World of Warships – Amagi by AdmiralAlex

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Amagi on North by AdmiralAlex gets into a game where half his team gives up their lives with little resistance. AdmiralAlex must fight off multiple Battleships and Cruisers to survive and give his team a chance to win. A lot of damage and a lot of tense moments make up this replay. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Battleship Amagi Replay


  1. Hey Notser, I find it’s hard to actually find a game where everybody wants
    to act as a team. I’m not a great player but I learn as I go.

  2. Hey Notser! What is the best upgrade for the 4th slot of the Nagato?

  3. the thing is, notZer, idgaf about replays by other people, i want to see u
    play, and even if u suck cock ill still watch it

  4. Alexandre Cheveau Paes

    Guys, I switched for myoko because of 1- I was fraid of torps 2- Cleveland
    was firing AP and 3- That wasn’t my best night against clevelands citadels
    haha GG

  5. Notser, out of the american battleships of tier 5-10, which do you think is
    the strongest tier for tier?

  6. one heck of a game AdmiralAlex, good job! thx for sharing Notser

  7. Congratulation on 4k subscribers 🙂 Press account can´t be far off now.

  8. I think it is safe to say Germen cruisers get the modules knocked out ALL
    the time. for instance, I took a torp to the Front of my tier IV cruiser
    and got my engine knock out. How…

  9. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    almost 4k subs!!!

  10. Wow game of the month….That’s a heck of a carry especially so when you
    look at the time point where his team was dead and he was left alone to
    And as usual the other BB spent the first half of the match off nowhere
    doing nothing and then when he had the chance to contribute he
    intentionally avoided engaging and did more nothing. Didn’t even cap the
    I got a wicked vid for you but I’m not compu savy. Got the replay but how
    do I get the final screen shots? Can you refer me somewhere plzzzzz

  11. Is it just me or you cant score cit on a stationary target?

  12. Hey notser can you do some low tier gameplay please?

  13. any one ever get more than 7 kills, that’s all I’ve gotten too

  14. hi Noster i was wondering do you have those days where whatever you do you
    cant get a break loss after loss and a random win now and again. lol if you
    do whats your go to ship to try to break that streak?.

  15. Feel free to grab any replay off my channel.

  16. And I though I was pretty good with mine 176k dmg 😀 GG though

  17. very nicely narrated.

  18. A fantastic game! I would love to be capable of such a fight. On the other
    side, with my luck I would still loose at the last second and I would bring
    down such a high amount of XP to nothing.
    Congratulations for your play and thanks to Notser as commentator. At some
    situations it would really interessting to know the reason for the
    decisions made. But perhaps we are all wrong and AdmiralAlex didn’t thought
    at all in these situations and just acted by feelings. Who knows. ;)

  19. fantastic score you did there!!!i i liked this lucky moments surely do to
    those weak captains…keep sharing have a nice day

  20. How I hate when that happens when I play CA you dodge BB salvo just to be
    citadeled by random dispersion shot…

  21. He probably switched between the myoko and the cleveland to reset the

  22. “Amagi on North by AdmiralAlex gets into a game where half his team gives
    up their lives with little resistance.”

    Oh gosh! What a surprise! This almost sounds like a game I once played,
    World of Warships!

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