World of Warships – Budyonny Miracle

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Budyonny on Strait starts near our base, and must defend against quite a few enemy ships. We engage at long range and try our best to do some damage while our team keeps dying. A enemy destroyer shows up, we attempt to engage and destroy. I keep giving ground to stay alive, but the team is still behind. We get some great broadside shots and good target selection. The game comes to a key moment, which I try to make sure we can excel in that moment. I hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Soviet Cruiser Budyonny Replay


  1. Great game Notser!!

  2. how do you get the ability to buy premium consumable with credits? I can
    only buy using dubloons

  3. Impressive performance, Notser! I was actually minutes from selling my
    Budy, as I was just lumbered in one useless team after another – Pretty
    much like the team you just carried! I then checked out your channel and it
    gave me a glimmer of hope of how to play the Budy a bit better. After
    adding Demoliton Expert, I gave it another shot! It became quite a
    firestarter after that and I finally had the win! I didn’t carry the
    game as well as you did but still managed 4 kills and ended up unlocking
    the Shchors whilst at it! It’s now a keeper for me…Thanks for
    the miracle vid! Cheers!…

  4. Andreas Petersson

    Are there no Pirate ship era mod? :)

  5. great game to watch

  6. PurpleSpeckledAppleEater

    8 kills. That’s a legendary accomplishment. I’ve never seen more than 6
    before, Just amazing

  7. Great battle! I’m loving the Budyonny, at least now because i’m sure WG
    will nerf it.

  8. Notser, you are a sea God.. or Goddess, whichever you prefer. I love your
    game play, positive outlook and strategy tips. Thank you so much and you
    have been very helpful. I even saw you in game once. Thankfully I was on
    your team!!

  9. Mikael Falkenberg

    Hey notser dude, long time no see. Haven’t been playing wows for awhile now
    due to my hobby which is photography. Real cameras such as canon 5d mark
    iii. Anyway, i have the Kirov and only played one game but damn that ship
    got crap for armor. But fun ship anyway. Makes you think one step ahead and
    have situation awareness.

  10. bravoooooo!!!! 8 kills!!!

  11. I got spoiled in the comments :/

  12. Alexandr Abramovsky

    ohuet’!! 8!!!! HOW??????

  13. FullMetalChicken

    I have my 8 kills done in CBT Furutaka(before any buff on that thing). I
    only managed to keep a screen shot. T_T

  14. A.B. Gideon De Castro

    Hey there Notser! I was wondering if I could send replays of my great games
    even if I am from the ASIA server? If ever I will have good games that is.

  15. Bear Lee alive, Bear Lee alive! Nice one Notser, you the man!

  16. dayyyyyyyyyummmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

  17. Impressive gameplay Notser. If I were in your shoes, certain loss, and I
    think I’m the greatest [while I’m running]…

  18. great vids noster. play the best torpedo dd ship and spam torps

  19. great game!

  20. Noice, it used to drive me nuts to hear you say that hydro was worthless.
    Now I’m the one who is guilty of under using it in IJN since it has been
    buffed for us… Thanks as always!

  21. great game Notser! What do you prefer, Germany or Russian CCs? I have a
    Mikhail amd love it but is it a good representative of that line? Thx again
    for the videos!

  22. Hollweck Balázs

    Gratulation for 9000 subs! :)

  23. @Noster I sent you a 8 kill Minekaze match a few weeks ago, might want to
    check that out

  24. GREAT GAME!!!!! congrats.

  25. Those temporary retreating decisions were really inspiring. If I was the
    cruiser with an activated sonar, I definitely would go chasing DD inside
    the smoke.

  26. Glad to see you taking advantage of hydro now. I always thought it would be
    great for your more aggressive play style. Hydro is much underused
    imo…..but I play DD a lot so I usually don’t try and get more people
    using it…That was a really great game!

  27. Well done comrade, Stalin is proud. Do not forget to send dissidents to

  28. Wow great game. The only Russian cruiser I will save. Keep them coming.

  29. So YOU won the game single hand ;)

  30. good job good game

  31. Cold beer would be perfect after this carry fight.

  32. gg 8 kills : ) and gg swapping back and forth ap he lol ; p

  33. Good to see you did not get lost in the moment, maintained your cool and
    played the game you play. Congrats! And still looking forward to your
    tutorials :-)

  34. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Wooots. …8 kills….wow…congrats.

  35. Massive carry & come back!

  36. Carry, carry, carry.
    Thats all you do.
    Wish I could play a game with your carries.
    Great game.

  37. Try for 13. Even twelve isn’t enough! :)

  38. Nice game and nice ammo selection 😛 It makes such a difference! I just
    unlocked the Nicolas and wow that AP on that thing is surprisingly brutal.
    Yesterday I completely decimated a Furious taco and Omaha with
    AP…cruiser’s really don’t expect it

  39. you get such high FPS!! What do you run? Is it the video card that makes
    such a difference?

  40. Notser the alpaca.

  41. RNGesus_Taketh_Away

    Dude I remember having a game with you before I had heard of you, and
    everyone was like “Oh cool, it’s Notser!”, or “Watch out, Notser is really
    good.”. So after I defeated you, because I am a diety of WG, not a player,
    I had to watch your videos. Although I am incapable of being intimidated, I
    totally understand my teams wariness of you in retrospect. Great carry! *rains
    blessings of citadels upon Notser*

  42. Enemy Team be all: SOMEONE KILL THAT CRUISER!

  43. 8 kills!… son!!!! Good job!!!

  44. It’s matches like this that make me want to play this game. If only I had
    the time to invest in it….

  45. Well done man! but at first I thought “woah! solo warrior medal maybe”

  46. amazing carry. I was so tense when I felt your team gave up in the match
    yet you had nerves of steel!!!! Epic play Noster :)

  47. I had quite a few of these types of games in this ship. It is easily my
    favorite tier 6.

  48. I am at the Kirov, but it will be a while before I get this ship. I pretty
    much just gave up on the tech tree that rewards you with a ship that is
    usually crummier than the one below it until you grind and grind and grind
    out modules playing against higher tiers with a crappy ship. I find it
    tiresome and tedious, not to mention the opposite of the desired result. I
    got a Nagato and a New Orleans sitting in port until I get enough “free xp”
    to make them halfway decent ships, but since that will be a very long time,
    I just forget I have them.

    I tried taking the Nagato out once, but MM decided to make me the bottom
    tier BB in a lop-sided battle and my AA was too weak. Ended up dying to a
    bot-strike after putting up a good fight against humans. Yeah, the Nagato
    isn’t leaving port until her AA bots can do something about plane bots
    ruining the fun.

  49. Likaon HD | Mapper

    Hey Notser. i just wanted to say that i just love ur voice xD no homo ofc.

  50. Wolfgang Snapplestien


  51. Wow, super badass Notser!!!

  52. only 8 kills? why not 9?

  53. Budyonny is by far my favorite midtier cruiser! Bye bye Cleveland, you
    served well, but you just got retired.

  54. a beat down you gave out… gg

  55. Congrats on 8 kills and 9k subs!

  56. nicely done Notser :)

  57. Congrats on a great result, Notser!

  58. You should open your next game by saying: Hello! This is Notser and I`m
    gonna sink all y`all motha….rs this game. Then watch yourself as you get
    detonated or trippel citadell hit within the first 90 seconds. :D:D

  59. nice game!

  60. I thot your were gunning for solo warrior with your early statements. 8
    kills is awesome and to get that without high caliber and confederate is
    very rare. I missed 8 kills a number of times. So much luck required for

  61. Great game. Good work!

  62. what a beautiful ship and what a beautiful game

  63. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    Great game.

  64. Situational Awareness has so many uses I can’t believe it is even a skill,
    let alone a one-point skill.

  65. Come on @Notser you playing @ Tier 5-6 is like clubbing baby seals. Got to
    tier 9-10 and do 8 kills that would be truly entertaining.

  66. Lovely game Notser!

    I can match a game with my Konigsberg T5 on this map:

    2758 base xp, 7 kills, 116 000dmg, 180 hits, 82,65km traveled. It was a
    19min game.

    Sadly no replay just shots of it thx to not having messed around at that
    time to enable replays :–((

  67. why is your cammo red?

  68. Very well done! When I saw those two low health, broadside cruisers my
    heart even raced! lol

  69. What to say..Bravo!!

  70. Great game!
    Realy nice carry :P

  71. Nice game and btw retarded DDs in your team

  72. Talk about carry!

    I’m doing it wrong.

  73. You carried this game so hard I would bet you had a sore back.

  74. pinkyandbrain123

    Kraken have 8 tentacles. Nuff said…
    Congrats Notser!

  75. This is a bit prophetic, I was just looking at you on
    yesterday with a friend and I seen you have a amazing game in this ship
    with 8 kills, we both expected to see a replay of that game soon and here
    it is, like 16 hours later. :)

  76. Autit Rahman Khan

    Notser….where is that fail video u promised??!! sometimes wanna see u
    fail too 😛 Muhaha haha :D

  77. Great game Notser. I am so inconsistent with the Budyonny. I have had
    awesome games in it. I have earned Confederate and High Caliber a number of
    times. However, for every game where I kill it, I have a dud game where I
    get rekt in the first 5 minutes. Last game I played in it a Fuso landed a
    salvo on me from over 20km and scored 2 citadels. Full health to less than
    500 HP in one salvo.

  78. Okay, this might be a very stupid thing to comment on and it might be down
    to some form of “information OSD”, but when you put all the information of
    the ship in the text at the beginning, you might think about adding the
    tier as well?!

    And yes, you immediately mentioning the tier and all, it is just for the

  79. Fantastic 8-kill game, Notser. My personaly best is 7 in my Minekaze a few
    weeks ago, getting about 107k damage. I think the best part is that I did
    it with just 12 torpedo hits and 17 from guns.

  80. good job Notser! and thanks for making us better players!

  81. Andhika nur Aulia

    8 kills, and here I am still trying to enjoy the Kirov. So you pretty much
    sail in the back and hope that the enemy didn’t focus you…. or something
    like that? No confederate and stuff, but still 8 kills *(:37L)*

    bu-johny lol. Dunno about the right pronounciation but that sounds
    For IJNs… well it’s just accent problem at this point. Listen to that JP
    vid 10 times a day and you’ll be an expert at it :>

  82. What camo is that Notser?

  83. welcome to club Notser and heres my 8kill game results and
    Ocean domination with Fuso “Tally Foe with my call” I left the rest 4 kill
    to nurnberg cuz no time :)

  84. This might just be your best game yet not in terms of the number of kills,
    but in terms of how well you played given the condition you and your team
    were in. Good stuff Notser keep it up :)

  85. Carried so hard the exp almost seems a rip-off. Great play.
    Really brings home the failure to kill low health targets, especially one
    that is racking up kills. I’d have been all over team chat on the other
    side saying “FFS KILL THE BUDYONNY!!!” lol.

  86. “wow” extremely entertaining Notser. keep up the great work bud…

  87. Congratulations on 8 kills and a hard carry!

  88. 8 kills! wow, and my highest is 6, i can’t imagine getting 8! Another great
    game notser, loving these replays lately.

  89. I had a 7 kill game today too but with my Kirow and closely bevor i could
    get kill 8 – a Kongo that i charged head on and could have ramed ore torped
    to death, my team caped and the game endet :(

  90. that’s amazing

  91. Gareth Fairclough

    Fair play there, that was one hell of a carry. Good going! :)

  92. awesome game 🙂 … now im late, gotta run :D:D

  93. That was an awesome game Notser. Great job on carrying the team.

  94. This was a great game, but somehow this ship doesn’t agree with me 🙂

    I have average 63% WR in all ships, but I have ZERO wins in this trashcan.
    Yep, 0%. So far, I am hating it :)

  95. ba-johny? lelelelelelel is this how you pronounce it for realz? lelelelelel

  96. Nuremberg vs Budyonny…
    Not much of a fair fight considering Budyonny is 30% heavier and 20 years
    its junior than the Nuremberg.

  97. you totally masacred them. they were not aware of the danger a player like
    you can pose to their effort and they did not focus on you. too bad for
    them, haha :P

  98. I sent a raplay where i got 5 kills in the Zuiho tier V, CV. Last month.
    Now i sent a battle where I destroyed 38 Aircraft with 1 Fighter squadron,
    in the tier V, Bougue CV. And i clould sent a funny replay moment where my
    Königsberg had Auto firing guns, they always fired, when loaded. It stopped
    when i pressed left click. They have to add this as a Easter egg, commander
    skill or something else.

  99. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty, did you grind out premium and extra credit at the 4/1 event, you
    know, ramming

  100. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    Flawless, gg!

  101. well waddaya know, 8k then 9k in less than 2 weeks!! I wonder what that
    means? Don’t ever change Notser..Just do what you do, unless you really
    want to make your channel much much bigger? hehe add more of your Armoured
    Warfare games!! ( still waiting for stream/live stream, taps foot, snorts,
    gaffaws, sniggers like, as if hehe) 3 points..Content..People search for
    it..Voice…People subscribe to what they hear and more importantly, HOW it
    is presented..imho of course.. and finally people just plain and simply
    like the presenter. Opps forgot to say..Gratz my friend here’s hoping for
    30k+ by the years end. U deserve it.

  102. Holy Budyonny, what a game! Well played Sir Notser :D

  103. Anybody want too form a Tier 5 Divison on EU server ??? (English Speakers)

  104. James Meek (Ingrim)

    wow, i saw 1 guy do 10 way back, but that was very cool.

  105. WOW

  106. Gratz! Great battle.

  107. Cool battle and that was really close.

  108. Those 3 stupid DD’s clustering together in F4 around the 3:00 mark -_-

    And then the horrendously over extended Kongo that dies around the 7:40
    mark. Notser, you were NOT lucky in MM regards but absolutely solid game on
    your part despite it all.

  109. You were lucky that the Mexico didn`t punish you at 8:30. But great game

  110. Awesome :D

  111. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Nice carry Notser, well done.. Im really enjoying my Kirov and i cant wait
    to play Budyonny, Shchors and Chapayev :)

  112. 8 kills … Wow that was a really nice demanstation of your skills in
    cruisers! What is your favourite shiptype in the game ?

  113. Well done. Congrats.

  114. That_Unknown_Guy

    Im a car

  115. second

  116. Not sure if you watch mightyjimgles, but he posted a vid showing his
    teamplay. his team is otw to Warsaw to play live in front of thousands of
    people at the war gaming center. my question is, you’re much better than
    most captains I’ve seen. have you not thought about forming a team for this
    type of event? I mean they were good players, but nothing compared to you.

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