World of Warships – BANCV vs RAIN – Doesn’t get any closer

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It does NOT get any closer than this.

If BANCV takes this game then they will win 3:1 in this Bo5 but if RAIN can take the win, then we move to the last final match.

There’s $1000 and premium tier 8 container for the winners on the line and they intend to battle for it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Nice to see my late night searches for twice baked potatoes paid off.

  2. I have seen this live lol …on our legends fidipififi channel…lmao

  3. Flambass fascinated by the double click meanwhile Stalingrad chunked for most of his health….
    Good casting lol

  4. Wish you’d upload big chunks of games you commentate for. I always enjoy them.
    Hell, the whole stream cut into bits would be fine with me.
    I can’t stand Twitch, sorry.

  5. Apparently he got something against the Montana

  6. 4 FDRs against 20 DMs. AA, what is that? Though probably it would be more along the lines of 6 FDRs against 10 DMs.

  7. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Lately I have taken several torpedo’s like that, they should not have exploded on me, yet they did. Proximity Torpedo’s.

  8. This rule should be official, we love to see different ship other than meta one

  9. So this points system basically tells WGing all they want to know about how unbalanced/power crept ships are.

    • except they don’t really want to know, not if it doesn’t mean more money

    • Power creep is a thing in any game with a free to play component. The company needs to make money. To get people to spend money, they have to create something better for people to spend money on.
      Alternatively, they could concentrate on making the game more fun. However, as there is no way to quantify how much extra people are paying for a more fun game. As such, the proponents of power creep will always win because they can quantify their point of view. Sad but true case in games.

    • @WINoodles Noodles They don’t have to be consciously trying to create a “better” ship. Just by releasing more ship varieties, it is inevitable that newer and stronger combinations of ships becomes possible. In other words, newer ships can create new meta which by definition is stronger than the existing meta. Some older ships inevitably falls out of the meta and can be deemed “power crept” even if they could be stronger than newer ships in a different meta.

    • @Kevin C , you do make a good point and I do agree with it. I just view this as a minority case.
      However, WoWs has already created their next problem. Many (including a couple prominent youTubers) have already said they don’t care about the new US BB line simply because it doesn’t do anything new or better. This means WoWs just added a lot of content that won’t be used. They will have to buff the line to get people to play it or just right it off as content people don’t want. Conversely, if a new overpowered ship is sold and may become new meta in clan battles, then people have to spend money on the game. Unfortunately, this makes this option far more appealing financially to the company. It isn’t just WG products that fall into this trap. I have seen the same thing happen in freemium RPG MMOs.

  10. ‘Double-click Theory’ by Flambass 😀

  11. … the match won’t happen because they all will use ARP Yamato

  12. What tournament is this?

  13. So Smolensk kill is 100 pts then. 150 for CV and killing an F.D.R is insta win. If we balance for powerlvl 🙂

  14. Where do we find the ship-point system? I want to know how many point each ship costs.

  15. Flambass see the mouse Logitech G502 Hero. A lot of optional buttons.

  16. @Steven Li Well, there was that one game he played in Montana where the match had barely started and he got smacked so hard by a volley from enemy Monty and Republique, he had less than 4k HP remaining. Then he had to survive the next 17 minutes.

  17. Solving the quick shots mystery:
    Some gaming mouses include a “rapid-fire button”. As the name suggests, it emulates rapid left clicks – and you can simply hold it with your thumb…

    I’ve actually did a “click speed test” right now to check the advantage.
    With normal (but focused) left clicking I reach 6.6 clicks per second.
    The rapid-fire button provides 9.4 clicks per second.
    Since my Speedlink Torn Gaming Mouse is not state-of-the-art, I suspect there are mouses with even faster rapid-fire buttons available.

  18. What, no link to the decider match? Wtf?

  19. Enjoyed this, if you could post some more in the future it would be great

  20. Needs points and no more than 1 ship of each on a team, or even a draft between the team for ships.

  21. BANCV: That’s it, you guys win.
    RAIN: No you.
    BANCV: No you.
    FLAMBASS: Surprised pikachu face.

  22. 16:00
    BanCV Stalingrad should hide near the island before his death, bow towards Smaland, so he can avoid Smolensk and Bourgogne. This may win them the game.

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