World of Warships- Alright, I’m Impressed…..Still Not Getting This Ship Though

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Hey guys! Today we have ReganWasBest in the newly released Tier X Premium American Battleship Rhode Island! Enjoy!

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. got it and have been loving it, Florida was my first premium and one of my favorites and still my most played ship.

  2. @drakecampbell3391

    Set fires, wait for broadside ships. The Bourgone we have at at home with no reload boost

  3. @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

    I got mine in the first bundle, and I built mine for secondaries. It’s been a blast so far

  4. I literally opened my game and the Rhode Island was the first bundle for me and only spent 2000 dubs I got extremely lucky

  5. It plays really well, a bit squishy but makes up for it with rail guns and a 40kn speed boost. It’s a DD+BB hybrid.

  6. I’m not seeing it in my first bundle so I won’t get it. I’m not falling for the genuinely insidious mind trap they’re trying to pull here. Once you get one you’ll fall into the trap of “maybe it’s in the next one.” And before you know it you’re down 100 euros.

  7. I got it in the first bundle, you have to play it like a yoshino with better ap to hunt cruisers, that playstyle worked well for me

    • i watched potato quality put many battle on this ship. It is better as am HE spammer, that should only try to citadel cruisers that expose themselves too much.

    • @@nanowarrior01 yep so its a meh the georgia at home and nothin more free ships do what it does better republique for example about same reload at low 20s too but with ap that works and armor that also work and a + being god tier secs in comparison to americans its so goos that its just behind german secs.

  8. “The GK, reminds the Kidd that he has half the Kriegsmarine Destroyer force bolted to his side of his ship!” Ha! I love that comment.

  9. Most of what I have heard about the Rhode Island is that it is a good ship, though squishy. I believe it has 27mm bow and stern, is a fast BB, mostly accurate guns, with the kitchen sink for equipment. That is part of what makes the method it has been released by WG, that much more frustrating.

  10. Got it in my first slot! So only 2k Dubs for me! Already 31 Matches and i will say i love this ship!!! I hit so many Citadels with it, its unbelievable! Also i finaly a ship where i can easy citadel German ships!

  11. What I’ve learned the hard way is to look at what is in the container drops besides the ship. If there are things that is going to make it a lot easier to get credits, XP, commanders, grind tech line ships, I’ll consider it. In this case, I can say I haven’t seen anything that makes me want to drop the dubs, and while I don’t think Rhode Island would be a bad ship, what I’ve seen about it doesn’t put it into a “must have” category for me.

  12. @DavidJohnson-qp8it

    Got it in my 2nd bundle. I usually buy the first bundle to see what’s in the 2nd, and if junk, stop there. Luckily, Rhode Island was in 2nd bundle. Good HE spammer and can spank with AP if shown broadside.

  13. Love these vidoes. Your commentary is very entertaining!

  14. Wasn’t planning to get this ship unless litterly the first bundle and.. oh my god it’s in my first bundle.

    I’m seriously debating picking it up buy I’m a university student

  15. they need to make a mechanic to the random bundles to where say after say 5-10 Bundles, The Chances for a Premium Ship have an substantially increased chance of being Dropped compared to the other Rewards. If the bundles you purchased is equivalent to the ships Value in Doubloons, the Game could be Forced to Give the unlucky player the Ship. because for Bundle events like this for all players should not have the misfortuneial chance to Pay more then what the ship is Worth in Doubloons.

  16. i got it on first bundle and i am well impressed with it. 🙂 2k dubs well worth it 🙂

  17. I think he was wisely concerned about the Halland

  18. I love the Moskva complaining about getting deleted by giving a full broadside for one minute. Stevie Wonder could have seen that one coming.

  19. Great review of the game! No luck in the first bundle so I’ll also wait.

  20. The damage is very consistent. HE hits like a truck too! Like an Azuma but stronger and prettier.

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