World of Warships Climbing the Ranks #2 – What Ships for Ranked? (Rank 22-16)

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Whoops, I messed on the last video. Didn’t realize tier 5s would only appear in ranks 22-16. So here’s a quick update for ranked 22-16 with only tier 5 and 6 ships 🙂 Hope it helps and enjoy!

S tier ships
New Mexico

A tier ships
Furutaka (C hull)

B tier ships
Texas (B+)
New York
Murmansk (B+)
Omaha variants
Furutaka (A/B hulls)
Kamikaze R

C tier ships
Forgot to include in video:
Both C tier as the Gremy and Anshan are superior ships, due to better torps and same guns.

Trash tier ships


  1. the kongo was a Battlecruiser

  2. Hey ichase, if for some bizarre reason someone manages to rank up with
    trash tier ships, would you like to see it? :D

  3. Kolby Richardson

    No German Love and at least 5 prems on the list not big fan of but overall
    thanks for the great information.

  4. It’s all good brother, thanks for making the effort to correct the issue.

  5. why put Texas so low. I agree with you the gun arcs are meh but I
    personally have had some of my absolute best games in ranked with her so
    far. 2 and 3 kills per battle. and so far probably 4 clear sky’s

  6. So basiclly, dont use IJN ships, well, happy to not play the game at all
    any more. GL HF rest.

  7. 8:28 To your point of being soft with the Aoba, I was in my Cleveland and
    got close to one of these. A full 12 gun broadside. and melted 12k+ with
    only one citadel. Not the best armor… Cleveland S Tier yes. I was an
    idiot and sold my ships so i could upgrade my New Orleans, yet I sold that
    for some stupid reason I don’t remember. Only enough for the Cleveland and
    I tried out ranked. New Favorite type of battle and I’m getting basically
    free credits and xp. :)

  8. Captain_Dilbert

    IChase…fist ranked battle last night at rank 15, 13 of the 14 ships were
    from your S and A tier list (the outlier was a Hatsu). It was definitely
    not all coincidence.

  9. Watches ichase ‘a video. Gets bonus BF1 ad

  10. there’s the tiniest spider spinning a web on my monitor… lol

  11. I find the Warspite to be really durable, feels to me like it can take a
    huge pounding and shrug it off. Also I’m surprised that the think so little
    of the Nurnberg, I think its an excellent little cruiser, great guns, great
    AP Damage, great range, good manoeuvrability, Torps (short range yes, but
    useful at times).

  12. Alika Ostermiller

    you forgot the fact that the furutaka’s turret configuration sucks ass

  13. 4:30 if you heard “tier nine hundred and eighty MM guns” what you should
    have heard is “tier nine ONE hundred and eighty MM guns”

  14. After watching this video i tried ranked and got 5 afks in a row, g
    motherfucking g.

  15. I really think that if you take a Nicolas with a trained captain with
    firing training 1&2 + concealment she will perform great in Ranked battle.

  16. Whoa there is a good Furutaka. I remember when I played through it all it
    had was the crappy little guns

  17. Agree with most of the list, except… cruisers. Remember the different
    playstyles and stuff. I like to get close and personal with my enemy. High
    damage output and good mobility is what i prefer.

    Nürnberg to S tier. It has the highest damage output of all the cruisers.
    Decent enough mobility to dodge japanese battleships. Murrica might be more
    difficult – faster shell velocity. It absolutely murders enemy cruisers and
    still pumps 5k+ dmg into a battleship every 6 seconds with chance for
    instantkills through magazin detonations. Also, it has the best torps for
    ambushing / catching ambushing destroyers. 67 knts at 6km range. Just keep
    moving and turning, to make it hard to hit you. While the citadel is
    relatively small, with just 27k HP you don’t want to take any kind of
    damage. especially early in the match. It’s the only ship i play in tier
    5-6 ranked, since its the best in my eyes. The amount of High Caliber i get
    together with the 72% winrate seems to prove it.

    Cleveland to A tier. Most tanky of the cruisers, feels best at close range.
    Highest mobility of the bunch helps with angling. Has the second-worst guns
    at tier 6 with this terrible arc and slow shells. If enemy cruiser is 10+km
    away and he is maneuvering, you wont hit him. Ever. Shells are just too
    slow. Hiding behind an island is not a viable tactic. you will get murdered
    there. You have to keep mobile.

    Budyonny to B tier. Its not as tanky as the Cleveland. Has the worst guns
    of her tier. High pen and velocity doesn’t help with her absolutely
    terrible damage output. Even the Nürnberg has higher HE dpm than this
    cruiser. You basicly have a Cleveland with less gun, less health, less
    mobility, less AA and get only torpedoes that you probably never gonna use
    because 4km range.

    Dunno about the Molotov, havent encountered her enough to make my mind up
    about her.

    Kirov to C Tier. The guns are absolutely TERRIBLE. Like THE worst of all
    the cruisers. Low damage per shell, Extremely low DPM with that long
    reload. With a huge citadel, 50mm armor and horriffic 860m turnradius it
    can not remotely dodge any incoming salvo. Kirov will just die in ranked.

    Königsberg to A rank. It’s basicly a Nürnberg with 33% less damage output
    while gaining some mobility in form of a tighter turnradius that almost
    matches the Cleveland. Basicly twice the damage output of the Kirov with AP
    and 33% more in HE. 180m tighter turnradius, way better torps.

  18. i really dont think you have played the bogue with default 1/1. you get
    replacement planes so u easily outlast other cvs. search namu6996 for a
    decent bogue player who ran default the whole time.

  19. Hi Chase. What if I am a suicidal maniac and I would like to take my Gnevny
    for a ride in ranked. Would she handle the Farragut?

  20. I was playing my Farragut in Ranked today (I’m at rank 17 atm), and man is
    it amazing. Fast enough to contest caps, and holy cow can you annoy any
    battleship or cruiser. The damage starts adding up.

    Ironically, I played a couple of matches in my Bogue and had pretty good
    success with air superiority. The painfully slow speed is a big issue
    however. I was lucky to only get large maps.

  21. I played with you today when you were rank 9. You rushed B in shatter ( map
    name I think) and got torp slapped.

  22. Farragut > Anshan. Quad torps are extremely potent for killing destroyers
    in smoke. It’s a ton more maneuverable than the Anshan too. I have both,
    and I can say the Anshan is outclassed by Gremy due to pure lack of alpha.

    Furutaka is B- tier instead of A tier. Since battles are so short, Aoba
    outclasses her with a blazing fast 5.5RPM using 203s.

    Texas to B. New York should be C. Murmansk and omaha should be B-, not C.
    It’s all about rate of fire.

    Nicholas is a very poor choice, simply because of Farragut. C max.

    Nurnberg is in trash tier. You just get blown out of the water regardless
    of angle. Same goes for konigs.

  23. Ive been going back and watching old Know your ships series episodes and
    noticed that the ones on Kaga and Hipper have been claimed/taken down, do
    you have any plans to redo them?

  24. this series is pissing in the wind, with all respect. It fails to take into
    consideration cultural differences in gameplay (I play on the SEA) and your
    insensitivity is quickly becoming ridiculed on my server. Expand your
    horizons son, but that will involve you developing a degree of awareness
    and sensitivity; maybe a tough price.

  25. Hello iChase, I am a player from the EU server. (in game name: Sea_viper)
    Since you mentioned Warspite being “soft”, I want to refer you to what I
    found lately about the module placement of Warspite.

    I really want to know whether it is “working as intended” or a mistake….
    Sorry for posting again in this clip… but I really want you to see this

  26. Playing in a Kongo in a Tier 5-6 Rank battle.

    Gets killed by Fuso most of the time, can’t even land any hits..

  27. how do you get that furutaka at 9:48 ?

  28. Steve H. (Infidel)

    I used the Molotov through these ranks and blew through to VI-VII Ranks.
    But, at Tier VII ranks it is too weak to hang in these types of fights and
    unfortunately had to be replaced by the Schcors.

  29. Omg just bought the Tachibana it has 76mm guns and 4 torps in all xD must

  30. with all the battles that I did already I think I’m a higher rank then the
    low rank that I’m in so it’s kind of easy for now playing as Battleship
    Texas with with Admiral captain XP fast reload

  31. im done with ranked battles, no matter what you do you will not prgress
    because some teams do their best to lose

  32. Chase, both of these videos are excellent, informative, and timely. I am
    curious as to where the S-A-B-C ranking series comes from? Finally, the
    first video assumed one has 15+ point captains. Is that same assumption in
    play here? I have all these ships, but most of my captains are 9-11 points,
    (probably because I tend to hold on to and play too many ships). Keep up
    the great stuff.

  33. i love my Cleveland in ranked i had a game last night where i spent the
    first little bit of the game sitting in our capping lobbing HE over island
    on top of BBs. finally a Nwew mex got sick of me hitting him so he tried to
    rush me down a channel. at that point my DD instincts kicked in a i eushed
    him down the channel, dodged his ram and circle strafed him to death. the
    New Mex captain wasn’t even mad, he congratulated me in chat and stated he
    didn’t expect me to have the balls to pull it off

  34. The thing about the Konigsberg’s rear guns is that they’re offset from the
    center, giving them improved forward firing arcs.

  35. Hey Chase, this is kinda off topic for the video, but I have a question.

    I’ve been doing some random warship research online (because I’m bored) and
    I happened to come across a planned variant of the Omaha-class Cruiser
    which was armed with 2×1 14″ guns. It’s mentioned on Wikipedia and I’ve
    found a couple of websites that designate the ship as Design 160 by the
    Bureau of Construction and Repair. These sites also mention that the BCR
    submitted a sketch for the plan of this ship. I’ve searched for a while now
    through Google, the NARA and other various sites and can’t find anything.

    Do you have any tips for doing warship research that may help me find this

  36. Chase what about ze Germans?

  37. Christopher DiCesare

    so S teir is the best?

  38. Andreas Gutzold

    So when does the ranked season actually start?

  39. still hate the cleveland and shes horrid in ranked. gets focused down very
    fast because, shes the cleveland. the molotov is far better. shes got range
    on her side. I had great success in the new mex with range upgrades and
    speed flags. solid ship.

  40. Dude you totally forgot about the Independence. What about that?

  41. Thing about Nurn and Koni is that, if an enemy bb is broadside to you but
    is tunnel visioned on a friendly, you can pump out massive AP damage into
    the area below the superstructure. Of course, once they aim at
    you….prepare to be blown up, quickly.

  42. Hey Chase i was wondering who do you think would win in a 1v1 fight, the
    New Mexico or the Fuso?

  43. What is with the USN Carrier Independence?

  44. Fair credit to you, Chase: when you make a mistake, you immediately admit
    it and fix it as soon as possible. Good stuff. :)

  45. Can you do a video talking about the different ship roles in ranked? How
    they should be played? I don’t think people understand the importance of
    destroyer play. Also, some of your ranked games would be great to see. Keep
    up the good work.

  46. Plus karma points for re-making the video. :)

  47. Warspite’s DC lasts short, but resets very fast too. That can be an
    advantage sometimes.

  48. Hah, iChase, I caught the mistake last night but just read through it.
    Thanks for taking the time to correct…

  49. Hmm…….how about Russian T5-6 Destroyers?Didn’t see you mentioned in the

  50. why did you put the Königsberg and Nuremberg at C Tier? I love both of them
    and I think they are great! However I havent tried them out in ranked

  51. No worries … we still luv u man

  52. Second Ya!

  53. First comment?

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