World of Warships – Clubbing Clubbers

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You’d think that I’d have this campaign finished by now, wouldn’t you.

Hellz no…it forces me to seal club and go too low in tiers. I would however like to move away from these super low tiers and since sometimes my chat requests lower tiers, this was a good opportunity.

I present you the Clemson.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Wow, that was quick.

  2. “My parents”… “My father and my uncle”. Is that the Alabama / California crossover we were looking for? 😀

  3. 5:50 onwards: talking bout levels to this game

  4. When my dad used the “plot recommended torpedo path” in Silent Hunter 3…. I was like….. joh…. big brain (I was like 8)

  5. those were some cute seals especially the v-170 but he got clubbed so hard feel so bad for him gg

  6. Are you that creepy guy too old to be in the club?

  7. when you have even less xp then 2 bots… 😉

  8. Two Kraken videos back to back! Yummy.

  9. low tier CVs are very common for SealClubbers

    Whenever Im in a tier 3-4, you get double CV every game since its super easy to play low tier CVs.

  10. Clubbing the clubbers reminds me of the film Life of Brain “Who you calling big nose , big nose ” lol

  11. Dude the math in sh is the best part. Calculating everything you need and then hitting the target was the most satisfying feeling

    • Fips von Fipsenstein

      Yeah! Played sh4 back in the days. Now my son is in 8th grade and struggled with math. So I showed him how to navigate and calculate torpedo solutions without any help and now he practices almost daily – without noticing how good he is in math by now.

    • Exactly! I remember having precalculated charts all over my desk with ranges, angles, torpedo settings etc. Best part of the game is when you find that juicy target , you launch salvo of 6 torps, all of them hit and only one explodes because it’s SH4 and your torps are utter garbage xD

  12. LOL Flambass playing tier 4, meets another high level player! Complains about the seal clubber, kill steals then complains more about the clubber 😀

  13. Silent hunter 3 with the Grey Wolfs Mod was fantastic! The Silent Hunter 4 was a deep dive and I lost interest. Often think about going back to play SH 3 with the mod again.

  14. pffft i started playing Silent Hunter II at 8 y/o and never once played without 100% realism !

    I’ll admit it took me almost 3 years before i really knew what i was doing xD

  15. Who wants to do that much math playing a game? EVE Online has entered the chat.

  16. 5:05 Google, show me the dictionary definition of a potato.

  17. I love Silent Hunter 3. One of my most played games and I still play it a lot, when I have the time.

  18. Silent hunter games were pretty dope back in the day.

  19. in a team game winrate should only be considered a relevant statistic if you play with the same team all the time. otherwise it’s meaningless

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