World of Warships – Edinburgh Impressions

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on Hotspot moves out to attempt a capture on the western side of the map. We run into a enemy and a couple enemy ships. I engage the enemy while keeping islands between my ship and their ships. The team moves to capture B point and the enemy team attempts to break out. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Edinburgh Replay


  1. Lovely Video as always, Notser!

  2. Tip: never rush cap on USSR dds or you’re gonna have a bad time :V

  3. I love these higher tier British Cruisers. The first line to actually feel
    like it plays a bit differently than the rest IMO.
    Just gotta be sure you’re pointing at/away anybody with passable AP. At
    Tier 8, it’s easy to take some BIG hits in them. Gotta be even more aware
    of your positioning than normal.

  4. Neptune is god tier when you get it you will fall in love :D

  5. I like how he just refers to the Mogami as the pink ship/cruiser XDD

  6. you insult my beloved tashkent. A pox on ye i say.

  7. RN is my favourite! it’s challenging, fun and very rewarding. I have
    emerged victorious in several 3v1 scenarios with the Fiji and cant wait to
    get to T8. Only downside is the paper thin armour where you get citadels in
    every angle regardless and the bouncy castle shells.

  8. +Notser Why did you pick up Torp CD reduction instead of Last Stand or EM
    for your 2nd tier captain skill?

  9. Sorry for bringing this up on an unrelated video, but Notser, do you know
    where I should go to report to WarGaming that the #1 turret on the Dmitri
    Donskoi is not part of the hitbox? I was going through the Soviet line to
    see if I wanted to go down it and in the armour model the #1 turret is not
    coloured. It’s like a secondary gun (the turret itself is merely greyed
    out, and hovering my mouse over it simply lists the deck armour underneath
    it from above, or nothing from the side).

    At first I thought it was because maybe the gun was fake or it was indeed a
    secondary, but the main armament is listed as 4×3 guns, of which that
    turret is one.

  10. I don’t know why but the last salvo on ships that are disappearing behind
    islands are almost always citadels, fires…

  11. Lol that Neptune heal, huge chunks of HP recovered every second

  12. im from Edinburgh, so i must get that ship !

  13. It seems like American cruisers are difficult to do well in with the small
    number of aircraft carriers in the game. what does the community think
    about boosting the defensive fire ability to include standard secondaries.
    this could help compensate for the lack of torpiedos and make American
    cruisers better brawlers

  14. You were pretty hard on yourself at the beginning but heck, it was like
    600-140. I’m going to cut a lot of slack in that situation, buddy 🙂

    P.S. Thanks very much for running a clean channel as I enjoy passing these
    along to family and friends.

  15. Notser Atlanta pretty please? I need advice to use it since I got from the
    Santa gift box my friend bought for me.

  16. Notser, does the 2017 new year cammo cost 5 doubloons on the NA server?
    (just wanting to check EU is not being shafted again)

  17. Tashkent thought he was going to be fast… haha

  18. Lol that number @14:23 Damage upon Spotting: 47966.XXXXXXX 😀 They could
    have made the number round.

  19. Notser, so many misplays there 😀
    and your hydro will spot ships around 4,2km, and you should know that

  20. hot up to the caladon…. gave up. xD too noobish to even touch the rn
    cruiser line

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