World of Warships – American Firepower! Merican Destroyer Gameplay!

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World of Warships American Destroyer Gameplay – Wickes DD
WOWS Destroyer Gameplay – Torpedoes and Guns bruh!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Jerrett Hagelstein


  2. +BaronVonGamez Phoenix

  3. The Atago please! o7

  4. resurrected gamers

    +BaronVonGamez please play the USS ranger aircraft carrier please please
    please fore america

  5. +BaronVonGamez Furutaka please. 🙂

  6. +romanobritish The game crashes so that perfectly willing players have to
    reboot WoW. Even then, a player may not be able to return to that battle in
    progress. RNGesus decides our fate. I have this occur maybe once every 50
    battles. On top of that, my internet connection sometimes fails where I
    have to reboot the modem and try to return to battle. The internet can be a
    fragile thing. So many ways to fail. Additionally, I seem to have brain
    farts and do some overly bold(Stupid) attacks, where I quickly die and FAIL
    to benefit my team. Not only that, but also, there are team killers that
    live to torp friendlies on purpose. If you will note, there was a TK on the
    enemy team in this battle. STUFF happens.

  7. +asp3132 ok

  8. +TheChosenZebra No tech tree as of yet. But the Premium Warspite is in.

  9. British on public test server. One ship I think.

  10. +TheChosenZebra 2 premium ships from the U.S.S.R –> Aurora tier 3 cruiser,
    Murmansk tier 5 cruiser. Everything else listed is USA vs Japan.

  11. +Eric Melendez Try turn down the music volume, maybe you will be able to
    hear it. 🙂

  12. +Zbriu Yes of course. High

  13. +Eric Melendez Have you checked sound quality in game settings?

  14. +EraOfJack really? None of my friends can hear them. Also, small items on
    ships, such as the weird barrel things on the top the Cleveland don’t show
    up on any of my friends PCs. Must be our GPUs

  15. No, they’re default in the game

  16. +Bad Internet Breezy I wish too. Submarines would bring a different game to
    the table. Might as well make a Somali pirate cruiser too. lol

  17. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    +Ray Eccleston By the way if you didn’t know free xp is for anything used
    with xp 🙂

  18. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    Go to tech tree, and if anything is green right click it then press
    research, it closes then go back to tech tree and purchase it, if u wanna
    know how much Xperia you need to get the new ship right click it and press
    modules then on the on the right it says how much you need

  19. TheRubberBandBandit

    +JayD K No, I haven’t yet but I’ll for sure check it out, thanks for the

  20. +TheRubberBandBandit If you’re into 16th – 19th century naval warfare, have
    you tried out the game “Naval Action” yet? It’s fun, I don’t think they’ve
    allowed people to purchase the early access for a while though.

  21. +BaronVonGamez For a Dare, you should change your name to privateer von
    gamez for an hour XD

  22. +Braden Robson who lives in a pineapple under the sea

  23. +hurr durr AYE AYE CAPTAIN!!

  24. +BaronVonGamez i cant hear you

  25. +TheStone Aye, Aye cpt!

  26. +Owen Hansen 😉

  27. luke “amazing” scott

    ok thanks

  28. +luke scott He already did

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