World of Warships – Apocalypse Gneisenau

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It’s the return of what would arguably be the worst ship in the game if the Tiger ’59 didn’t exist, but even a broken clock can tell the right time twice a day.

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  1. Jingles really loves this ship. Well done Germany trolling him.

    • Acctually that is Polish BB , Poland own it 1945-51 after get it as part of war reparation , Germany still own Poland 2.500.000.000.000 € in those …

    • ​@Adam MarcinkowskiBro what the ship was purposfully sunk in ’45, also Germany doesn’t owe shit to poland

    • @Adam Marcinkowski Ask Putin for it. And BTW the ship spent those 6 years mostly under water in Gotenhafen/Gdynia.

    • @Kal Taron Why I ask putin , Poland have won war against Germany ! , and Germany allready have payed part of reparation , now they need to pay reast … and buddy WOWS is and arcade game ! , Gneisenau under water in Polish ownership is more , that immaginary G.K …

    • @QuantumX Fact is that Poland was owner of Gneisenau 1945-51 , you cant deny that , after ship was scraped , matal where reused in Polish industru , steel was used to build Palace of Culture and Science in Warsw , chain from anchor was used in war memorial , ship horn was used in sail training ship Dar Pomorza , I know that signal lights where also used , and there is loot of arefacts in Polish navy museum … because Poland was owner of that ship 1945-51 … and there was plans until 1947 to salvage ship , repair it and use in Polish navy ! … buddy dont get delussional ! , wows is just a arcade game with immaginary ships , and one of those is Polish battleship Gneisenau … now we just need in EU branch with Polish name ORP Westerplatte would fit well .

  2. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    Ahh yes, your 6 gunned arch nemesis, The Gneisenau

  3. The Apocalypse that lasted 6 days missed every major population centre and was beaten by a microwave.

  4. @The Mighty Jingles, The commander you’re thinking of is Yukikaze and the captain of the Gneisenau is from Hololive I believe

  5. I enjoyed this ship a lot actually, if you can island hop to close range it’s an absolute blast. The Colorado, however, I had to use free xp twice to get past it. I feel like my accuracy was worse with Colorado, on top of being worse in every other way.

    • Colorado’s shell grouping is actually pretty good, not PERFECT mind you, but it will hit what your aiming at more often then not. 8 guns is decent, its certainly better then 6, plus ya got 4 guns on both ends of the ship. If all else fails try aiming about Center mass (accounting for Lead obviously) or slightly above the water line.

      Not gonna lie though the North Carolina is a pretty hard ship to Beat in terms of Fun and Effective. About the only “downside” is because she has the HEAVY AP shells but still only has 45 Caliber guns just like the Colorado, her AP shells are SLOW! like at 10KMs i think its like a 20-30 second flight time. So the Colorado does have a better time shooting something from a distance, since her AP shells are faster then the NC. BUT the NCs shells it like a BATTLESHIP CRASHING INTO A HARBOR when they hit. (like 5k per PEN hit)

      Colorado also Technically has “better” armor then the NC, its Thicker and you have like 3 or 4 layers of plating including the Torpedo Bulge (Torp Bulge>Main Belt>Casemate>Citadel) vs the NC which just has its Citadel sticking out of the ship or its behind very little armor.

    • I haven’t played WoWs for quite some time but I remember the New Mexico being an absolutely terrible ship to play. Its guns were phenomenally inaccurate. As too were the Colorado’s. I got to the Colorado and tapped out of grinding that line. I just got incredibly annoyed, the guns just didn’t hit anything. The Warspite was my favorite ship, It actually hit were you aimed!

    • Colorado and Nagato both are absolute shit when only firing a couple of turrets. It’s still tied to the idea of throw the brick around a corner, pop off a full broadside and fling the brick back round the corner the other way. Broadside salvos? Colorado and Nagato are both the absolute kiss of death. Firing 2 turrets at a time? Well, you might have grounds to send over an invoice for the exterior wash down, but metal on metal is most likely not going to happen.

  6. i want this commander. the “ding ding ding fire alarm” and the “dakka dakka dakka” just make me laugh

  7. I kinda like this captain… it sounds somehow wholesome

  8. I think most people who play WoWS know that you usually get 3 guns in a turret and one of them is accurate, the other 2 seem to fire wherever they want. What the germans did here was remove the accurate gun and leave us with the other 2 in each turret.

  9. Jingles. This one is actually between a World of Warships collaboration with a Vtuber company named Hololive.
    The voice here is from an Austrian who is the voice talent and the person behind the character, Takanashi Kiara of HoloMyth, the first batch of their English branch of Vtubers.

    • the man formerly known as commenting is what I do

      for some reason I can never recognize Kiara’s voice when she’s just speaking in Japanese

  10. “Other warships with only 6 guns, like the Warspite.” Never change Jingles. =^.^=

  11. Also, I would argue that the Gneisenau is fine, and fun to play. She’s fast enough, and has the armour to let you close to brawling range, where the accuracy of her guns is less of an issue, and her fantastic secondaries and torpedoes come into play. She’s not supposed to fight at range.

    • Gneisenau’s fun factor relies almost entirely on the quality of the enemy team’s destroyers. If, like in this replay, they suicide in the first few minutes then it’s great, because you can steam in and get some brawling done. If they survive to be a menace, then you either have to stay at range and be useless or get in close and eat torpedoes.

      Of course, if carriers are in play, then nobody has fun regardless.

  12. 11:39 – “HMS Warspite has 6 gun barrels”

    Never change Jingles… never change

  13. Oh, but Jingles! The Warspite has 8 guns! The Renown and Repulse both have 6 guns, though

  14. Yukikaze is hilarious as a commander, both for her mocking and the fact she triggers so many people 😂

  15. Today’s captain is using the commander Takanashi Kiara from Vtuber agency HoloLive. Kiara herself is Austrian so she’s voiced in the German tree

  16. Can we just take the time to appreciate the Hyūga captain, Aston1973, for actually apologising for “stealing” a kill from Nerf_Gascogne? When Aston finished off the Colorado, he said sorry, to which Nerf shrugged off the notion, saying he doesn’t care about the kill, just about winning. Wow, Aston1973, prime example of an impeccable gentleman, even though he didn’t do anything wrong, he just secured the kill and backed up his teammate, he still apologised in case his teammate was furious at a kill being stolen from them. Remarkable.

  17. 1:27 Haven’t heard the voiceover in years but I’d be surprised if it isn’t AL Yukikaze.

    9:47 Just wanted to point out this friendly exchange between Nerf_Gascogne and the Hyuga. The helpful Hyuga captain readily apologized for “stealing” the kill when last salvo failed to kill the Colorado. Our hero took it well and only cared about getting the team a win, and was just glad to have the Hyuga to help. Great attitude from both players I feel.

  18. If I had a nickle for every time you named a video Apocalypse Gneisenau, I’d have AT LEAST three nickles. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s completely expected that it happened that many times.

  19. My GneiseaNO experience: enemy BB 4 km away: total miss
    Enemy cruiser 11km away: only had the back turret to fire, and gave it too much lead. The accuracy was so bad one of the shells actually hit the target, for a citadel and a kill

  20. 😂 I thought the Tiger was a tank! 🤣 Thank you Mr. J. for sharing this awesome replay with us! 😎👍 That was almost a game of throws episode! ❤

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