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  1. Graham Brinkworth

    duplicate replays we see this on barons channel

  2. Versing? ;-;

  3. plz take out either the New York or Colorado

  4. You might want to trim down that intro man, this is the internet. I haven’t
    seen a 30 second long intro since television, haha.

  5. Do the Sm.79 in war thunder please!

  6. Epic!

  7. OMG torpedos!!!!!!!

  8. Phly, plezze play Zao…Pleezz

  9. Sebastian Petersson

    Great video! Love it when you play BB’s

  10. Nice constipation grunt on the torpe evade. Not to worry mate I was
    squinting with ya

  11. 11:20 LOL, pro torp jukes Phly! That noise you made was absolute pure

  12. phly do you still have your “pickup truck” in the garage?

  13. Iain Hellman-Crump

    11:29 Donald Duck?

  14. Amagi

    FUCKING Amagi!

  15. 13:58
    That wasn’t RNG.
    His torpedoes were out of range.

  16. I am drunk

  17. New York for next ship plz

  18. Will be playing the Tirpitzs ASAP at Pax Prime atm. So when I get back.

  19. how did you do that fucking awesome intro

  20. Play the Izumo!! You know you want to! Best ship NA.

  21. 30 knots is apperantly too fast for NY’s turrets B-)

  22. Warspite next or you get no tea tomorrow

  23. You should do the Isokaze, that thing seemed to have nasty damage.

  24. it’s like… stereo ! :p

  25. 11:29 – MURLOCK


  27. What no Tirpitz video Phly? :'(

  28. You should turn on Alternative Battle Interface in the options – It shows
    player names and ship types

  29. I love the intro

  30. I remember this game from Baron’s channel but it’s nice to see what the
    Kongo is like

  31. João Paulo Monteiro


  32. Phly so lucky with those torp dodges

  33. Can you do Atago next? Also I’m just curious, what ship is that in the

  34. you should sail out in the Cleveland again, let all your enemies burn in
    the deepest layer of Cleveland-Hell!

  35. you should sail out in the Cleveland again, let all your enemies burn in
    the deepest layer of Cleveland-Hell!

  36. New York

  37. When you and Baron record the same game maybe do a split screen of both.
    That would be cool.

  38. PyrotechnicMailman

    Hey Phly who was the pianist you listened to on one of your streams? I e
    been looking for him but I can find him, something Newman?

  39. plz phly do the Tirpitz or you go to Auschwitz

  40. +PhlyDaily Please do the Atago next man! Such a good premium cruiser.


    i love you ???

  43. Do some Tirpitz staff. For HITTLER’s honor

  44. How do you enable teams display on the sides, like in WoT? I don’t have it
    and can’t find the option to enable it…

  45. why can’t I just see you in the Amagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Where did he found that Bismark intro video ? Damm I love it !

  47. Erwababab!

  48. WABABA

  49. Play Nagato!

  50. i wish this game had submarine warfare to make it more intense

  51. love ur vids

  52. When is it possible for u to do the Bismark? I’m really interested in
    seeing what it can do.

  53. Nah man, Omaha isn’t bad, but it’s predecessor, Phoenix, is so much better!

  54. Anime_Kancolle_Kongou Battleship

    dont touch me phly you he-hentai ba-baka

  55. Coloradooooo


  57. do the pepsicola for the sake of coca cola and dr pepper

  58. 11.30 wabba wabba ;-)

  59. Remind this old Canadaian-What’s R and G?

  60. play the midway!!!

  61. Phly, the tirpitz is available for purchase.You know what im trying to say
    right ? :D

  62. Colorado next

  63. Kongo iizu rabuu, Kongo izu raifu

  64. Great video as always, new subscriber here!

    Kongo and Kuma are the ships I fear the most

  65. Etwaune Whitesides

    It’s Tea Time!!! BURNING LOVE!!!

  66. Kongo Burning love ?

  67. load HE vs DD’s. gg!

  68. I like how he says kongo is life when it is a weapon made to KILL

  69. tirpiz !!!next pls

  70. Be a cowboy and do the U.S.S Texas!

  71. that peppy Irish guy

    Colorado for next ship, I want to see you try it

  72. Kongo.. back in the good old days when the British could make stuff..

  73. Going to do the Tirpitz? It’s pricey.. being greedy..

  74. tirpitz next? the hype train is strong and I want to see if its justified.

  75. Christopher Dempster

    Hey phly what do you think of the British getting the hawker Hunter?? You
    think it will be a contender of the best plane in war thunder?? especially
    against migs and sabres??

  76. Haruna is love, Haruna is life! <3

  77. Kongo is Love Kongo Is LIFE

  78. Justnyan Andsmile

    I demand the warspite!!!!! Pls sempei

  79. This Intro will never get old ^^

  80. Burning Love!!!

  81. Its said and shameful that these 2 are such sell outs, of course everything
    is awesome on a press account

  82. I make the exact same noise when I just dodge torps in a Battleship xD (

  83. could you do a video of you and baron both as yamato’s

  84. Well Phly, the Tirpitz is out now sooo… Play the Tirpitz!! :D

  85. phly you still have the best WoWS intro ever

  86. gremyashchy for next ship

  87. I was 21 like

  88. Do the South Carolina next! Dem 16 knot base speed doh, not exactly

  89. I get so much less xp and money than you its ridiculous even your normal xp
    without the premium bonus

  90. That intro gave me an orgasm.

  91. whats the stream name?

  92. lol phly only a few days ago i was in my kongo and i saw a aoba going
    around the corner, i went for the intercept where he would come out and
    sure enough there he was 2.8km from my guns. needless to say i blew him out
    of the water with 3 citadels

  93. thats funny, this is the third time today im the 12th like :D

  94. Burning love?

  95. I have never been this early to your vids

  96. love u phly!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  97. adrix HD (adrix25)

    that was fast lol

  98. first comment and like!!!

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