World of Warships – American Firepower! Merican Destroyer Gameplay!

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World of Warships American Destroyer Gameplay – Wickes DD
WOWS Destroyer Gameplay – Torpedoes and Guns bruh!

Thanks for watching!


  1. how to activate this range and how many sec for shell to hit on the aim?

  2. New york pls

  3. Fun as always.
    How about the Lexington?

  4. mighty Yamato please :)

  5. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Could you take the Sims out for a spin pls, before they “buff” its torps,
    I really struggle with this dingy!

  6. Atago please! o7

  7. The microphone sounded a bit echo-y in this video. Not sure why, never
    noticed that with other videos before.

  8. Andrew Kasljevich

    Umikaze or South Carolina

  9. with the patches that let you boost secondary gun range to usable levels
    I’d love to see you running some battleships that way, keep up the torpedus
    though, always when in doubt torpedus, or the bayonet!

  10. can we get another MOWAS2???

  11. hey bro, love your work – phoenix or kongo purlease

  12. Murica

  13. 5:34 “you really gotta know how to play each ship” love it keep posting! :

  14. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Lol that area in that map is probably called torpedus valley… if a BB
    enter that place, she’s on the bottom for sure

  15. More American destroyers pls

  16. You never play battleships !
    So i gess a little Montana or a Yamato could be great

  17. MONTANA ! The Yamato killer

  18. Baron just a tip. When you let out smoke dont go on full throttle because
    if you do youre just going in and out of the puffs of smoke it pushes out.
    When you get in and out of the puffs you get spotted and unspotted

  19. Play the tier 10 Japanese cruiser Zao

  20. Tea Merican, H3k Yah!


    That other DD, much more than you +BaronVonGamez got greedy. He should have
    snuck around the island from the other direction to kill the bb while it
    was shooting at the AFK guy. No?

  22. go into the south dakota

  23. like i said this game is worse than wot. the same retarded player base with
    a game that requires more attention and tactics. drills a hole and my ass
    and buttplug it if this game isnt getting ruined by retardnation

  24. Baron we want video setup please ?? 😛 thanks :-D

  25. A destroyer.

  26. Can you reply to my comment? I had a rough day

  27. What ship should I play next?

  28. South Carolina!

  29. As soon as possible, Bismarck!! Do it for ze Fatherland!

  30. whenever i play the st.louis and 1 main battery gun critically damaged. I
    say what gun?

  31. Keep doing what your doing baron. Love the vids!

  32. Chikuma please ! (Tsi Ku Maaa)

  33. Whats with these players who jump in the game and do nothing is it a bot
    hack or what is their purpose for afk?

    • +romanobritish The game crashes so that perfectly willing players have to
      reboot WoW. Even then, a player may not be able to return to that battle in
      progress. RNGesus decides our fate. I have this occur maybe once every 50
      battles. On top of that, my internet connection sometimes fails where I
      have to reboot the modem and try to return to battle. The internet can be a
      fragile thing. So many ways to fail. Additionally, I seem to have brain
      farts and do some overly bold(Stupid) attacks, where I quickly die and FAIL
      to benefit my team. Not only that, but also, there are team killers that
      live to torp friendlies on purpose. If you will note, there was a TK on the
      enemy team in this battle. STUFF happens.

  34. GEARING please!!! You’re on a roll (sort of) with destroyers

  35. Tier IV Kuma!

  36. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    New York or kuma!

  37. are the british in yet?

  38. Battleship Tirpitz or Bismarck, can you do this two if not ask them to make
    the ships available to play please!!!!!!

  39. do the tier 10 zao

  40. yeah st Louis

  41. When I started this video I was thinking that the Sims was the Wickes. I
    was really confused. Why is it tier three? What? Oh wait. Brain fart.

  42. Der Wics is so op! Worgaming ples nurf!

  43. how do you have all of those crew whistle noises? Mod?

  44. Bad Internet Breezy

    I still wish they had Submarines or something haha, but that tier 3
    Destroyer is pretty good but Japan is better?

    • +Bad Internet Breezy I wish too. Submarines would bring a different game to
      the table. Might as well make a Somali pirate cruiser too. lol

  45. Could you play the Des Moines next? :)

  46. teir 5 Nicholas

  47. +BaronVonGamez how do you progress to the next ship? I’m kinda a noob, just
    started playing 2 days ago :)

    • German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

      +Ray Eccleston By the way if you didn’t know free xp is for anything used
      with xp 🙂

    • +German Shepard​ ok thanks

    • German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

      Go to tech tree, and if anything is green right click it then press
      research, it closes then go back to tech tree and purchase it, if u wanna
      know how much Xperia you need to get the new ship right click it and press
      modules then on the on the right it says how much you need

  48. Baron, Can you please do The Albany

  49. In the end you should have put up smoke.. I always do this.. once I get
    detected by a powerful enemy force I always pop some smoke.. U should do
    the nicholas next..

  50. TheRubberBandBandit

    I wish this game had 18th century ship of the line battles with frigates
    and other ships like the HMS Victory or the USS Constitution. It would be
    fun to only use cannonballs.

    • TheRubberBandBandit

      +JayD K No, I haven’t yet but I’ll for sure check it out, thanks for the

    • +TheRubberBandBandit If you’re into 16th – 19th century naval warfare, have
      you tried out the game “Naval Action” yet? It’s fun, I don’t think they’ve
      allowed people to purchase the early access for a while though.

  51. Watching ships go under is so creepy

  52. Can you play Hatsuharo?


  54. Tirpitz or Bismarck! when they are playable I want to see it!

  55. Use the Missouri!

  56. Play the Langley!

  57. 6:40 My man

  58. Play the Zao

  59. Play the Kawachi =)

  60. Enough of the weaks, go for Zao ^^

  61. Gearing Class DD

  62. how about the st nicks DD for murica

  63. “A little premature, swear it never happens ladies ;)” LOL

  64. luke “amazing” scott

    baron next can you do the tier 3 st Louis

  65. 10th

  66. still Clemson has much netter guns. i love playing it

  67. Pls play Mahan

  68. Pls play Mahan

  69. Greed never fails to motivate

  70. Baron i challenge you! Play PBY catalina or mighty sea dragon H6K and land
    on water and get enemy kills! Bonus points for doing it on map Saipan! Let
    the games begin.

  71. PotatoMasher Productions

    Wassup with the title Baron?

  72. Love you baron please play the North Carolina next!

  73. 17th view!!!

  74. LlamaDontNeedNoDrama

    Love you vids Baron keep it up!!! i like that without ever watching it i
    already love it!!! <3

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