World of Warships – Built For Brawling

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Scharnhorst ’43, on paper not as good as the regular Scharnhorst. In practice, perhaps slightly better. If you’re doing it right.

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  1. Scharnhorst 43, the gift that keeps on giving, but still.

    It’s secondaries doesn’t disappoint, one thing that this thing that doesn’t have the original is the Engine Boost!

    • Is mighty good ship , I have unlocked it on my main account and my spare account , super EZ to get and loot of fun to play.

  2. Shiny Horse… probably the best cruiser in the game.

  3. ‘Allo Allo!! – one of my most favourite shows ever, even got to see it live in Sydney many years ago.

    • One day I’ll get my hands on the painting of The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies, by Van Klomp.

    • For me Captain Hans Geering was best charcter played by Sam Kelly (R.I.P) , whole show was just special !

    • ​@@MightyHuzarionKlop!

    • @@MightyHuzarion To me it was gendarme Crabtree, with his ‘special massages for London sent by long distance dick.’ Got new year’s wishes with him on them, saying ‘Washing ever baddy a hippy New Rear.’ But most of the characters all had their moments. Fond memories of a time when humor was flying high.

    • ​ @@ImperatorKernow “quiet hyena” … “I must remember that” 😂

  4. Who knew! using a brawler to brawl was a good idea? THIS guy!

    • who knew ,hmm not many people brawl nowadays , so don’t be a smart ass punk. and you’d be surprised how man people island hug in the 43 . so yeah who knew ,.

  5. Damn Jingles. You threw me back into childhood with ‘Allo ‘Allo quote. Who were you trying to imitate, Michele? Leader of the French resistance?

    • He absolutely was, and I am so glad we had a VCR back then, so I could record every episode, and later digitize them on my computer!!.

  6. From what I can tell, the ’43 actually does the same damage per shot from its secondaries, at least according to the wiki. So the secondaries are just flat-out better.

    • The 105mm and 150mm secondaries do 100 and 200 less per shot respectively. Scharnhorst ’43 actually has very slightly lower theoretical DPM than the regular version, but is much better at setting fires. The accuracy and range are totally unchanged between the version though, which is slightly disappointing.

  7. 7:30 – New Mexico with it’s engines knocked out apparently does not only become a fort but also switches nations and is a Duke of York instead a sentence later 😀

  8. I accidentally killed 4 ships in a ranked battle the other night with this ship – including the classic “BB with torpedoes, one ship either side with torps” one, them having both already fired their guns, sent torps so I had nothing to lose – it is indeed a fun ship to play when your team permit you to get close (i.e. they don’t all run away and fire ping pong balls over their shoulders from the next map!)

  9. Good strategy with a good ship, winning combination.

  10. Extra funny thing about Scharnhorst ’43 is that it was a very easy premium ship to obtain, you simply had to play a few days in a row during the Christmas event and you had it. I’ve had matches during that time where 5 out of 6 battleships (both sides) were Scharnhorst ’43’s (yes im also partially guilty for the large amount of them, it’s a fun ship)

  11. @Jedi_Master_Obi-Wan_Kenobi66

    The Scharnhorst just rewrote what happened at the Battle of the North Cape

  12. 9:50 I can relate to this. Wanting to launch the torpedoes but instead “fat-fingering” the keyboard. Pressing 4 instead while you want to press 3. Thankfully Flimsy corrects their mistake in time to punish the Yukon!

  13. Hell of a fun game to watch. I liked my Gneisenau but the Scharnhorst ’43 is everything fun about it, plus some quality of life.

  14. Having the 43 I will say it’s frustratingly fun. Trying to get in range without getting focus fired is a bit hard but when you do it is quite fun.

  15. @charleslarrivee2908

    I never had the original Scharnhorst, so I don’t miss the 20 second reload. The 23-second one on Scharn ’43 is perfectly workable if you ripple fire. And the secondaries and speed boost are excellent.

    • The chunk damage close-in versus a typical cruiser is most of its HP as there are 9 guns that won’t overpen. It is one of 2 or 3 “battleships” that have essentially super cruiser caliber guns. Similar to the Italian SAP – it just wrecks cruisers and destroyers. As intended. Just.. nope, like in real life, it doesn’t do well versus actual battleships. You are the biggest, meanest XXL sized cruiser in the game. With none of that made of citadels nonsense.
      IME, the original is better as the main guns are much faster reload.
      Yes, the 43 has better secondaries, but you also sacrifice a lot to go full secondary build to take advantage of that.

  16. @rodneypainter8168

    I have always said the scharny is one of the best looking WWII ships ever made.

  17. I love the new Scharnhorst. So fun to play.

  18. From what I understand, and have read, the Scharnhorst was supposed to be fitted with 15 inch guns, like the Tripitzs. But it never happened. I have both, and they are both good ships. Nice to see a video with some one playing the Horst.

  19. Love the little French accent you had there, Jingles. Definitely sounds authentic like your Russian accent.

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