World of Warships – DD can’t carry he said

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So ofc fate was gonna play its role and make me eat my own words.

At the start of this battle I was answering a question to someone from chat that said Halland is supposed to be used for torps and that I wasn’t using torps a lot.

Well…let’s see about that.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Holy crap! Yea no need for minimap.

  2. Wow, just wow *golf clap*

  3. Vheeak Vheaaak! We can’t see the minimap.

  4. with Petro being current meta, of course it stopped being about torp hits and destroyers, since they have radar and there are less BBs to torp

  5. textbook example of: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me :o))) those torps were GLORIOUS :o))) GJ Flambino ;o)

  6. Enemy team has no DD and no CV. It´s not hard to carry as a DD when that is the matchup.

    • I think that team is a firm case of HURRDURR META + HURRDURR CV BAD and don’t actually know how to deal with either 😛

  7. Ofc you carry when the enemies potato this hard (and you have the ability to realize and capitalize on their kerfuffle).

  8. I love how in every game with pvp they bitch and moan about OP units *but use the exact same units and tactics.*
    No minimap is fine. Audio in these merc battles is a bit crazy but it’s to be expected in a competitive team.

    • There’s a reason why people do both things. Deliberately not picking them puts you on a backfooting before you even press “BATTLE”

  9. ‘we will send 4 ships to the left flank’ two cruisers charge one is completely annihilated and the other is severely damaged by torpes. ‘We must reinforce the left flank’ 2nd verse same as the first

  10. Yep. My clan potatoed that battle so hard that i turned into a padawan again

  11. This one was fun, those guys on other team didn’t know what hit them…. Laughs maniacally.

  12. liking the clan battle content. it’s nice to hear good shotcalling and higher-skill gameplay

    • Tbh, anything better than randoms is welcome. That’s why we watch Flambass

    • @Erulian anything is better than T10 random battles where teams have 35-45% wr. Playerbase is pure shit, every battle i see players with 25k battles and 40% wr. I always wonder how it is possible to play 25k battles and still don’t know the basics.

  13. Jedi is a good clan, but a good example when the opponent sees through the tactics and you can no longer get access. Happens

  14. I use to watch Flambass EU and MeJash NA on twitch. Even Flambass said it many times. In Clan battles they cover there mini map with a fish or Winston because of stream snipers. Because they rely don’t want to delay there stream. If anyone can’t handle it then go watch some fairy playing world of Warcraft. Btw those torps where amazing 😂, I do like to see Flambass go up against like TWA or some hard Clan.

  15. Lolol great game. Seriously you guys complaining about the minimap, yes I get it. But GET OVER IT! Flambass has explained multiple times, no he can’t change it. Stop being deaf, stupid and entitled. If you really can’t stand it take a break and come back after clan battles are over. It is HIS channel not yours and he has a damn good reason. Treat the guy better.

  16. Biscuitchris7again

    **watches clan member get paddled by dd torps.**

    **moves into exact position 90 seconds later**


  17. At the start of this battle I was answering a question to someone from chat that said Halland is

  18. “WHO HAD HYDRO?!”

  19. random team : “Hey DD, can you plz cap A asap … and while you’re at it, sink the Harugomo and the Haland on the flank? Oh, and the Smolensk is pesky. Don’t mind their radar cruiser they have on the flank, you should sink him too. And also spot the BB, I have to farm pts.”

  20. +1 for JEDI for not fielding a CV.

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