World of Warships- Another One

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys a replay from Emeraldking in the Tier X Japanese cruiser Zao!

Have a replay?

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  1. Six… teen… fires…. I wonder how many rage quit after they died to the inferno. He averaged over 1k per shell hit. I usually only get those numbers in a BB.
    Also that’s a different outtro song. I liked the other one better. 🙂

  2. Good thing i quit playing WoWs for a while.

    Itll be a pain for BB mains like me not to get upset with fires all over lol

  3. Felt like I should have been wearing nomex while watching this.

  4. No Adrenaline Rush on a Zao?!? Silly… just plain silly…

  5. Just luck.. no skill 🙂

  6. Had a 152k damage kidd game a while back wish I recorded it. Unfortunately we lost but it was a good game none the less.

  7. I sent you a 21 fire game >:D

  8. Emeraldking208 Bosshydra Momentore


  9. Sailing a Zao without Priority Target skill? very risky?

    • Shadowat00 I mean with that rudder shift it’s relatively easy to dodge shells from anything really. It’s kinda like the Minotaur and shima basically if you’re detected you should expect some incoming fire

  10. I have a 126k average damage in my Zao and I dont even have the legendary module yet. Balanced ship it is not.

  11. You have Kutuzov, zao is like that, cept on steroids. Trollish as hell Armour, HE that punishes with high fire chance, AP that is kick ass, consistent guns, low detect-ability. It is a long range specialist at burning down bb’s for the most part. Main test in playing this ship is to know when to stop kiting, and start pushing, much like many bb players seem to need to work on. Sniping does not win games. With the legendary mod, you have dd levels of rudder shift to avoid incoming said bb’s wishing you were dead fire, and dispersion where instead of shells following several arcs they follow as one big blob =) (best have good aim)It however limits range. You can also equip the 12 km torps and fire therm from stealth. Downsides would be, do not give broadside or there will be red mist where you once were if a Montana gets you in its sights. The angles of the torps are atrocious. The main guns reload rather slowly, but have excellent speed/arcs, hence the long range hit potential, however hugging islands is not doable. Zao is worth the grind, and you have to keep telling yourself that when you get to the ibuki =) AA can be specked some, and have surprised the hell out of more than one CV since the rework. You should have several key skills as a captain, situational awareness dictates priority target as one of them, unless you are paranoid like me and assume you are always being targeted by everyone =) I also use this ship in clan battles, functioning as support for the dd going off main flank, so radio location is also worthy of taking plus the usual concealment standard stuff. You need expert marksman, but this should come as no surprise since most IJN Ca’s have battleship levels of turret traverse. I also have demolition expert, because fires and DOT are the result of these guns, and make the ship border on insanity. I almost feel sorry for the BB’s, almost. However a good BB player knows alpha firing the guns at range will not be effective, due to maneuvering, however a smart BB player will chain fire the pesky zao at range, as he gets spanked trying to bring all 4 guns into play. Over all the zao is the pinnacle of the line, and bears that responsibility well. Just be prepared to lose all your karma from the salty bb players you roast.

  12. Outro song citadel my eardrums. HE spam is real

  13. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    Was it all skill and no luck??!! I think not??

  14. that zao player is the luckiest man alive. Showing that much broadside that many times… I lost count how many times I wouda been blapped. Also, he REALLY shoulda used that AP. Woulda done massive dmg on Wooster and Neptune

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