World of Warships Best moments 35

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A funny compilation of best World of moments and Twitch clips from the last weeks of 2020.

A special thanks to my patrons: RedRonie, TinyBismarck, Eternal, DoctorDrunkAKA, ShepherdOfMemories, WafflestompOz, Daniel_Rusev, BoggzyTime, Humphrey10 and Martijn.

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  1. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    Hey guys, turns out I hate the Holidays. This should have come out on the 24th but was stuck doing family stuff. 😀 Nonetheless, hope you enjoy it! And a happy new year!!!

  2. ay yo! happy new year everyone!

  3. 19 minute pass into 2021 here, Happy New Year guys!

  4. Shrayes Bhagavatula

    Imma be honest with you, I thought that container was gonna be a Makarov

    But then I remembered that Waffle already got a Makarov


  5. 9:07. “Poor longe range dispersion”

  6. my ears hurt after that woman screaming for 3 minutes straight

  7. How many times have we seen Trenlass about fall out of his chair with the, “FBI, OPEN UP?”

  8. funny Flamu, as usual, clicking the mouse 5000 times and an hour later the shots go out……..priceless
    Happy New Year everyone

  9. 15:01 holy shit that explosion sound

  10. Mr Gibbins: if one or two shells hit I will be delighted.
    Probs every Wows player: YOU BETTER SINK THAT FUCKING DD!

  11. 6:10 if mr Gibbins ever vanished for more than a week, I know who to call the cops on😂😂😂😂

  12. “… I guess we’ll be- Jonathan, you and me…” – Conway
    I wonder who he’s talking too (it was actually me btw)

  13. Christopher Langbakk

    theese are getting really good! keep it up man! <3

  14. The Final of 2020! Wonderful! MMM Glueee!

  15. 10 seconds in and Flambass already came? Same old same old…😂😂

  16. I’ve had the game not accepting my left clicks so often … I feel ya flamu.

  17. I made it into the viiiideo.. well.. at least vocally. <3 Great mix and great entertainment. 🙂 Love this! Jam was my favorite with the Florida, eheheh.

  18. 6:49 charede is such a cute girl
    I love her a lot ❤️
    She’s new to the game but she’s soo entertaining

  19. 17:14 – That’s pretty much my luck and reaction too whenever I open one of WGs free santa gift containers 😅

  20. 3:34 scene from “battleship battle of earth”

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