Mingles with Jingles Episode 390

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In which I finally explain the reason why I keeping identifying everything as an “Aoba”.



  1. I can start my Monday now.

  2. Bizzard misjudging the fan base….. you got a phone, play the game on that… maybe you have a different outcome!

    • The fuck are you on about?

    • @Ctuchik The famous blizzcon where their big reveal was Diablo mobile and they ligit asked a convention of PC players “What, dont you have phones?”

    • @QALibrary really? “One hell of a sheltered life” geez ppl on the interney exaggerate so much. Plenty of ppl dont know about that, we dont all watch or attend every video game convention like you do. Ever heard of different interests or asking questions?

  3. That part about WoW is why I love Swtor. If the villain is defeated and wants to join you, you can freely decide to chop them down then and there.

    • Virgin WoW vs Chad SWTOR

    • I still play it. I have one character for each separate skill tree (3 marauders, 3 assassins, etc). The writing is silly (how many times do we have to kill Revan, Malgus, or Tenebrae/Vitiate/Valkorion ?) and the art is so cartoonish as to be one small step above Overwatch, but it still manages to hold me. You gotta love the retards on DK chat!

    • @Darth Vikkyo nothing beats the tards on Dromund Kaas. They’re truly a step above normal humans

    • Self-replicating whatnot

      Yeah i would love to see her head displayed in public square the same way we had the head of Onyxia. I would even subscribe to witness that in person.

  4. Jingles, the kidz younger then you character dont play WoW and they get more nummerous each year. The reason wow clung to the topspot isnt only the old fart clinging on, but the younger gen doesnt have an MMO to all flock too and stay for ever, they play fortnite. If there ever come a game to grap them all it would be the biggest, but there are so much more games then back in the days, so it might not happen.

  5. joost te boekhorst

    i used to play WoT and WT side by side, but in the last year or two, i’ve just gone over to WT. they’re not the same game, but frankly, WoT has gotten so frustrating that it doesnt matter, as long as it’s cool tank combat (for anyone who’s gonna jump on my case, yes Gaijin are scumbags too and there’s plenty wrong with WT, not the point of the comment)

    • Great White North

      I agree completely. I have far more fun in the land of 1-shot kills(realistic) than WoT could ever provide.

    • Another alterative is Armored Warfare. Some things never change there either – low player base, lots of bugs- but it is fun.

    • Firestarter OnYouTube

      Hey um, yes. I switched to Gaijin and hate them too, but I hate WoT even more.

  6. Ah, Jingles… Expecting people on the internet to understand “subtle differences.” Don’t you know that there are only two choices in any disagreement on the ‘net?

  7. It’s so strange that people still expect a good story from Blizzard. Haven’t you paid attention in the last 10 years?

  8. Armored Warfare; sitting in a corner crying

  9. 20:50 I heartily recommend the latter option. My baldness was cured overnight once I uninstalled all wargaming titles, my blood pressure halved, and there is no longer even the remote urge to pay for premium *anything* since then.

    • I 100% get you! Its like a drug, you get withdrawal symptoms but afterwards its just bliss without it!

    • @Johann De Beer Even better: A drug will get you re-addicted if you try it again. Whenever I re-tried them, I go “Oh, I remember now” and re-delete it within a week.

    • @Nazamroth And isn’t that a tragic commentary on WOWS. The last time I played WOWS (more than a year ago), I stuck around for barely two weeks before saying adieu for good.

    • @The Hippy Griff Yep. Still remember the last match I ever played. Warspite against whatever british BB that faces, at a few km range, broadside. Full salvo under their turrets, at the waterline, all hits are misses or bounces. Return salvo wipes me out. At that point, might as well play roulette. I have the same degree of influence on the outcome, and I am not even getting bombed from the air every 30 seconds.

    • Jacke e-is-silent

      Alas, never played WoWS long enough to encounter the worst. But this described my World of Tanks experience perfectly.

  10. That Ohio in the game at the end was a real MVP. Good to see that there are a few nice people in online games 🙂

  11. Jingles called his BBQ Chicken … Ribs, in his Home With The Gnome video yesterday.

  12. WG lost this whale in tanks about 3 years ago, and lost this whale ships about 3 weeks ago. Just relentless dumbing down, power creep, and obsession with content over gameplay.

  13. I do disagree with you that there is no other choice to WG products. There is always the choice to no longer play their game. I quit and uninstalled WoWS over a year ago and don’t miss it at all.

  14. I mean, there is also armored warfare…. At least it has usable PvE missions, you dont get mad as quickly with them as with wot random battles

  15. Jingles booking himself a slot in the Care Home For Demented Old Sea Dogs soon then

  16. Still looking forward to hearing Jingle’s views on “Clarkson’s Farm”, as promised three weeks ago.

  17. kind of interesting to talk about only looking at the stats: “in simpler times”, when the community also got to see gameplay on new ships and their stats on the high seas

  18. “I want to stab her. Okay, she is misguided, but I want to stab her anyway.”
    Jingles best line in years!

    • AGREED! Sort of like Darth Vader. After a near life-time of evil forgotten with ONE act of redemption, he not only gets to be a force ghost, and gets to be young too. (At least the version I saw.) I DON’T THINK SO!
      I believe in redemption, forgiveness, and compassion. I also believe in karma, and ‘reap as ye sows’.

      Unrelated to above rant: I’d like to see MM +/-1 tier limit.

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