World of Warships – Cat and Mouse

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Ah yes, the eternal game of cat and mouse between destroyers and their prey – submarines. Except it’s supposed to be the destroyer that’s the cat in this situation.

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  1. Japanese Destroyer vid, my favorite!

  2. #44 – Let’s got, CO Dave!

  3. the tier 6 shininomi only has 1 13.5 mm machine gun for its AA

  4. i love how jingles can pronounce dutch names like its no problem, but his brain melt every time he has to pronounce Dunkerque.. 🙂

  5. @RealityDysfunction

    Also, submarine submerged speeds are ridiculously fast compared to real life. And that makes them OP in that regard, to say nothing of their constant ping ability and bullshit homing torpedoes.

  6. Energetiker is German 🙂

  7. Epilepsy warning.

  8. No way, lol i was playing this ship all day on Legends. Amazing video as always

  9. Thanks again Old Man, great vid!👍

  10. Yes the flickering is the video not your screen.

  11. Akatsuki’s AA defence is just a bunch of low ranking crew hurling rocks in the general direction of the planes

  12. well the thing is that sub would’ve died a long time ago if he tried to do that when his BB team mates are not cowering 10km back and actually moved up.

  13. @11.20 Jingles – nobody else even has depth charges – Irian’s depth charge plane flying overhead!

  14. Around 7 minute mark – Epilepsy Warning. At least for me it started blinking like heck.

  15. “It is possible to do everything right and still lose. That is not weakness. That is life.” – Jean-Luc Picard

  16. Thank you very much, Jingles, appreciate your tasteful video selection of today ;-).

    And for everybody who is guessing, I am not from the Netherlands, I am from Germany and the nickname “Energetiker” stems from my favorite football team “FC Energie Cottbus”.

    Thanks again and shoutout to the Salmon player, he drove my blood pressure up at times, thanks for the adrenaline hikes!

    • Sorry to say it to you but Germany is just another word for our eastern provinces…..

      edit: forgot to say…… gratz with your Solo Warrior, well earned!


      ​@@Seahorn_Thanks for the support I really appreciate you for being an active subscriber! I want us to discuss

  17. Your Overlord-ship, Myoko does have depth charge airstrikes (unsure of the range), and it now has submarine surveillance, too (7km range).

  18. Salmon player just randomly pushing Surface/Submerge button has gotten an entire video about how he, being a top player, just threw the game.

    • Yep, there was no need to surface like that at the end. He still had dive capacity remaining so could’ve come to periscope depth first.

  19. Who would’ve guessed that a submarine would be the biggest nuisance and impossible to counter

  20. That Salmon captain really did walk into the perfect storm of no bomber depth charges from the enemy team and lack of stealth from the DD. There’s no way you could gamble on that and get away with it again in a hundred battles. Most other games you’d get pummeled by battleship and cruiser attacks from behind the DD.

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