World of Warships – Captain’s Academy Episode 19 – How to Aim??

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Episode 19 covers the basics behind aiming and hitting targets at longer range. I explain how to gather the necessary information and also how to use that information to help you decide where to aim your shots.

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. When I saw the title on my subs list, I was like “Really? A tutorial on how
    to aim after that many episodes?”

    Turned out I really underestimated the content of this vid, never thought
    about the smoke thing, I always rely purely on the movement of the
    models… There’s always something to learn from your vids in the end…

  2. Arvin Dave Velasco

    well done sir..another great ship mechanic video… keep up the good work

  3. Again nice video Chase… i hope it make my day on WoWs more interesting.
    GJ keep up

  4. That last clip of the Yowa looks more like he’s sailing a tiny bit into
    your directiong than actually going away…

  5. Just a quick side note to the need of practice, after having enough decent
    matches against all kind of players, you should learn the average player’s
    mindset so that you could predict his movements like the DDs zigzagging all
    the time.

  6. Very good. Some small details even I neglect some times when aiming my
    shots, I’ve been in since the Closed weekend tests, and its really an
    endless process. Because not only are the way the guns handle on the
    nations different, but individual ships have their own qwerks. Like higher
    firing archs and trajectories result in different leads and flight times,
    also what you can shoot over as a result. I’d started taking into account
    the angling of my ships recently, and have been seeing an immediate change
    to the way shots are hitting. Have to give you some serious props for the
    work you’re doing chase.

  7. Thanks for a great vidio!

  8. Noo our delicious advanced player skills – how could you 😛
    Anyway – did you run into any of those pax open account players, wow was
    that some high tier seal clubbing or what – 2 tier 7 BB’s taken out by my
    itty bitty Pensa

  9. Andres Juan Garcia

    I hope you do both torps and guns aiming

  10. keep up the good work.

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