World of Warships – Angels on our shoulders

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A lot of times you will be disappointed with your teammates but sometimes an angel will surprise you and guard you while you whoop ass xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hoi flambass! I’m a new fan! NOTICE ME SENPAI!

  2. My new ‘In-Clan’ saying is “I just Flamebassed that kill” meaning: I fired knowing the guy would die and in an almost arrogant fashion swing my guns off target in preparation for next kill…. lol same applies to torps 😉

  3. speaking of islands: at 7:05 you shot THROUGH the islands. This is happenin g on a lot of maps. I once had a position with DM Donskoi where i was 3/4 behind the island but could easily shoot all my guns because my 2 back turrets straight up shot through the island..

    • This bug only happens when you are very close to the island, but if you follow the shells you’ll notice that they don’t actually connect, it’s just tracers. Find a spot in training room to do this, and shoot at enemies with just the guns that are blocked. It sucks when you think your shells are in the air but really, they never were

    • N1c3s when that happens only the model of the shells are going through the air, if you pay attention to shells hit they don’t proc hits or do dmg just a visual bug nothing more

    • Yeah it’s just visual bug, there are no hits actually happening and I’m not even sure if anyone else can see them besides you

    • Flambass ah thanks for all your answers, i was hoping it was just a visual bug but wasn’t quite sure. It looked like some shells connected, i am glad they don’t.

    • oh that bug pisses me off when im a dd lmao

  4. freddie came for your papieren flambass 😀

  5. Slawomir Chmielewski

    There is still an island between your guns and the target, it’s just lower on the shore. Your guns aren’t as tall as your superstructure, though, so they can hide there.

  6. I have to ask Flambass, whats with the heart rate monitor? , your not exactly my age, so you don’t need it! 😀

  7. Ships like the DM would be a lot worse performing without that mechanic to be honest, a lot islands you struggle to shoot over or get good angles and need to shoot over those sort of beach/coast areas with your front guns. Not sure we need to make high tier cruisers less effective by taking one of their doing damage whilst not getting deleted mechanics away. I mean we saw what happened when a 16km NC, a tier 8 BB got a salvo towards and angled front on tier 10 cruiser, half HP gone like that. Very few cruisers, especially at high tiers can open water fire that well.

  8. That Shima is truly a “Rock Star” that’s a proper DD….?

  9. Well, in every game the center of mass is usually the center point of coding and from there a game developer can decide how big the visibility box will be. This box is usually kept small for processing requirement reasons, if they keep the box as large as the ship the processing power required might force us to buy 16core processors with 10GHz speeds. And free to play games does not target niche markets like DCS does so this kind of coding makes sense.

  10. This Shima really contributed to the max for both you protecting you with the smokes and his team win by helping you survive and by doing the spotting and the cap. Unfortunately such plays really do not get any rewards. It would have been so easy for WG to grand XP points for the duration a teammate is using your smoke for example, also for any damage and kills your teammate does while in your smoke…

  11. Muppet play again…..

  12. REQUEST:
    Flameass, nice vids.
    Play the HMS Hood
    Play a battleship with the most main guns
    Play a BB with the most secondaries
    Play a BB with most HP
    Play a cruiser with the fastest reload times
    Play a cruiser with most accurate guns
    Play a destroyer with the most torpedos it can launch at one time
    Play the fastest DD

  13. planes radar and hydro All needs to get LOS Mechanic….

  14. That thing with the midships being to sight point works both ways. You can’t see round a corner until your midships have passed the obsticle. I abuse it all the time to peak out smokes in DD’s. The way I understood it it was only a temporary set up through testing and during initial launch though. The devs had said it would be more developed later to take on a similar approach as tanks with multiple points to sight from for both detecting and detection but they never went back to it it seems.

  15. they reslly need to add assistance damage, like spotting or tracking in wot, for people who use your smoke to deal damage…

  16. Grinding the remaining 4 points on my Jutland (to be Daring capt) for either IFHE or RPF. Have not decided 100% which way to go but right now I’m thinking IFHE.

  17. Usually when i lay smoke for friendlies they sail straight through it and die 15 secs later. I get that smoke is not effective when ships are at the detectability range in smoke, but when they obviously aren’t and don’t use smoke as cover I tend to get irritated. Teamwork is dead at this point in WOWs. Most players think teamwork is hiding behind the same rock.

  18. flambass & Flamu, the best 2 players i think in the game followed closely behind is Notser. You 3 are great at providing info in your game plays so noobs like myself can pick up a trick or two to better our games, keep up the good work. love how jingles replayed your chung mu game the other day and called it “overkill” haha

  19. Amazing support from the Shima. He had his papers.

  20. love when you say ” why you go in open flambas you noob “

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