World of Warships- Bourgogne: Mighty Baguette

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Hey guys, today we have a replay from Drobot in TX French Battleship, Bourgogne. Also a little rewind for 2020, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C4

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  1. The bourgogne is somehow better as the T10 french bb than the repub, even though it is just alsace with reload booster.
    And out of nowhere the italians get the true french T10 bb, makes me think the C. Colombo and Republique were switched.

  2. Love my Baguette Supreme.
    She is the Highest skill ceiling/ Highest reward.

  3. Gonna take me about 2 to 3 years to get this ship if it’s still out by then

  4. they should add moniters for the lolz, imagine a tier 10 german moniter with a single 800mm gun and a shit load of secondary’s.

  5. Really needs to be a skin for french BBs that turns the shells into giant french loafs

  6. Fun times.
    Great show.
    Hopefully WG does not screw things up (😈) next year.

  7. Good to see the chat abuse doesn’t stop, even at this high level 😂🥲

  8. we love you mountbatten <3

  9. If i knew what they would have done to the flint I would never gotten here for steel. This is my next steel ship 100%

  10. The salt in the chat is funny. Haha

  11. Great compilation, cya 2020!

  12. i needed 20 minutes to understand that your “Ritoffin” is The CV 🤣

  13. The salt in the chat was especially entertaining to read

  14. Мартин Георгиев

    to lose the game in a p2w !!!! shame on him !

  15. I just come here to hear this guy pronounce european ships in a funny way 🙂

  16. I’ve been seeing these bourgognes in ranked a lot more than ever.

  17. Hey, Sea Lord, really interested in the Atago as my first torpedo boat. Have any history to put out there?

  18. I said please!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. I know you don’t control the adds on your channel but just incase anyone’s taking notice – Nigel Farage is a plonker.

  20. And in comparison to the to the Rosbif thunderer, sauerkraut Kurfurst, Burger Ohio , Ramen Yamato and soon Ravioli Colombo ?

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