World of Warships – Die Hard

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I sometimes wonder when I make these titles if anyone’s going to get the reference, Die Hard did come out in 1989 after all.

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  1. Why are you wondering if anyone will have the Die Hard Reference? It’s one of the best Christmas Movies out there!

  2. Morning guys, happy reunification day fellow german salt miners.

  3. YES JINGLES NEVER STOP! Jingles saying Straya mate reminds me of the bogan down the road about 10 before you hear a loud bang or endless profanities for the next half an hour.
    So beautiful and both end in a good watch!

  4. Jingle’s promises about never doing an Australian Accent again, are about as reliable as him actually taking a holiday

  5. Wargaming adopted basketball rules where anything in the air for the last couple of seconds after the buzzer are in play. You can get kills even after time expires

    • Not only that you can cap after the time has ended as well so there are a few seconds you have time to both kill and cap.

    • But that doesn’t really explain the situation here, because marceau died first. So yes, Macreau killed Conde and claimed the Kraken, but that’s immaterial to the victory conditons.

    • ​@Adam S.very often you will find rules of games or sports separating events in “before”, “after” and “at the same time”.

      In some instances, “at the same time” is actually an interval of a defined length of time. So technically, two events take place after one another but still make the “window” and qualify as “at the same time”.

    • @Adam S.nope. Marceau clearly dies. But in WoWS, the game technically does not end at that point, especially if that ship has shells out. IF those rounds can impact the game outcome, then victory is not declared until they either miss, or they hit and their damage is calculated. The Marceau’s final rounds penetrated instead of shattering, doing enough damage to sink the Conde. So, no ships survive, and the game is determined on points for each team at the time of the last sinking.

  6. Always a true pleasure to see Jingles at work;)

  7. I think that you’re right in that the game went by most points, likely due to both dying within the server refresh rate delay. What is it? 0.7 seconds tick rate on the refresh? I’m guessing that the shitty servers cost the Condé’s team the win.

  8. I had a clan battle game where I sunk the last enemy ship just as time expired, got credit for the kill and everything, but it was listed as a loss.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      I such battle in ranked 3 vs 3 2 month back , I killed last bb , but they won some how , and time did not run out , and I had poit advantage , I have send ticked with replay , I got no answer tho :/

  9. As an Australian, I give Jingles full permission to do his bad accent as much as he likes.

  10. If you look, both ships died at the exact same time, even their explosion animation was in sync. So i guess the game decided by points indeed.

    Much closer in win then this you cannot get though

    • No, the Marceau died first by two frames.

    • @TD Braun so the other team were framed is what you’re saying?

    • ISeeTrees ofGreen

      @TD Braunyes but bc wows also gives that few extra seconds to count anything that’s already in the air, as far as the game was concerned they tied in killing each other but the Marceaus team led in points so they won

    • @ISeeTrees ofGreen na, it doenst have to do with the extra seconds…. kills in that time count, but not for victory…. what probably did happen was that both died on the same server tick, remember, that is totally different from client fps…. so from the servers position it looked like a double kill, even if the client shows some frames between.

    • ISeeTrees ofGreen

      @TargetDrone that’s what I said

  11. My guess would be that the marceus floaty shots were fired first, so technically he shot the killing shot first.

  12. Glorious moment to hear Mr. Jingles say “clap them cheeks”. Today is a good day 🙏

  13. Actually Jingles, Die Hard is a 1988 American action film directed by John McTiernan and written by Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza, based on the 1979 novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp. Not 1989.

  14. Daniel Erdélyi-Larsson

    I made an audible “oooooh” sound when I saw all those torpedoes released by the Halland towards the Lauria at basically point-blank range 😂

  15. Cadia Still Stands

    The title reminds me of years ago when three destroyers decided to ram me in quick succession, and, as a near full health battleship with heals when the attacks began, ended up living through all of the rams.

  16. If you look at it closely, the Conde goes to 0hp and the Marceau still has a little hp left before it finishes blowing up. So it would seem that they did die at basically the same time and it was decided by points.

  17. I guess now you’ve seen a closer win than that tournament you mentioned or that game we watched where the cruiser slipped into the cap at the very last second

  18. This has happened to me a couple times, when the two last ships die almost at the same time, don’t know exactly what the maximum delay is though, the game is decided on points instead of the the last one alive, it’s been a thing since forever, even before we had those couple seconds at the en of the battle where it continues

  19. What we see in the replay is not necessarily what the server sees when judging the victory conditions. It’s possible the Conde died first according to the server, but the Marceau appeared to die first in the replay.

  20. The reason why it was a win is because both kills happened so close together time-wise, it occurred between server ticks, and when the server registered that they were both dead as the tick rolled over it is considered at the same time. It doesn’t matter what you see on your client, it matters what the server sees at each tick.

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