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  1. a sub woulda been cool

  2. Clifford Malcolm

    Hey Phly do I play world of tanks blitz.?

  3. You pronounce “boot” wrong. It’s not a shoe. Its means boat in german. You
    pronounce it as “boat”.

  4. How do you do the no HUD mode in port (1:08)? Please tell me someone

  5. Captain_Koen - Starfleet Command

    “oh no! not the rubber ducky! NOT THE RUBBER DUCKY!”

  6. That is not April fool. It is like their game really looks like…

  7. “We have to dodge finding nemo right now..”

  8. This is the most epic setting EVER!!

  9. Main battery Pewpew
    Torpedo Plopplop
    AA guns Pompom
    I love those guns Hoho

  10. Play more world of warships for the next video, would love to see some mid
    tier BB gameplay

  11. This dlc is awesome

  12. Cristhian Bustos

    I can’t stop watching the intro?

  13. hey look! they added submarines just like everyone wants! :P

  14. biggest bathtub ive ever seen. more than 10km distance XD I´d like one of

  15. Xbox world of tanks was the HMS tog II.. It’s amazing

  16. phly, please don’t ever change that intro!

  17. This has to be the best April fools ever.

  18. Still smaller guns than the Dora railroad gun

  19. That windows error noise at 13:28 made me pause and check my desktop :l

  20. Finally the graphics matches the gameplay!

  21. THE BOAT= das boot!

  22. Clockwise Whooves

    And another one!

  23. this could be a movie

    toy story 5
    ships warfare

  24. i imagine this is what happen when you leave the tub to go answer the phone

    and imagine coming back to your tub and seeing your toy ships on fire and
    shooting at each other

  25. Das Boot’s hydroacoustic search is OP

  26. Jonathan Pinkerton

    If the guns are 500mm then that is one massive fucking bathtub.

  27. They should add that after X minutes, the plug of the bathtub is pulled,
    and you get sucked into this circular vortex, just like Pirates of the

  28. It’s even greater to watch in SnoopaVision™
    I’m glad Technology made it this far!

  29. 19.685 inch main battery…12 rounds per minute
    I wanna see a horde of these vs 3 Yamatos, just to see what happens.

  30. i wanted TOG II sea battles

  31. The Reptilian Lord

    Is fly suck?

  32. i would love a game like this anyone exepet me? no? hmm…

  33. haha the sound effects!

  34. I am gonna watch this in spoopavision :P

  35. Has anyone played in a dead tank in War Thunder? :D

  36. Hahaah Nice ships

  37. Xbox wot had the best one imo and I’ve played most of them

  38. Phlydaily you are the best

  39. When one says 500mm gun in World of Warships you would get HYPED for the
    German H-44 Mega Battleship or the Japanese A-150 Super Yamato.
    But NO. You have to settle for the POKEBOAT

  40. That’s some cool ship right there!

  41. George Papatheodorou

    The intro always gets me. Love it.

  42. “We all live in a yellow submarine
    Yellow submarine, yellow submarine
    We all live in a yellow submarine
    Yellow submarine, yellow submarine”

  43. Phly! Did you notice this
    Gajin is not done with april fools yet

  44. Missed by 33 mins damn XD

  45. war thunder april fools is still better

  46. Oh rubber warship you’re the one, you make April fools day lots of fun

  47. I was sinking aboat posting some ship puns, but buoy, they were knot

  48. Ok Phly since it’s April Fools, time for the War Thunder troll bullshit
    combo. T-34-85 and the IL-2. Make sure you have graphics turned town so you
    don’t have any grass. Make everyone’s day terrible! Good luck!

  49. 420th

  50. Bath Tub Brawl, IRL…
    1. WTF IS THIS…
    2. WHOA this is cool…
    3. I’m bored, AF.
    4. WTF? I get one signal flag, no exp, no Cmdr points, and a fraction of
    credits that I spent on the module upgrade…
    5. Back to regular WoWS.

  51. HellHawX Omega (Lord Of Hellish Chrome)

    quack quack mother ducker

  52. 360p Club

  53. Phly, You should play this with Baron & Slick………

  54. rubber duckie hype!!!!!!

  55. Yay early!!!

  56. Third :)

  57. 360p HYPE!

  58. Hannibal Grandjean

    why so low qualti

  59. second!

  60. First 😀 360P

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