World of Warships- Top 5 Must Buy Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over another Top 5 must buy premium ships! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:34 5. Warspite
4:26 4. Atago
7:50 3. Arizona
11:13 2. Kearsarge
14:36 1. Scharnhorst


  1. I’d say stick to any tier 9 premium COAL ship because they make a lot of credits and above all, can be had for free… and when you have a chance to not give wargaming money it’s always something to consider.

  2. Scharnhorst especially in ranked is a beast and moneymaker

  3. Very true that many sailors died on Arizona. But, also many sailors died on Kaga, Hood, Bismarck, Yamato, and Scharnhorst and they’re all in game

    • Indianapolis too, and some submarines lost withall hands, like U-69.
      Well, we don’t have Sydney, which was sunk with all hands, but Perth is here, she was sunk with half her crew.

    • @ottaviobasques  I’ll be honest, when I first heard of commonwealth cruisers, I thought Sydney was going to be one of them.

    • I think the difference is none of those ships were ambushed expect AZ.

    • @nathanielweber7843

      @@sagesigman8269I was going to comment exactly this. The other listed examples went to combat and fought to the death with an armed foe, ready and accepting of the potential of death. Arizona was sitting at harbor on church service morning with breakfast being cooked up when an enemy who didn’t declare war dropped bombs on its magazine.

    • ​@@nathanielweber7843actually Japan did delcare war. They announced the delcaration of war 30mins to an hr before the attack. The problem was, it didnt get to Washington until an hr after the attack begun. So from Washington’s perspective, japan attacked before delaring it.

  4. Awesome list! And if you can’t afford the top number 1 Shinyhorse, you can get the free and better version which is the Nicememaw that has 380mm guns over the 283mm. But guns reload 6 seconds longer. They both have the complimentary 2×3 pcs. German Bratwurst.

  5. 7:15 Atago does not have a spotter plane, it has fighters

  6. I love the Dunkerque, baby Richelieu at t6. I find its HE in particular super consistent, and love having all my firepower available while bow in. If only it wasnt visible from the moon

    • Love being able to outflank those dreadnaught battleships in this thing!

    • Dunkerque is my go to BB for T6. As you said, played properly, can be absolutely devastating. I’ve got a couple 200K games in it! I tend to enjoy all of the French BBs, probably my favorite and most played tech line BBs.

  7. I remember they used to periodically give away Warspite codes for newcomers, but not anymore. The current WG is run by greedy individuals who are only interested in milking every cent out of their player base. You can feel it by just looking at all the sequential bundles and auctions in the Armoury. They’re so afraid to give away freebies as it would hurt their potential sales.

  8. I have always loved Scharnhorst. One ship came close to it was Renown ’44. Speed, guns and torps.

  9. @NachoManRandySandwich

    The only one of these ships relevant to today’s meta is the Kearsarge. The other 4 ships might have been considered must haves 5 or 6 years ago ago but definitely not today

  10. When I started playing, Scharny was my first premium (WG offered at 50% off). I still love the ship. If you play like an super heavy CA, you can still compete at T9, and be pretty strong below that. In a midtier game, she has still given me my high kill game (x7) and she’s just fun to play.

  11. If I’m not mistaken, Warspite is the original battleship, the first added to the game before any battleship lines were added… 😊

    My Top 5 List:
    1) Atlanta
    2) Tirptiz
    3) P.E. Fredrick
    4) Agincourt
    5) Arizona

  12. @bensundermann6553

    Wows got me into ww2 vehicles, now i know quite a bit about naval history, and more about history than ever without this game.

  13. Sharny is a great premium. First premium I bought. And I felt gets overlooked in many other lists today. Only thing I feel she (and her sister Gneis) needs is access to the German hydro.
    Also I feel the Brisk skill with a speed flag has made the US BB fleet up to tier 7 viable. At least enough to keep up with a push until contact with the enemy is made. Getting out of trouble, not so much. But with that set up I even find New Mexico and Colorado fun to play.

  14. I think the biggest reason people would get upset about Arizona being in game is that it was sunk while it was in harbor. Even still, there were a lot of people that died horrible deaths on a lot of these ships during the wars. I have to agree that it’s a great way to get people interested in naval/military history. I highly suggest looking up battleship Texas if you want to learn some pretty cool history also!
    I have to add that the Murmansk is still one of my favorite premiums. I also really wanted an Atago, but didn’t want to shell out the dough for it…

  15. This is a good list. I have most of the ships on it, with the exception of the Kearsarge (not interested in planes). I have been playing for 6 years now and for one reason or another, I had never gotten around to getting the Atago nor the Scharhorst, so I picked up the Black versions this year. I´m glad I finally got them in my collection…350+ ships.

  16. Atago and Gremyasche are the oldest premium ships in the game. They both came in a bundle during closed/open beta so when the game came out, you got the ship, some game time and a couple of dubloons. I still have my Atago which I chose to have as my first premium ship and even though shes been power crept, she can still hold her own.

    • Missouri is right there with them, i played during closed beta, in which i was a decent CV player, but facing the Atago in a CV was not fun, always trying to find a place to hide and run away, lol, but after that i became more of a Cruiser and Battleship main

    • @michaellemmer2966

      Atago and Warspite are the oldest, Atago by a few months in CBT and Warspite closer to when OBT released I think

  17. Been playing the Scharhorst more often lately. Seems T10 battles have devolved into blow-outs more often than not.

  18. I debated long and hard about the Massachusetts, but ended up going with the Black Tallinn in the Shipyard. 7.8km Torpedoes, with a reboost, is a great compliment to 180mm guns.

  19. @michaellemmer2966

    Warspite was like the 2nd premium in CBT after Atago, added sometime in 2015. Think it may have been unavailable for a little while.

  20. Honestly, when I need to print credits I tend to grab either my Marlborough or Jean Bart, those are probably the most two consistent high earners in my portfolio.

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