World of Warships Cruisers 101

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Week two of Back School. This week’s focus is on Cruisers.


  1. So I figured since it’s cruiser week, that the missions would pay out when
    driving cruisers. Should have read the small print (hint: there isn’t any),
    got rewarded for driving my BB, which was a pleasant surprise.

  2. we need to stop telling noobs to not show their broadsides because I love
    punishing them hard with citadels

  3. Dont all tier 9 and 10 cruisers get the heal as a choice?

  4. Akolotu Moeloa (TonganJedi)

    Probably the most useful video I’ve seen in a while. Have friends who are
    just getting into the game and this is very helpful.

  5. Do you know which music from the WoWs OST was used for this?

  6. Congrats on WG using your video for their contest

  7. The clevelands citadel does not look like that at all. The boiler citadel
    is split into two. Under the bridge and under the aft tower structure.
    There isn’t a citadel under the stacks which is why kids think they are so

  8. Honestly, I would say that USN cruisers, at least T7+, feature some of the
    best armor-piercing shells of any cruiser line. They can actually penetrate
    the citadels of several battleships at their tier or higher. That on top of
    having some of the slowest-firing guns for those tiers aside from the Des
    Moines and Atlanta.

    I definitely think you should have said that AP shells work well on
    battleships that are already on fire or at close range.

  9. they’ll need to update this soon once the RN cruisers come out

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