World of Warships – Cobey vs. TBLF

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What happens when 4 people try to queue stack in … Friendships get tested. As you will see in the video, got placed on the enemy team every time. Lines were drawn.



  2. Average Asian (Mr. Sushi)

    I’m a bit suspicious about the title…I’ll reply when I finish the

  3. You fucking moron, you never sail in a straight line
    Have you ever heard of angling your armor?
    Do you even know how to lead your shots?
    Do you know that if you aim at the waterline, you are more likely to get

    You utter moron

  4. British cruiser broadside on to a battleship? Yep, that’s a deletion bound
    to happen. <3 you guys.

  5. 6:10 and 7:36 are the best parts of the video. Hand-clapping giggling
    inducing. A great way to begin 2017.

    And Bo/TBLF, I never said this earlier but thank you for making such great,
    funny and informative content last year. You have become one of the few
    Youtubers I cannot go without. Your growth to such a spot is amazing and I
    look forward to what TBLF brings this year.

  6. ” I DONT KNOW”

  7. Thinking of getting one of the IL-2 games, should i get the moscow one or
    stalingrad? Stalingrad is cheaper but idk.

  8. Can’t wait till Bo gets into the higher tiers with invisafire CA and torp
    walls from hell. I think everyone will need many pamphlets afterward.

  9. Uh, hey Moe? Rule Nr.1 for every Battleship that’s not a
    Scharnhorst/Bismarck/Friedrich der Große with a Captain skilled for
    secondary battery power… if you see a cruiser or *especially* a DD closer
    than 10km, TURN AWAY! If you can’t turn away, because of broadside throat
    or something, hit full reverse!

    And rule Nr.2 If you see torpedos coming from a direction with no spotted
    enemy ships, or a seemingly random smokescreen… TURN AWAY! ^^
    And drop torpedos into the smokescreen, if you have them. DDs and british
    cruisers like to sit still inside there. :3

    There’s no need to go full speed ahead all the time. Regular slight course
    and speed changes save battleship crew lives. Save the lives Moe! ;_;

  10. 7:41 this is why I love firing at British Light Cruisers. Coby just got
    super-graviton cannoned.

  11. You can tell Bo is not amused XD

  12. on the bright side, at least you out Cobey down quickly and without pain <3

  13. I love how cobey yells and rages

  14. Cobey’s reaction when you obliterated him was priceless!

  15. CobeyWobeyphobia- Fear of Cobey Wobey firing torpedoes.
    Sufferers: Bo, Loli, basically everyone in TBLF about now.

  16. When Cobey blew up, I actually stood up saying daaammmnnnn. Texas for the

  17. that was funny I liked this vid do more please .

  18. Cobey Cobey Cobey Cobey,…. all you guys make my day… thanks for all the
    great videos

  19. this was a awesome video BO

  20. You guys never cease to entertain, just by being yourselves. Thanks so much
    for sharing your games with us!

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