World of Warships – Captain’s Academy #36 – How to Carrier (CV)

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Episode 36 Captain’s Academy covers what is needed to be a good CV player. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below or join me on Discord.


  1. Lol why you have the detonation flag on when CVs cannot detonate?

  2. Sir Orrin Productions

    Stage 4: Wait for Wargamming to make CV’s effective.

  3. 16:20 he tried to juke too much, an d ended up eating both halves. nice
    shot 🙂

    20:50 having been in that situation myself, I’ll answer it for you: you
    were hoping the enemy CV wasn’t watching that single stack; if he hadn’t
    turned his fighters back, he would have flown right into that strafe and
    been murdered.

    22:20 how’s the beach vacation? 🙂

    26:17 Oh man, that Kutz should have activated that Def-AA just a TAD sooner

    This is also a good example of why most CV captains dont listen to their
    teammates trying to armchair CV.

    What you did: cross-patterned a DD, ideally hitting it twice, but in this
    case, hitting it with just 1 torp, taking off half-or-more of it’s HP.

    What that means: that DD is now going to have to play WAY more passive, and
    depending on the DD skill of your own team, this can mean even a JAP-DD can
    beat a US-DD in a gun duel.

    What your teammates say in chat: “WTF you wasted a torp strike on a DD? WTF
    kind of newb are you? reported!” <4 other teammates agree to do the same

    iChase: I get into good positions to strafe bombers too, but every so
    often, you run into that rare Strike-spec Lexington who knows what a strafe
    is, and has his planes flying in crazy patterns. any tips for fighting
    players who aren’t dense? ;p

    And I agree with “up front” positioning so hard it hurts. would not have happened if it
    took 50% more time to retrieve my planes. Heck, once the shipcount per side
    has dwindled, sometimes front positioning means you are in the best
    position to take points as well ;p

  4. Hi Chase, I think you forgot to mention about the friendly fire when
    strafing, especially when you have allied planes in the strafe box. In case
    you already pointed that out and I might have missed it, sorry in advance.

    Great video, darn it I’m not using the stacking. Thanks for the very useful

  5. How to treat your team?
    I mean, if i dont say anyting, my team screw up the game.
    If i give some suggestions they respond, but do whatever they want, and
    screw up. Is easy see BB’s sniping, or hunting carriers, C’ls pushing
    taking damage, doing te BB’s things…
    I cant understand why soo many peoples play worse than a bot

  6. I have been waiting for this updated vid! Yay!

  7. Step 1: Fix CVs

  8. 1. You wait for patch that makes CVs playable

  9. That was quite the end. I especially liked that enemy guy’s comment that
    the CV should have rammed… Said a lot about his knowledge of CVs. Once a
    CV is in motion, it doesn’t easily change said motion, unless it is low
    tier (Ryujo is probably the last CV to handle reasonably well).

    Oh, and glorious comment about aerial… He must have been pretty
    embarrassed afterwards. :D

  10. “I Have a dream… that one day… USN CV will get the love we need… a
    strike load out with a fighter squad…at all tier… THIS IS MY DREAM!

  11. +iChaseGaming as if you ran into Femennenly. i’m familiar with her twitch
    channel from when i was trying to learn CV play as well as yourself. she is
    one of the top CV players on the NA servers and has made rank 1 in ranked
    with CV play only.
    Well done on the smarting her at the end.

  12. Can you change the hot keys for squadrons?

  13. This was during one of Femennely’s livestreams, I think I was watching at
    the time too :D

  14. tip don’t play CV in ranked unless you have 15 point captain otherwise you
    will lose most fighter engagements

  15. IBTV - Internet Broke the Television

    +iChaseGaming can you add a quick how to of where to get and add the
    Training Room

  16. Which build would you prefer more on the lexington: strike or fighter dock?

  17. Really, Japs cv again? Show something on American cvs, they are more
    challenging, especially when you are playing in bomb configuration.

  18. How to Carrier.

    Step 1. Wait for WG to fix the horrible economy CV’s are experiencing after
    the latest two patches.

    Step 2. If step 1 hasn’t been done….wait some more.

    Step 3. If after doing step 2, step 1 hasn’t been done, sell all CV’s
    because it’s not worth it grinding through a line that WG has given a
    horrible economy to.

    Don’t believe me? Look up the posts on the WoWS forums and check out the
    screen shots. One player posted a screen shot of one CV game where he did
    131k damage, 2 kills, and was using premium time and flags and only got
    198k credits in his Lexington compared to an average game in his Gneisenau
    where he did 42k damage with no kills and got 201k credits. Here’s a link
    to that post:

  19. does femennenly have a YouTube channel?

  20. Nice video. I haven’t played CV in over half a year, even in Coop. Sure
    would be nice if WG was able to bring back my enjoyment of CV play with
    future updates.

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