World of Warships- Are You Ready For The Most INSANE Event In The Game’s History? (12.11)

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Update 12.11 Is arriving tomorrow, and with it is the Kitakami Event. An event that even I will struggle to complete. Join me as we go through the update notes!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Intro
1:57 Celebration Activities(Santa Containers, Battle Performance Bonuses, etc)
8:03 Holidays In Santa City
10:43 Salvage For Victory (Kitakami Event)
15:57 Michelangelo Dockyard
19:18 IJN BC Full Release
19:34 Airship Escort Removal
20:01 R.Lauria Release
20:56 Closing Thoughts


  1. @captainpotatoaim9381

    Im genuinly truly curious to see how many people are able to get the kitakami through resources

    • I have the resources – in abundance. Thing is I do not think this event is one for the mentally sane or the stable. I view it as an IQ test.

    • I had a kitakami and would love to get it back but the price tag they put on it doubt any sane person will be able to get it

    • ​@@johnsmith-kd8brI never had it, but loved it in Battle stations Pacific and just wanted it for the memes.

      I’d have paid the normal amount of money/resources for it, but this is just silly.

      Seems WG is trying to milk the Russian oligarchs.

    • @@lunsmann Now that’s a fcking perfect way to put it.

  2. I’ve almost got my first tier 10 (Gearing), just researched/purchased Fletcher around 5 hours ago

  3. @petewilkinson1832

    Too much of this update seems to be aimed at a small proportion of the player base containing too many ships that most players have little chance of getting so I shall be going to Bar Humbug for a few beers 🥳

  4. This event should be called “how to show off your severe allergy to being a social human being”

  5. I think sealord’s quote “INSANE” is literal .

  6. I can live without this event. And this will be the third dockyard in a row I’ve passed on.

  7. Not too bad of a end of year holiday patch. Bit disappointed they did not buff the dockyard a bit considering how the previous ones were in comparison. — Did a bit of digging and yeah fairly sure I am not in the range for the salvage event; 500 days, 14k steel, 350k coal, 24k research, and maybe 11m in free exp; not really willing to blow it all of a ship that a bunch of torps..

  8. While I was willing to pay more for the Kitakami out of nostalgia from Navyfield, as much as this event asks, thats just too much.
    Using the spreadsheet another YTer posted I have to use some off my free xp to get some extra research bureau points, totallying 31,5k research points (unfortunately bought the Illinois before the event was announched), 320k coal and about 17k steel, just to get the Defence.

    Putting everything I got into the event, would still have me be short about 10 stages for the Kitakami, unless I convert a few hundred € worth xp into free xp, but nah, i rather wait 2 years then.

  9. I do think the starter packs are worth it. It make the rest of the grind much more manageable and pleasant.

  10. 160k+ RB points and 300k coal ready for Kitekami.

    My problem with this update. Unless the kitekami part isnt starting this week its kind of strange that all ships in the kita event are still under NDA

  11. Thanks bro always good informative videos dont worry about the haters

  12. Good vid. Because the Greek “i” makes the sound of i in “machine,” I think the Greek ship is pronounced “el – LEE”

  13. When i play the current Scharnhorst sometimes i get stuck in T9 games so i use the spotter and HE shells to stay a safer distance back and try to set fires (play her like a cruiser). Why WG removed the spotter in Scharnhorst 43 will be a detriment to players when they get stuck in upper tier battles. But that is just an opinion from a crusty old commander.

  14. I started resetting lines when they made the announcement. Finished up last week. I will use some prem time Coal and RB points for the event going to keep my steel. 632 ships in port, ready to go!

  15. Clydeplayslive posted a good spreadsheet to calculate how far you can get in the Salvage event. I want the Lauria for sure.

  16. @morsanabargor3860

    Yes, I am ready. I will get the 4 ships from this event, the dockyard ship, the two ships from the Santa event, at least three additional steel ships and 8 ships which are not in my port from the Santa boxes. This will be a good Christmas.

  17. I am interested to see how the defence does I would happily get that but nothing else to be honest with you

  18. I have noticed on Asymmetrical Battles that there are fewer players than the last one. I think it because they nerfed the credit reward down so much, you can do the same or better on Ops or random if you are decent. As far as the rest of the update goes, I am going to be on a tight budget after putting about 5 grand into my heating system for the winter. At least I will be warm getting what I can for free…….

    • ops rewards are a bit better, but they take way more time. And random people can make you lose ops more than asymmetrical (in my experience at least).

  19. All I really want is the Elli. Stage 8 is very much within range. And, to be fair, the less Kitakamis there will be in the next year, the better. Tier X is bad enough already without having two torpedo spammers on each side.

  20. This event was intended for veteran players according to WG. See, I’ve been playing this game since it was in closed alpha. Even I can’t afford Kitikami. Why? Because I actually use my resources on ships instead of hoarding the.

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