World of Warships — Bayard | A Desperate Measure

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Tier VIII Bayard fight his way in Tier X matchmaking. Can we secure the win when our team collapses? Interested in the game?


  1. Can’t wait to see Bayard on Legends, great vid Robin.

  2. An incredible game and although they lost, you got more base xp than the first of their team. Great work.

  3. Would love to see a Graf Spee game in this format.

  4. Only had time to check the result screen yet, what a monster game! Can’t wait to see the full match.

  5. Always 1 vs. 23
    Thats what makes this game so frustrating!

  6. That was a brutal match. Your play was amazing, especially the maneuvers and dodging. I wold of been dead 3 times. Awesome game!

  7. General Torfstecher

    What a game! That’s what i came here for, keep it on Robin!

  8. Another quality example of how to play Light Cruisers and embarrass higher tier ships, like you said shame your side didn’t turn up. Well Done Robin.

  9. I literally couldn’t breathe while watching this…

  10. Dispersion bug on full display here.
    WG still saying: “There is no aiming bug, no no!”

    • The Sailing Robin

      Locking off & back on again usually fixes it, but in these tense conditions where every shells count, it is frustrating indeed.

  11. makes me like coop more. wow, what a terrible team.

  12. Games like this are not good for your blood pressure.

  13. That was an incredible game – I need to practice juking in CLs because, if I don’t have an island or smoke, I get rekd

  14. The music in the background made this that much better. Superb effort regardless of final outcome, could clearly feel your stress .

  15. Douglas Campbell

    Honestly what more could you have done?
    Fantastic match though.

  16. Hope to see her one day in wows legends, belle game Robin 🤝

  17. Backsitting BBs kill more teams than any enemy.

  18. When Robin says smoke, you smoke, when he says cap, you bloody cap.

  19. c’est la vie! a well-played game, especially when outgunned. a great production! marvelous graphics and music 🙂
    and i love my Bayard; she’s a great ship.

  20. If there was a heartbeat per minute screen, yours would be off the charts after this game

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