World of Warships: Atlanta Syndrome II

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In a tier where most cruisers use 203mm, one dares to be different. Armed only with 127mm, an insatiable appetite for aircraft and a burning hate of destroyers, this is…the Syndrome.

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound


  1. Guillermo Fischer

    i’m having an Atlanta syndrome too, but on my Flint ?, the rate of fire is
    awesome and with DE fires pop up frecuently

  2. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    Just caught that Mutsuki jab, xD

  3. hilarious, subbed

  4. Liked for the caption even before I watched the video.

  5. The torpedo dodge at 3:58 is most impressive.

    Watching this makes me wonder why I don’t have an Atlanta… possibly
    because I’m always driving the Warspite and ramming with her. But the point


  6. Another great one! Keep them coming!

  7. I really need to get myself an atlanta and not just get killed by it in my
    destroyers! :p

  8. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    5:05 calm down there cowboy! You ain’t Yuudachi (unfortunately, but who
    knows, WG might add a Premium Shiratsuyu class DD someday…)

  9. Your montages really need more views, mate. These are epic.

  10. Valeriy Molchanov

    Ohh, Thanks a lot for your vids!! They are so much fun! Looking forward for
    more ;)

  11. Atlanta is kinda op.

  12. Once agen gg. but would love to hear your commentary instead of fast

  13. I honestly want an Atlanta so much, but I’m too cheap to actually buy one.

  14. This is pure gold! You’re amazing!

  15. What is the name of the song at 4:40?

  16. Great vid! But please, can you play with larger minimap?

  17. You blew your radar on that Nicholas in the second clip he never entered
    the Mutsuki’s smoke cloud. Radar at that point was doing nothing for you.

    I still havent found a situation where radar has been useful on the

  18. Need longer vids bud! But entertaining as usual!!! Keep up the good work!

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