Gneisenau vs. Tirpitz – World of Warships – Tirpitz replay feat. new Gneisenau BB

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Player: lulusniper231
Map: Hotspot

Tirpitz controlling the A area on Hotspot against some BBs and Cruisers. Torpedo action and good placement were the keys!

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  1. I once dated a Gneisenau. She was big like Soviet Tugboat boiler and could
    suck the meat off a beef rib in the blink of an eye. Man i miss those

  2. Gneisenau without 283 mm is just horrible. WG better give us that option
    after farming great sales of the Scharnhorst.

  3. The guy was giving a lead for 4 second shell flight time to a ship that is
    1 second shell flight time away.

  4. Lol that Gneisenau got wrecked.

  5. How you do to record without the horizontal aiming line?

  6. wann kommen den die deutschen schlachter?

  7. Congrats on winning in the Jingles Contest Panzerknacker!

  8. lechatdu91 ChatonQuiMetDesBifle

    When they will realase it ?

  9. The player play like a noob…

  10. Gneisenau is slightly older

  11. Is Germans BB the best in the Game ?? Cant whait to play When WG realise
    them in this August..
    Special T7 BB… Fast firning Guns and torps on this BB

  12. Love the cheating allegations by the butt hurt enemy player. “My team sucks
    balls, including me, but the enemy team cheating must be why we got our
    asses handed to us”.

    This is when you know you’ve become a really good player, when the enemy
    accuses you of cheating, and using mods, even though you’re not. I just
    bought the Tirpitz last night, am enjoying it a lot. I hope to become as
    good as you someday.

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