World of Warships – Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill, Kill!

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So right after WG said they had no plans to nerf the Kitakaze, they nerfed the Kitakaze. Doesn’t seem to have done it any harm, though.

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  1. i love when this dude upload at the time of second breakfast

  2. Reused title makes a return!

  3. _Actually Jingles_ the 100mm guns have 0.3*calibre HE pen after the patch that changed IFHE mechanics.


  4. Yes Jingles, we all know the Akatsuki used catr logic there. If it fits, launch it,

  5. Never been this early before. I think I see fish walking out of water

  6. I’m stunned!! Wargaming lying….NO!!! could it be the same as “subs will never be a part of our game” or “no shells bigger than Yammie” Jingles you stirrer……..:-)

    • No shells bigger than Yammie was never officially promised and there are no subs in the game, which has always been more of a technical issue.

    • @CloneD Anon Hey CDA err…I think you maybe living under a rock, subs will come and yes the line about shell size was a throw away line however it was in a public setting and WG are often confusing promises and throw away’s to cover their indiscretions

  7. Finally, a Russ Meyer reference!

    Beyond the Valley of the Lolibotes coming soon, perhaps?

  8. There’s a third option for the Kitakaze nerf, Jingles…

    3. No, there are no PLANS to nerf the ship… Because it’s already been done, at least on our end! You lot will figure it out in a couple of weeks.

    • fourth option: they did the change without any preparation and especially playtesting, while drunkenly compiling last minute changes to patch

  9. “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” OMG that takes me waaaaaaaaaay back.

  10. 1:10 You missed a 3rd option; wargaming was telling the truth and the Q&A guys were well informed. What happened was that wargaming sat in their offices, probably drunk or something, and one guy was like “dude, what if we like, nerfed the Kitakaze”, to which the rest replied “let’s do it bro” and virtually overnight, they cobbled a rework of the Kitakaze together and pushed it out without testing. That is how I imagine every wargaming rebalancing going, given their results.

    • I thought they decided by having two big wheels that you spun. One to pick the ship, the other to pick the nerf. Because how many times have you seen them nerf things that really weren’t the problem?

    • But citizen, it was vodka talking, and it talked very very loud! WHich may account for a lot of balance decisions in the ST Pete development office.. just saying!

    • @cupcake kitten This makes sense! It explains why they were trying to balance the game by nerfing Yamato’s torpedo range and Edinburgh’s HE pen.

    • WG: Its got electrolytes.

    • u are a moron. wg doesnt drink while working, have some respect.
      they simply spin a wheel the is labeled ” nerf” and all the ships in existence are around said wheel, u guessed it , someone got a lucky spin and landed on KITa hehe…. lol

  11. The only sad thing about this was the absence of any Akizuki noises…

  12. My days below decks were a little longer ago, but I have it on good authority, that for that “Proper Fucked” scenario, ‘facing the front end of a gash chute’ still applies. #RumNation

    • Necesito Soma Por Favor

      I’m not British, so can I get a translation for that quote? Because what I think British people mean when they say “gash” I’ve learned from The Inbetweeners… if you know what I mean. I see that it can also mean “rubbish”, so maybe an older term for a garbage chute, but I’d like to know how/when it should properly be used, if at all any more.

    • @Necesito Soma Por Favor To be completely honest, it’s Matlot/Jack speak, so the average British person wouldn’t really get it either. But you are on the right track when you mention ‘rubbish’. Gash in this sense, means ‘shit’. So, the front end of a gash chute, means looking at the potential for being covered in shit, but could take action to avoid being covered in it. Or, the back end of a gash chute meaning, actually being covered n shit.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Necesito Soma Por Favor

      @Anthony Webb Thanks. I’m an American (US type) and I love lexicography, idiom origins, etc. My favorite relatively recent discovery was from a QI episode on the origin of “gardy loo” and “shit-faced”

  13. I think the BBs where “Shit out of luck and jolly well f**ked”

  14. “Missouri Vs. Missouri, are they going for a ram?”
    Jingles, they’re about 7km from each other…

    • IKR, I was looking at the minimap and thinking… good god Jingles, look at the minimap if your gonna do unscripted replay play by play commentary rofl.

  15. “Faster Pussycat kill, kill” is uh….an unusual film. Kinda enjoyed it.

  16. A Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe…nice

  17. Don’t forget the TPS reports…they probably get called in Saturdays for those…

  18. @Warhorse500 and nowadays…probably an environmental impact finding

  19. Would y’all recommend IFHE on Aki, Kita and Haru?

    • Ifhe increases your damage significantly. Bow and stern of all bbs, most heavy cruiser plating, all light cruisers…..

      It’s not just some damage against a couple of select ships.

      That’s like saying yamato ap can’t overmatch much.

    • @D after the IFHE rework, it’s only bow and stern of BBs. After those get saturated(and SS as well), you aren’t going to do much to BBs unless they show side, because most BBs now have >38mm of deck armour. The only ships that IFHE really helps with are Kansas, FR BBs and RN BBs.

    • @Manik Samaraweera and russian dds, and all cruisers, and uss/uk/ijn/german bbs… you still need to use AP… but IFHE is (generally) a damage increase… you’ll start fires anyways. But damage is damage.

      Before the “pyrotechnician” nerf the fire breathing dragon build could work well… but even then, IFHE was more consistent damage.

      Remember tier 10 ships have a 50% fire “nerf”, meaning your stated fire chance is HALF what it says against tier 10 opponents. So a pure fire starter is not going to start that many more fires than a pure damage (IFHE) build. IFHE isnt a fix for everything… but it DOES let you damage MANY ships from angles it would otherwise be IMPOSSIBLE to do.

      TLDR; Dont use IFHE on everything, if they show angle ls you can pen use AP… but IFHE is better on Aki/Kita/Harukaze than firestarter especially in modern meta.

    • @David Gardener it current meta there are SO many ways to mitigate fires… direct damage is better.
      But even if it wasnt… you dont take IFHE to do more damage to BBs.
      You take it to damage LOADS of ships from angles where without IFHE you would be doing ZERO damage…

      Bow taking CA… IFHE
      Bow or stern on BB… IFHE
      Russian DDs… IFHE

      I could go on.

      The loss of fires (and it’s not THAT big a loss) is worth it for the damage that you CAN do to targets that would otherwise be IMMUNE to your AP or HE.

  20. “since we know that it takes substancially longer than just under a month for a design change to be proposed, discussed, implemented, tested and pushed through to live”.
    You’re assuming they discuss and test, If they just propose and implement they can get things done in a week.

  21. Ok, now I have that Tom Jones song in my head and can’t get it out.

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