World of Warships – Don’t do dis to me chat, don’t do dis !!!

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So you may have seen some Zao games recently and how I had awesome results but I could never win in it. Yeah I decided to continue testing my luck and then this happened and OFC my chat went mental.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Resistance is futile Flambass 😛

  2. with out watching this video judging by the title and seeing the map i already know how this ends *hears jingles laughing*

  3. Every time I see Two Brothers at the start of your games I get so excited. Keep ’em coming!

    • Just a random Horse.

      I just want this map to be changed already so I stop seeing retards suicide / make the enemy team get shit to the brains. I blame this kinda shit on youtoubers like this that keep posting shitty videos of it happening… But then again maybe others like retardation and autism in their matches…

    • Just a random Horse. lmao u mad bro?

    • Just a random Horse.

      +N1c3s When you keep seeing idiots try this kinda crap, it tends to be frustrating yes. Just because flambass keeps getting away with it don’t mean all the idiots you see doing it will 😉

  4. By now it’s math, Flambass+Two Brothers=mid rush

  5. Charles in the background: “This is the greatest plaaaaaaaaaaaan~!”

  6. Brilliant! A highly underrated chanel

  7. wait a minute… the BBs can actually do their job in the middle! Well… the “getting shot at and pulling enemy ships” part that is.

  8. More toxic division videos please :p

  9. also, the _worst_ choice would be _Roon…_ or _Nürnberg…_ although maybe you could go in backwards 😉

    • idk about Roon, because of Turtleback, greats torps and guns. BUT *Nürnberg* …oh thats a hot one

    • +TraMaChi Nürnberg OP…until it gets deleted.

    • TraMaChi Nberg and Roon would both get nuked unfortunately… turtleback only does so much when you are stuck and have BB’s raining on you. Both of their best protection is maneuvering, so it would 100% be suffering

  10. The was not ‘the worst’! This was one of the most hilarious replays I have ever seen.

  11. Two fat T10 battleships and a long ranger spammer T10 cruiser go middle on Two brothers. Wow…

  12. Yeah, you shoulda gone in backwards so you had torps and the same number of guns. Plus, it would be easier to back off and slower to push.

  13. flambass rubbing service ftw

  14. A motion for World of Warships to rename Two Brothers to the Straits of Flambass.

  15. In my 1 month of watching this YT channel, I have yet to see Flambass not go middle…

  16. the 2 dislikes was the kurfurst and hindenburg

  17. It seems obvious. If most of your guns are on the back deck? well up the middle Backwards!

  18. Oh this is the most hilarious replay ever! Thanks for the entertainment!

  19. Ok, Ok, Ok, I admit it….I am slow on the uptake…BUT, I finally figured it out….If I every get WOWS, and I ever play Two Brothers, and Flambass is in the game….he is going up the middle…..It took a long time, but I finally got it….thanks for your patience. 🙂

  20. It’s starting to become a regular occurrence where ppl on my team say “time to pull a flambass” then rush middle and die 3 mins in.. pls stop, randoms don’t need any help when it comes to suicides

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