World of Warships – Bad Advice: The Shipmas Clause

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  1. 185! pozdro dla kolegi superbumbum xd

  2. HahAha

  3. Message: Buy our present boxes! BUY ‘EM AAAALL!!! … And maaybe you’ll get
    something back in the end. :D

  4. Salut tlm pour ceux qui aime Wot faite un tour sur ma chaîne et joyeux noel

  5. What a Joke. Christmas didn’t arrive on the European Servers… because WG
    EU is spoiling us too much.

    Hey WG, maybe you should talk to WG EU, because they want to sell us all
    the presents NA/RU/Asia got for “just” 11500 Gold!!

    Thanks no! I’m out!

  6. 0:51 french tree confirmed

  7. i think what he did was pretty nice

  8. “Don’t fire at your allies”

  9. WG stop with making these vids and FIX THE FUCKING MM i get 1 heavy they
    get 9 jezus just release a template TY

  10. French CAs coming soon!

  11. Yes French Ships!÷

  12. What do you think Wargaming : Sailing with 2 friends: 1 is dead: can watch
    with cam direction of ships behind islands. is it fair ?
    dont you play your own game? what do supertesters think `? thats why
    statspushers never sail alone.

  13. Why did he shot the Santa Claus?

  14. Love, Marek
    34 yo

  15. Didn’t sink any ship.. I think this is the first on a series

  16. Hehe finally Yamato’s AA GUNS WERE USEFUL UNLIKE IN WW2

  17. Can Burak Akman (Gitaristing)

    He did a good thing (even though he started with a bad move). How is this a
    bad advice? I wanna be santa, too!

  18. guys tell me , what is more fun to play, cuz i want a game with tanks , war
    thunder or world of tanks?

  19. you get a present! and you get a present! everyone gets a present! (replace
    “present” with “fire” accordingly)

  20. Haso Von Manteuffel

    BB catching fire, priceless XDDD

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