AP is like OVERPEN OVERPEN OVERPEN RICOCHET TORP PROTECTION all in the same salvo.

  17. Was this a Minnesota replay?

  18. Interesting playstyle. The ship let him down.

  19. Nice – I was in the Azuma this match, I remember thinking “since when is Sun Yat that good” lol. Great match.

  20. “How are you overpening the Belt armor of a Dreadnaught?!” Cus thats not the Armor belt he overpenned, he overpenned the Upper Decks. NO IDEA where that second shell went though cus he only got 1 over pen in that moment. Colorados Main Armor belt is behind the Torpedo Bulges.

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