World Of Warships! Escorting The Yamato – Mogami Gameplay

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! Escorting The Gameplay


  1. Legionaryeagle England

    Brilliant !!! been waiting for this ship adventure ….keep them coming

  2. Tier 7*

  3. I here you like my ship PhlyDaily

  4. Charles Philbates

    If this ship is in the game can you get the Missouri

  5. Is it still possible to get acces code for the beta?

  6. sebastiaan prins

    nice accurate shooting

  7. the battleships should be able to shoots rounds into the water and create
    giant plumes of water with their main cannons to counter torpedo bombers
    like they did in real life

  8. Des Moine is pronounced Dais Mouane 😛 

  9. PyrotechnicMailman

    Pronounced Deh-moin

  10. jaghatarhortuben lolfyhj


  11. Serguei Tcherkassov

    Rly wona try this game!!!

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  13. ” I believe that’s how you pronounce it”….no, not at all, but nice try ^^

  14. 最上~~~ 

  15. Downside of the 6″.. very little dmg if you dont pen. The 203mm’s may have
    a lot less DPS but they pen mid tier ships a lot easier. Also, dont forget
    about torpedo’s at those ranges

  16. Guillaume Lemaigre

    I think that’s why you get those 8 inch gun after, better pen i guess.

  17. I’m surprised they have the 1945 Yamato operation Ten-go load out, losing
    the two side 6.1 inch turrets and in place having a buttload of AA. 

  18. How close are from the Yamato Phly because I want you to play it badly by
    the way your the best

  19. That was so clutch … great game footage!

  20. Mogami-class was so beautiful. I will always use the 7.9″ guns rather than
    the 6.1″ just because it is historical, regardless of how effective they
    are in game. 😛

    I really like Japanese CAs. Can’t wait for muh Takao-class to get added.

  21. Has anyone seen a Yamato be sunk?

  22. Heh, I love seeing all the guns and whatnot on the ships too. They put so
    much detail into the models. That alone seems like a fun part of the game.

  23. dwayne collignon

    love the yamato it is a ship in the star blazer series

  24. i can’t wait for the bismark, think history will repeat itself in game?

  25. Filipodw Op de weegh

    Phily did you downlode war of warships on chrome or on steam

  26. how much crew had the yamato ?

  27. @phlydaliy the Yamato shots every 30 to 60 seconds I think 

  28. Alright every1 favorite murican battleship class go! (South Dakota class)

  29. I wish they put the HMS Belfast in the game, it’s my favourite ship

  30. Hi

  31. Looks like you need to up gun your ship homie.

  32. Can you equip/unequip upgrades such as going back and forth between the two
    gun arrangements on this ship?

  33. Yamtato lol

  34. What’s better Mogami, Cleveland or Pensacola?

  35. Bish pls

  36. Phly If you have any Invite Codes to World of warships could you hold a
    competition or spare one for me (Missed The Cbt Registration) Thx

  37. please phly do the yamato someday!

  38. Dez Moin…..

  39. Gaaawd i neeed a key for this :(

  40. The Japanese had the next generation of battleships, with 21 inch guns,
    designed. I wish WoW would do those.

  41. Nice video, can´t wait to see those rank 10 ships

  42. First. Hi…….. :c

  43. Adrian Schreiber

    Do the Yamato

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