World of Warships – Atago Keeps Up the Fire

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Atago on Ocean pushes out to locate the closest enemy destroyer with a couple friendlies on the north. Both teams head to the south to duke it out at long range. Friendly discovers a enemy destroyer, which we move to assist in the kill. Once the first destroyer is eliminated, we transition to the second destroyer on the other flank. Both destroyer are taken out, the team continues to slowly tighten our control of the enemy. We finally get the enemy cornered and proceed to annihilate the enemy. Hope you enjoy this game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Atago Replay


  1. Ultranationalist941

    I really don’t know if I should get this ship. I have citadel and 1
    salvo-ed too many Atagos.

  2. 6 kills notser , again!

  3. More islands pls Notser!!!

  4. Noster, can you do a facecam?

  5. no islands? where is your god now notser!

  6. Notser – this was the High Power battle from you that I was hoping for!
    Nice work, brother!

  7. +1 for not following lemming train, IJN cruisers just rocks on going by
    themselves against more enemies.
    But as Atago captain I felt bad for poor defense, You survived by luck, You
    got shot on broadside twice without even trying dodge, that is way too
    risky on High Tiers, especially vs Tirpitz. I use range and dodge as
    defense in Atago vs BB, trying keep max 1 BB to my guns range. And with
    incoming fire alert so I able dodge 95% of BB shells.

    Congrats on improved iceland’s avoidance skills, no collisions – that’s a

  8. LOL Notser at your “no islands” comment.I’m having a hard time with the 30
    DD kills for APR Myoko ^_^;;
    In 10 games, I could only kill approx. 1 or 2 DDs >_< Get this, I'm hunting DDs using my Hatsuharu LOL Why? Oddly enough, I have more success at killing DDs in my Hatsuharu than when I am using any of my cruisers ^_^;; DDs don't want to play with me in my Mogami and Myoko, but when they see me in my Hatsuharu they come charging at me. They underestimate my ability at killing DDs using the Hatsuharu **evil grin**

  9. I was waiting to see you ground yourself on an island of kelp.

  10. Notser do you ever have trouble in tier 9 – 10 matches with not being
    patient enough to just snipe? I cant stand that tactic and so when I try
    to be more aggressive I just get focused out. Might just stick with tier 8
    and below.

  11. Wtf … where is the ARP myoko ? ^^

  12. Nice match Notser. The so called “Molten ice map” is one of my fav. maps in
    my Shimakaze. WP m8 🙂

  13. Notser, the only person who can run aground on the Ocean map… *grin*

    Seriously, though, that was a great game. I really enjoy your videos.

  14. use the aoba for fires, high rate of fire, high fir chance, fights easier
    ships than mogami or atago

  15. notser go to I chase channel.. and take a look at torpedoes everywhere….
    jpn dd division domination

  16. a little bit of seal clubbing… gg

  17. Demo expert and concealment? Hmmm. Seems to work out pretty well!

  18. When I am on my IJN cruisers I use a lot my torps (of course, if is safe to
    show my side), especially on the Atago. If the enemy is comming towards me
    even if it is at 12 km I lounch them thinking that by the time the ship is
    closer my torps will still in range, and I have a lot of success

  19. GG!!! you*re not normal :)))

  20. I think I will stick to my Cleveland for the fire mission when I get to it.
    The Cleveland and Atlanta both seem to be good at it but with the Cleveland
    I can do it from a lot further away.

  21. yeah…i understand that feeling of mini victory in that fires … xD 40
    left for me, i am using the myoko, for some odd reason it’s more effective
    than the cleveland.

  22. fantastic Notser—- Ugguh I have been leaving my Atago in the barn because
    I cant keep from burning. even with using
    hull repair I burn down to nothing and am sunk in nothing flat. to me the
    Atago burns way to easy and inst very
    fun to play lately.

  23. i was hoping u would crash into the border :/

  24. Don’t get me started on my opinion of a ‘skill’ that magically makes
    exactly the same ammunition as the ship next to you have a greater chance
    of causing a fire when striking an identical target.
    Yes, it’s not a sim, but there are some painfully gamey bullshit aspects
    they really didn’t need to include, and that’s one of them.
    Great game.
    Really is interesting how premium ships in this game are nowhere near how
    premium tanks were for YEARS in WoT, namely inferior to non-premium (even
    the Soviet premium tanks, although it didn’t take long for the devs to fix
    that…and now that game is just awash with premium tanks).
    Tirpitz is strong, so is Atago, Murmansk is absurd (shove Soviet flag on
    USN CA and it magically improves it, apparently).

  25. Yes Notser, I still hate you lol :)I need to learn to avoid taking hits
    better. It seems that when im engaged, every man and his dog shoots at just
    me :)

  26. nice job notser

  27. and the t8 atago gets heals why?

  28. great game man, great game.

  29. “My Heals coming back, of course i am going to use it as soon as i can”
    waits 30s until using it

  30. Wait who are you and where’s Notser? No island where run into. :)

  31. great battle bro really nice I would love to have u in my clan

  32. Great play and entertaining as usual, Notser 🙂

    Shame it was Ocean, though, missed the trade-marked Notser Maneuver ^^

  33. Hey Notser, You do own the Atlanta right? Even without Demolition expert, I
    seem to get the most fires per match with her and the beautiful Blyskawica!

    Once I get to 4th level skills, the FIRST one I am getting for my
    Blyskawica captain will be Demolition expert! Which will bring it to 11%
    fire chance! But again, even without – I tend to get LOTS OF fires with

  34. nicely done…thank you once again for sharing.

  35. You cheater…..there are no islands on ocean lol …….great game and I
    see you took the hint about using the fire CS 🙂 A bit naughty but
    effective lol

  36. Great Vid as always Notser, excellent ship/gun handling..I hope we never
    meet in battle ( my death of course lol)

  37. Thanks for being the CA that actually hunts DDs! One thing as a IJN DD
    player, that grinds my gears, is when I have CAs with me and I screen the
    enemy DDs and our CAs don’t shoot it dead >< and I either die or run away slowly limping in pain.

  38. the commentary is so annoying……

  39. What? No island hug? Oh… its Ocean… ;)

  40. whats your favorite cruiser Notser?

  41. U should use the Cleveland for fires. I get 10 in most good battles

  42. First (*_*)

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