This is Why You SUCK At World of Warships.

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Why You Suck At World of Warships.

Today we’re going to be looking playing bad and how you can fix it in world of warships, I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Kay Jay munchie Northern Ireland

    i can relate 70% of my games on wowships are good but its that 30% when you just wish you can jump out of the ship and swim to bishslap the enemy for better effect even on wowships i have potato aim lol

  2. Well said!

  3. This video is meant to be more helpful than blaming people for being bad, I know the title can seem inflammatory but for some reason youtube rewards putting more “clickbaity” titles on videos than the other way around, I hope you get at least something out of it!

  4. Horrible culture in WOWS.

  5. Helpful….thx…..Mxx_iron/Asia

  6. Yeah, the game is going to crap. I’m a great player but every team i get are crap. I’m at 41% WR so technically i have gotten 59% of the crappy teams. I try and support them in my redline sniper, the Georgia and they never appreciate it. I ping the map, 15-25, sometimes 50 times and they don’t listen (I read a book on Napoleon, so i know tactics). The CV players are crap, they are just flyboys and the DD’s dont support me, they are too busy sneaking around the enemy. Just today i was protecting our CV in my anti-air ARP Yamato at the back and i watched helplessly as my noob team just fell apart! My day is ruined, again.

    • You are an obvious noob kido.that’s clear. by your statements..
      “You are a great player.. You read tactics of napoleon..?! ping the minimap 15-25 times???(thats annoying..1..2 times are enough) “Dds try to sneak up on the enemy team” (yes spotting is the main purpose of dds) “Sniper.. Georgia”…? . “Arp”… Yamato sitting in the back escorting cv…”
      You clearly are 41%

    • @Leonidas Daemon you really thought he was serious?

    • @CDStoner hmm knowing what the player base is like.. Yes I think he is

    • Had me in the first half, hell both halves ngl

  7. of course i suck at WoWs, cuz i did not wrote the RNGesus algorithm myself

  8. As good as your content is, I don’t like the clockbaity thumbnails and title.If your content is good,people will come in due time. Cheers.

  9. You need to understand most players do not play to WIN . Just watch this match lol

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