Imagine having an Escort like this – World of Warships

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Mysore is the my ship, and friendly DD decides to be my escort for the whole duration of the match. He was like glue and it was funny and helpful in the same time. I wish I saw these kinda plays more often tbh.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Heck of a good game.

  2. Great game 👍

  3. Thing is that guy only got 700 base XP for escorting you around the all game…

  4. A very watchable match. Great support from your DD teammate…. nice to see someone being so attentive and playing as this game should be played

  5. Mysore is a small city in the south of India, it was one of the last principalities to fall under British rule.

  6. Love the comment ‘why remove a turret and torpedoes from a Fifi!’.

    To those curious it’s to save weight so newer heavier AA and radars could be fitted.

    • IE things that would never be implemented in game as having working AA invalidates an entire class of ship in their eyes… and smoke radar is its own beast that really kills the fun out of the game.

    • ​@BillMcDAlthough, it would be funny to see a smoke radar at this tier. Game balancing has been kinda wonky anyways, might as well go nuts 🎉

  7. Shame on you! You promised that Nicholas would be dead TWO TIMES, and failed, and gave your escort false hopes! It was Nicholas who finally sunk the poor guy!😢

  8. Enemy Nicholas player was really good bottom tier in a DD that can’t stealth torp survived till near the end and got 4 kills.

  9. I don’t really ever leave comments Flambass but I must say I enjoy watching you play ships. Ive been subscribed for 5 years now and watching your videos has become a early morning tradition for me. Tried watching you on Twitch for a while but I have satellite internet and it sorta sucks for your live streams. Anyway just wanted to say Hi 👋 and keep up your good work from the middle of nowhere Wyoming USA 🇺🇸.

    • Thermopolis area? Go through Wyoming a few times a year, beautiful country out there.

    • @josiahburdick4893  east of Casper. Got myself 40 acres of a peace of heaven 6 miles off the blacktop down the red dirt road. Wife, daughter, dogs horse, and tons of peace and quiet.

  10. That DD deserved better XP for his help to you…
    Sure jingles would love this replay!

  11. undeniable proof that teamwork does pay off.

  12. He forfeited his own personal glory and gains to escort you and be at your disposal. What a legend.

  13. It’s always a good game when you get an active escort who can use the minimap. He almost ran torpedo interference for you in the narrow channel but realized they would miss early enough not to sacrifice himself. The guy deserved every kudo you gave him.

  14. When people ask me about this game I ask them to watch your videos. I have enjoyed them 5 years now .

  15. I love this escort it’s so cute 😊

  16. It was the possibility of simulating historic battles that got me interested. It was nice to see real random players behaving like a team. I no longer play, although I get tempted at times.

  17. WoWs needs a true Escort game mode. True? What I mean by that? Well, like in some 1st person shooters, one in the team is the VIP and everybody else has to escort him to a specific point on the map or survive in a certain area for a specific amount of time and than move to the next. I know we had rudimentary versions of game modes like that, but a “true” VIP game mode, even just for an event, for a few weeks, would be kinda nice I think.

  18. He gave his life for a greater cause, the glory of Flambass. Hahaha

  19. when i play DD, i try to pick a team mate i spawn next to and assist, or if im AA heavy cruiser ill stick near BB’s for cover

  20. Sad I missed it live, regardless it was an awesome match and happy you enjoyed my city ship 🙂

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