[World of warships] BISMARCK- The King of Brawling Mode!

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Those are some battles with Bismarck in the new (1 VS 1 Brawl mode) , Hope you guys enjoy it !

Discord: https://discord.gg/e7yqyF3


  1. mtb.riders.dresden

    Not First

  2. Bruh… it took you so long to take out Graf Zeppelin.

  3. Bismarck secondary : brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttrrrrttttt

  4. I’m pretty sure you meant KING OF THE OCEAN


  6. Respectable Offender 7

    Even though she tier 8 she still a rival for yamato

  7. 5:17
    Brother vs Brother

  8. I’m playing this mode right now in pytor bageration!


    yhe king of the kriegsmarine is leeving nice ved gg

  10. Do you have a commander on your Bismarck? I’ll give you a tip. Use a Commander that uses extra heal if you run out of heals when you are in Multiplayer Mode or Brawling in General.


    Good, but I love the Yamato

  12. My Edinburgh wants to have a word

  13. Kapitan Antasari

    Hehe lol i thought Bismarck is best for Artillery support (long range support)

  14. Pls make a video on how to play multiplayer in battle of warships

  15. 5:18 That’s illigal

  16. Wow your steam account is ??? Is pc game play

  17. what is your highest tier ship? mine is amagi

  18. When Royal in battle of warship?

  19. Reinhardt Maritz

    nope, just demolished a bismarck in “brawl” with my Vladivostok

  20. kings of brawls are… Enterprise, Kaga, Lexington and rest of cvs that stupidly were allowed to participate in “brawl” As far for battleships goes i think vladivostok (because…. russian….) Massa due to secondaries and great heal. I do massa and i never once lost vs torpitz/odin/bismarck/KII due to my heal being much better than theirs ad my secondaries being much better than theirs

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