World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Ranked Monster

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Two Ranked battles for Anchors Aweigh, both taking place while commanding the . First game is on Shattered and it becomes pretty hectic. We encounter heavy resistance and I try my best to take every single one with me. The second game is on The Atlantic. We head out with the goal to destroy every single enemy and win the game. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII American Cruiser Atlanta Replay


  1. こんばんは~^^ノ 先生!! 相変わらず上手いですねー!!! ほれぼれしますよ♪

  2. noster always states, ‘AP is the shell of choice when a target is
    broadside’, brilliant play with HE though

  3. noster always states, ‘AP is the shell of choice when a target is
    broadside’, brilliant play with HE though

  4. awesome

  5. “Proof is in the pudding…” Hahahahaah that made me laugh

  6. 6:49 “committed” ? You simply could have stopped and/or reversed, or
    U-turned right, once the middle torp was defeated, There was no pressure to
    round the bend like that. Regardless it was a great game and super
    entertaining!!! Hands down, the best World of Warships channel, Notser!

  7. Can some one buy me an Atlanta my name F_UZY. LOL you don’t need to.

  8. If the hatsu just takes B he wins in this situtation.

  9. I am getting chat ban nowadays for instructing the team as we see here 2
    fucking noob battleships and one pussy cruiser. Sadly 90% of the people has
    no tactial sight in this game like Notser.

  10. Leatherneck_2531

    Finding ranked to be a waste of time. Was initially good for flags and
    such, but at a certain point the quality of teams goes soft. Get stuck in
    with teams full of sheep.

  11. Anytime I see an Atlanta on opposing team and I’m in a DD I beg for my team
    to prioritize its death. The atlanta is a DD eating machine, I switched to
    playing my Kiev only just because of the Atlanta the Kiev has enough speed
    to get away from it if you don’t get jumped and pay attention to where it
    is on the map. I hate playing against it, yes they are one shot kills for
    most other cruisers and BB’s but if the captain is smart like what was
    displayed in these 2 games it is a devastating ship to play against.

  12. looking forward to seeing your review on the USS Flint once you get it :)

  13. Great ranked battle. Keep them coming.

  14. I hope I can use my ARP Myoko-class ships in ranked, haven’t unlocked real
    Myoko XD

  15. Great coaching and a great “student” to listen to instructions!

  16. lol Im a nice guy in normal battles and never say anything against others
    peoples play for the most part, but OMG in ranked I cant type fast enough
    lol The BBs not playing the game and DDs running around the edge of the
    maps and cruisers going broadside against BB, or people coming in ranked
    and being like “hey guys this is my first teir 5 match any tips?” oh man I
    wish we had in game voice chat so bad lol. Im glad to see im not alone in
    the frustration tho. I cant believe the number of people in ranked who have
    0 basic skills. And I dont mean that in a negative way at all but its like
    joining a spelling Bee and not being able to spell spelling Bee….lol

  17. wow notser swore in chat?? guess theres a first for everything

  18. That 1st game Notser is why most of us give up playing ranked, idiots who
    dont want to play to win. i’m only an average player at best and was never
    going to get to rank 1 but when game after game your team just does not
    support your efforts to win it gets old fast.Typical coward, FAIL BB

  19. Stanislav Zharkov

    Ranks higher than 10 is the world of destroyers in smoke. Atlanta is not
    good in these conditions.

  20. Shattered is a hard map to play. I am very aggressive when playing BBs.
    Just wish I still had my Colorado for the Ranked battles.

  21. It doesn’t matter what ship it is, as long as you are good at it it can do
    lots in a battle. I had a friend in a soviet destroyer kill an Atlanta from
    full HP and he took 0 damage that whole match except some scrapes from
    friendlies. He 1v1ed the Atlanta without support so yeah

  22. Notser you should have engaged the Pensacola with AP you would have killed
    it in one salvo or two

  23. HELL YEAH!!! More Atlanta action!

    I have been having really good games in her lately! I don’t know what
    exactly is different apart from almost NEVER losing turrets anymore – but I
    have been having a BLAST playing her more than ever! And I play just
    randoms in her.

    I STILL Wish WG would buff her stock range to something like at least 12.5
    km – because playing her without AFT is almost torture on some maps… Also
    having about 14 km range with AFT would be lovely, I know people act like
    Atlanta can’t hit things at that kind of range, but I have had no issue
    hitting BBs at over 15 km in my Farragut – with just 5 gun, instead of the
    14 available at any given moment on the Atlanta – and when trying to hit
    BBs and especially cruisers at 13 km or so, I usually chain fire and walk
    the shells onto them, even waiving my aim a bit side to side so if they go
    a bit left or right they will run into more shells!

    IMHO If WG buffs her to 12.5k or better stock range, she is EASILY a better
    buy than the Indianapolis!

    LOL Actually in the 8 or so matches since the Indianapolis was released,
    that I have played in my Atlanta, I have sunk 2 (Indianapolis’) and HEAVILY
    damaged at least 3 more! I mean they take TONS of HE damage, and broadside,
    Atlanta AP can citadel at 10km and less!

  24. BT-7 Made from 5% Stalinium

    LOL Notser has some idiot team… match making at its finest

  25. flamu is watching this and is turning into a pillar of salt

  26. TrungVN the Purpdonkey (MinecraftVNteam)

    Hail Hydranta!

  27. 3:53 :D

  28. Bogdan Teodorescu

    Hey Notser! I really like your recent videos.

    Do you think it would be possible at the start on the stat screen to also
    mention the detection range when you fire? (where applicable)


  29. Notser how do you record your gameplay. Im trying to use obs but everytime
    i try the audio isnt being recorded. Plz help

  30. xtremeNAGExp Gaming

    “drop off the detection.”
    *excitement from killing dd’s arises*
    “drop ofalksjvnskbv detjasfksdgj.”

  31. I should play mine in ranked.

  32. fwi: at 3:30 you did not get citadelled. The AP damage of colorado is more
    than 10k, you only took ~8k damage.

  33. There is nothing more terrifying in a DD then rounding an island and seeing
    an Atlanta at close range.

  34. This has to be one of the more controversial videos put up so far by you,
    Notser. The first battle showed the usual Atlanta damage output, but you
    were the usual squishy, easy to kill Atlanta, giving you at least the same
    amount of time in the first battle to give a critical discussion about the
    ships on your team that you left the battle up to – and based upon your
    criticism of the remaining team and the luck performance (aka need to
    incessantly coach from the dead), you shouldn’t have won the first battle
    with your early out.
    Sure, in your capable hands the Atlanta is great to counter the “Meta” –
    but most Atlanta’s I’ve seen in ranked battles are donkeys and get killed
    EARLY and FIRST.

  35. Amazing game that last 1, but i think the atlanta is for ppl with skills,
    im a mediocre player and i dont fare just as well as u just did haha! the
    atlanta is only as good as u are wether its a ranked top tier ship or not,
    love ur vids :)

  36. I always enjoy your videos, Noster. You’re an excellent commentator and
    strategist. Great game.

  37. The way your team played in the first clip is exactly why I don’t like
    ranked at all.
    It is supposed to be competitive but people still play like idiots, I
    cannot stand playing with people that do not play to win.

  38. Shhh. Notser, you’re going to give away my secret.

  39. Thought you were going blys the whole way but this is a good choice for
    you. Only you because I’ve seen a number of lanta’s and I have yet to see
    one contribute to the win. I’m running shors for the range and DPS. So far
    it’s been very good but I have a 16 point kiev and budy in reserve. Not
    sure about running nagato, but it’s there if I need it.

  40. 10-15 games of domination by the Atlanta that’s impressive!! But I feel
    like people don’t know how to counter it correctly or something. The Myoko
    in game 2 could and should have won that fight when your steering was out,
    but they were use HE over AP it seemed like.

  41. dude, no offense, but if you’re dead, tell the team members where the enemy
    members are and then keep quiet. It is really annoying when someone dies
    and tries to command the team.

  42. I’m done with ranked, I think. I’m quite a bit better than average (which
    is like saying you can run fastest at fat camp) but I’m not carry-my-team
    good. That’s almost what it takes. The first couple of days were awesome,I
    think a lot of people in Q were there because they were competitive. Now?
    In any given game 5 out of 7 players are there for omgflagz!

  43. lol, the chat is real.

  44. Those BBS were infuriating

  45. Should have used AP against that Pensacola 🙂 Citadel galore

  46. the atlanta as been my favorite ship as of lately…ive been playing it
    more in order to earn credits to buy my next ship and has been a blast to
    play…wish you could have gotten into a situation to show off the AP
    shells and how they will melt another cruiser at close ranges

  47. lol notser is the same rank as me lol 67% win rate me

  48. that hit you took at 3:40 is no citadel, a colorado dishes out way more
    than 6-7k in a cit ;)

  49. gg x 2 !!!

  50. Plz Do a video about the arp missions

  51. You will not convince me that the Atlanta is a good ship Notser. You are
    one of the better players so in your hands the Atlanta is powerful but so
    is every ship. The Atlanta is one of the easiest if not the easiest to one
    shot! I have faced the Atlanta many times and even angled it takes a shit
    load of damage! The Atlantas is made out of butter and AP is made from hot

  52. “He aims to high” that is as low as he can aim, BBs guns can’t depress too

  53. Man you got a lot of patience..I’d be swearing at them friendlies for being
    so passive and spammed the chat already lol. you feel so bad in a game you
    do well and your team just doesn’t cut it.

  54. YOU FUNNY!

  55. When does EU ranked battles start?

  56. No one can earn USS Flint on the NA server, the JRII flag was never given
    S1: people got JRI
    S2: people got JRI
    S3: people got JRI, promised JRII.
    S4 is the last season for the USS Flint, so no, no one can get USS Flint on
    tl;dr, go check LWM’s posts on the WoWS NA forums, she does a great job
    explaining this, image heavy.

  57. So think you are going to hit rank 1 and earn that special premium ship?

  58. Notser you GENIUS!

  59. well thanks Notser, now I am going to see this ship in my ranked games
    against my DD 🙁 … I mean once the EU servers actually start the ranked
    season. WP btw man

  60. just how necessary is concealment expert on atlanta? nearly have my first 4
    point captain skill (will be picking AFT) but im considering getting
    demolition expert after instead of going for the 5 point skill

  61. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Loved it….woots.

  62. So many scrubs…If you don’t carry the team you lose.

  63. Hiya Notser any chance you making a “live ish” post? as in what you and
    your friends on TS are saying/doing kinda thing while playing a game? I am
    sure that your emotional responses will be far greater than those you
    overlay via a replay…Just askin my friend…then again you have been
    promising …cough splutter ahem……ummmm streammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming for
    quite awhile now lol..”snap beeetch” your content my
    friend..Stay safe.

  64. what about the AP on the Atlanta? if the guns are the same as those on the
    US-DDs then the AP shouldn’t be that bad, or am I wrong?

  65. sorry but why exactly do u use superintendent on an atlanta?
    both consumables are unlimited

  66. finaly, i couldnt be the only one that does this, the ammount of facepalms
    because of passive players who end up dying without doing any dmg or
    contrubuting at all is over 9000 unfortunately, i wish WG could find a way
    to make people play less passively

  67. You didn’t actually take a citadel from that Colorado, luckily. Those do
    12k alone. With some luck he could very much have one-shotted you right
    there… D:

  68. Ultimate Shifter

    That reaction when you see a destroyer within 2.7 km…

  69. I’m still new to this game, so what is it with these ranked seasons?
    Could someone explain me please?

  70. that chat spamming after your dead and on the bottom is aggravating after
    all it is just a game lol

  71. why do BB players just hide behind their team….. they have great Armor
    and HP (Nah their Guns and Armor is just for design). I think I’m the most
    aggressive BB captain and I’m just so salty when my fellow BB just hide
    behind their team

  72. by the way, someone said that u should play John cena’s theme when u fire
    over the island with an atlanta.(

  73. my aa build Atlanta can reach to 80+aa rating, but there are no cv nowadays

  74. notser will u carry me to rank 1?

  75. there is a contest get to rank one with either the Atlanta or Pensacola,
    funny stuff.

  76. oh my Poi-seiden… an atlanta in ranked… if this didnt go well i would
    say this might have been a paddlin’

    there are way better ships to try out before risking other players star

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