Preventing enemy CV strikes is my new hobby – World of Warships

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Essex as a support CV is not as strong in striking as a regular strike CV but it can still do decent damage, given enough time. However, what I enjoy the most is hunting enemy strike CV squadrons and shooting them down before they have a chance to drop even once.

Essentially rendering enemy CV useless for a while. Usually opponents will adapt and start attacking on the opposite side of you, which can be both good and bad but I will take any victory I can nowdays.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. This was how I used to play carriers way back before the rework 😛

  2. My thought was always that a CV that focuses on winning the DD vs DD war will most help win the game. If there’s one thing I know I ALWAYS notice it’s when your team has zero DDs vs the enemy’s surviving two, 5 minutes into the game.

    I think if the enemy CV hadn’t basically suicided this game would be lost.

  3. Hey play Montana again! 🤣

  4. let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooo i_wanna_be_part_of_ITA dodging those torps ahahahahah

  5. Support-carrier built is very nice. Also enjoying to watch you being a sort of eye in the sky for your team.

  6. Bloody CV again!

  7. 11:11 bombs formed pentagram 🙂

  8. how come you always instantly shift back to your ship after your first strike? or is that an essex specific thing where your squadrons only get 1 strike?

  9. Try the Béarn with full fighter build. The enemy CV is hopeless 😀 😀

  10. Nomnom Flambass sounds funny 😀

  11. Encounter is one of the new Commonwealth Cruisers.

  12. lol @ the Midway placing 3rd last for their team! Job well done Flambass!

  13. It was nice to see how the germans in the chat where arguing but than after some times they where friendly to each other. This is what also happens often with germans.

    • @professormoriarthus

      well, the rng guy was pissed because he got focused by enemy cv and vented his frustation about it, for which you could kind of sympathize imo. also to his credit he still placed first on the team, usually the temper tantrum ragers are near the bottom of the scoreboard. the encounter player just called him out for calling the cv player a son of a wh0re. i wouldnt say they were hating on each other, it was just in the heat of the moment.

    • @@professormoriarthus Youre right. And i can totally understand his frustration and emotions. But he has to maintain the contenance. This is what the other guy meant. I play this game and World of Tanks as well and i heard much much harder things. Expecially when they realize that i am a German.

  14. So are you telling me that we’re right back to square 1 from rts cv where the most effective and only really viable defense against cv strikes was fighter support from the other team’s cv, and the battle will once again be decided by the 1v1 of carrier vs carrier? You know, the very reason they touted out for all to see when they did the rework?


  15. You are a good personne

  16. Watching Flambass drive a CV is a guilty pleasure

  17. that fighter engagement time is fast as F. how could you do that?

  18. I think Satsuma was rounding the island to find you Flambass. I don’t think it ever detected you to the west so it went to where most CVs would hide.

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