World of Warships – Angry & Deadly

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I just sailed casually few games in Harugumo and were defeats so I got really pissed about it.
You want me angry? You got it !!! LetR;s do this !!!
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The Real Killer B

    This channel deserves way more subscribers! Always entertaining and usually educational!

  2. I’d rather watch a funny compilation of the three preceding losses 😉

    Edit: 8:27 but ok, channeling Klaus Kellermann’s snotty little noob kid is also funny.

  3. Don’t make me angry , you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry… Bruce Banner 1977

  4. Saor Campos Oliveira

    Make a 3 people division with everyone using Größer Kurfürst

  5. Angry Flambass = Dead You 😀

  6. poor monty ate grozovoi torps in the middle. Amazing, haragumo and gearing in front of u, and some teammate torps from behind. He must’ve smashed his keyboard :>

  7. Alaska is much better than a 6 out of ten, it just doesn’t fit for Flambass and that’s understandable. Honestly one of my favorite cruisers. Citadels everything.

    • Fritz Bismarck Not to jinx myself, but I have a 70+% win rate with the Alaska so far. About 60 games. I love it. Hits hard and can take punishment. Just can’t survive against multiple BB’s.

  8. The guns of the Harugumo sound like war drums, banging out a tempo to Flambass’ anger … which they are

  9. Reason why people nowadays use torpedo reload booster over smokes:

  10. Such a well balanced ship think it needs more fire power as fighting two dds at once can be a bit uncomfortable a times

  11. Someone sounds triggered after only 3 losses…dont ever change !!

  12. i used to have torp reload booster on my yugu before the gun patch now i use smoke cause the guns are soooo <3<3<3<3<3<3

  13. When he plays this ship, his name turns from Flambass to Flambastard :).

  14. I love how BB and Cruisers tuck tail and run When a Harugumo appears.. “RIPP”

  15. Flambass, if there is the ability can you bump up the video quality one notch? As always, thanks for the awesome video 🙂

  16. And this is how you properly hulk out in game 🙂

  17. I would give my left nut for a torpedo boost on the kamikaze…holy crap would that be fun..12 torps at tier 5?!…

  18. These videos are fun, but frankly Im pretty tired of running into OP Russian BBs on the main server. Keep that trash where it belongs on the test server. Being the guinea pig for some uni in a OP ship is not enjoyable.

  19. This video made me hate the Harugumo even more… I gotta get me one.

  20. Had some best games in a DD when I’m pissed off lol. No way near as good as yours but good for me.

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