World of Warships Dead Eye Clarification and Nerfed Flint

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Just some clarification to the Dead Eye commander skill added to World of Warships. I don’t know if I was clear yesterday. Planes themselves don’t negate the skill. It’s the fact that planes are keeping BBs spotted that help your team react to the BBs giving a better chance to negate the commander skill. CVs have an even more important role now. Also, the USS Flint got a big nerf with the WoWS commander skill rework. It’s main guns are barely 11.5 KM, essentially killing this steel cruiser. I am certain wargaming will buff it, but for now, the ship is dead in the water. Lastly… CV sniping is still a thing. We didn’t do it successfully, but 32km out and all shells hitting (ricocheting) is kind of weird to see.


  1. What about Pommern? The whole point of that ship was secondary build and bral. From a 35% hit with manuanl acutal shels hiting the targen now with same build you have less then 10% . No point 😄 in invesring 9 command points in to and and the ship is useless. A Premium coal ship that i had fun playing only 1 week before the Commander trash rework.

    • For me she is still useful I get the Dead Eye, Manual 2ndary and Concealment then boom a brawling battleship that is useful to long range battle unlike before literally all German Battleships start from Bismarck to GK is useless from 14 or 15km and up but now I can citadel cruisers above that range more often before the Commander Rework

  2. Flint owner, yes PISSED!!!

    • Yes Wargaming fix the Flint!

      Nerfing a Premium I paid cash for is unacceptable, but ruining a ship I got with steel or by finishing Ranked 3 times is complete BS.

      Sometimes I think the cruisers skills were changed just to nerf the Smolensk. Face it WG – you screwed the pooch when you released that ship. However, I earned steel to get it the way you released it and don’t appreciate the range and rate of fire nerfs.

    • We Flint and Atlanta owners are owed BIG time!!!

    • @micko11154 Atlanta is fine – got offsetting buffs. Flint needs the same.

    • @ChipsterB Ah thanx, I had not checked!

  3. Flint would have the tools to play through the setback, but the problem is she lives 1km outside most radar ranges, so while you could actually play her ok, she is now super stressful to play. Alot of ships are now in this area that are still playable but now super stressful. I don’t think anyone is playing this for it to be a 2nd job. As an owner of Flint, I think she is still okish, but I don’t want to play her in current itteration because of the said stress.

  4. Field Grade officers. Often Wrong, never in Doubt.

  5. I own the flint and yes I’m pissed, then again I’m pissed with the whole captain build. They could have done it smaller or in stages. But all at once ..just too much.

  6. You did not just misunderstood the plane mechanic – please re-read the description and clarify it:
    You can be spotted at all time and have Dead-Eye active, *IF* there are *no visible enemy ships* within your detection range.

    • also it has to be in line-of-sight. Which the description is not telling ^^’

    • You can even go further because it basically says within your BASE detection range which means dead-eye is stil active after firing your guns and your concealment gets extended to your max firing range.

  7. Yes as a Flint owner, she has been wrecked. The community pointed out that these changes would effect certain ships like Flint. How have the Devs just ignored it?? Because they can I suppose.

  8. “Noooo guys, I’m sorry, it must have come out slightly differently from what I intended. I mean that the planes spot the battleships, thus giving you the intelligence required for you to then move into their surface concealment range and then nullify their dead eye. Because, you know, you can’t very well see them as they snipe you constantly from 24km, you need plane spotting or you are doomed”

    This is so laughably made up it is actually more ridiculous than the first video, thank you

  9. You literally said that if they were spotted they dont get the accuracy bonus.

    Babies and sleep. I get it but please just admit you got it flat out wrong.

  10. Lol dude just admit that you didn’t understand the skill parameters in your last video. It’s not like we don’t know where the sniping BBs are, they’re constantly spotted because they’re firing their guns. CVs aren’t needed to know where they’re firing from XD

  11. Admitting to being wrong is hard i guess

  12. My favorite ships were Atlanta and Flint. WG screwed that up.

  13. Hey Zoup. “As long as they keep those battleships spotted they can’t use dead shot. There is no way for them to use it because it relies on them being hidden and if they’re not hidden, if they’re spotted, they don’t get the bonus to their accuracy.” This is quite clear and clearly wrong. There is no way this could be interpreted to mean what you now say you meant. A simple admission that you made a mistake would have sufficed, but this approach is hard to swallow. It didn’t help that this video came on the heels of a video where you didn’t seem to realize that Fiji is tier 7.

  14. Didn’t explain it clearly? I guess you were just mistaken and realized that afterwards👎.

  15. It can’t be “unintended consequences ” when testers said this would happen.

  16. I guess he will finally get a job offer from WG. Talking unreasonable BS is their requirement.

  17. Oh come on, is that hard to say: “my bad guys!” and move on. Now you are like I was wrong, but at the same time I was right, but still wrong but… you know, I am still right…”

  18. Does this dude even play WoWs? He should just stop making these misinformed videos.

  19. No you did not mislead us we knew you were wrong lol.

  20. Just don’t try to find excuses to Cv’s. Please just don’t.

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