World of warships – Comeback

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  1. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    First to comment (and really is my first time to comment first lel)… cause I’ve been on youtube all day wasting away…

  2. no thumbnail squad (I’m going to get shot for this)

  3. “cya at ocean” LOL

  4. I honestly did not see you winning that, gj little boats.

  5. I’ve got a bloody hell of a replay to comment endinfg in a stall, and lots of swearing by my division… Dont have a clue how to send it to you but i thing its worth to comment and analyze like science of the monkey.. Can u help me dude?????

  6. Kudos to that other Lo Yang

  7. what was that sound 😀 ?

  8. loyang = belfast cancer of tier 8 ranked, they should ban all fuckin premium horseshit from that mode really.

  9. only with dds can rank 1,,you try ,,,i have a idee rich rank 1 with bb ,,rip eng

  10. Hard carry, wow Flambass, very nice!!! Did not see that coming with how the match started.

  11. flambass u piece of flam, ffs every fkn wows yter that ive got subbed plays the fkn lojang

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