World of Warships – Bo vs. The Salem Witch

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First round of the night and Bo runs into The Salem Witch. Who will prevail?


  1. yeah same thing happens in world of tanks its me and 4 other guys against 1
    enemy and when i pounce on him and look back….. aaa were did all my
    backup go? 2 sec ago there were a few guys with me here taking pot shots at
    the enemy and when i moved on him they all ran away

  2. For those asking:

    The Salem Witch: Slightly nerfed Des Moines and is based off USS Salem
    which happens to be a Des Moines Class Cruiser

    The Phantom Fortress: USS Hornet Yorktown Class CV-8

  3. thats a t 10 Des M. and the “dev” you played agaist is devildog gaha :D

  4. you got killed by entak

  5. Dude is in a Des Moines yet still feels the need to ride the map border…

    sometimes I wonder which people they hand these things out to…jesus

  6. There was also an idea that the Salem witch trials started with ergot

  7. Hi Bo

    Play With Another Famous YouTubers Like BaronVonGamez And Phly Daily

  8. I hate anyone border humping seeing that witch do it made me think of him
    as a little bitch.

  9. i thought the Salem Witch was played by PhlyDaily, but his name was

  10. Its a fun event! Apparently you can win/reward multiple times. Finally beat
    that mean ol witch today, its a rough battle. Suprised Bo you dont have a
    press account, youve done some great vids and streams so far 🙂 Streamers
    have been playing as the witch too! Like to see how you handle her :D

  11. Andrei Cristian Florea

    I think you should apply for the WG community contributor program!

  12. The Salem Witch is extremely sensitive to torpedoes

  13. They aren’t all devs they are also youtubers and twitch streamers

  14. The Salem Witch is modelled after the Salem class cruiser which a modified
    Des Moines

  15. For all the crap that Wargamming gets, they have taken great pains in the
    last couple years to improve customer relations and keep their community
    happy and engaged. The days of SerB are long past us.

  16. I’m surprised they didn’t have a ship called the “Flying Dutchman”

  17. i actually enjoy WOWS because of stuff like this. The devs come out and
    actually play with the community a lot of the times the devs will live
    stream when they are in the game for a chance of you to catch up to them

  18. BaconBitsGaming(cjrockman)

    cant wait for this to come to the uk!

  19. The Salem Witch is supposed to be the USS Salem, which was/is a Des Moines
    class cruiser. And the Des Moines is in the tech tree as the US tier 10
    cruiser, so it’s basically a bunch of tier 4-5 ships vs a tier 10 ship

    Also fun fact, the USS Salem is now a museum ship and the the last
    surviving Des Moines cruiser in the world.

    And the Des Moines class cruisers had 8″ autoloaders, so they dish out
    quite a bit of damage

  20. Anthony Li (Pyromancer)

    Ha! I was learning about the Salem Witch Trials in my Social Studies class!
    Pretty fucked up if you asked me.

  21. Fun look at the event, Bo! Thanks! I haven’t seen the Witch yet, and only
    am up to tier 6 so won’t see the other one (I don’t think). Hoping for a
    crack at her, though.

  22. This is cool with the “Salem Witch” because I was just learning about it in

  23. For the record Bo. The Salem Witch isn’t a modded ship. It’s a teir 10 Des
    Moins cruiser. Yeah you were in a T4 vs a T10.

  24. I got first!!

  25. first

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