World of Warships – Fighting in Gold League be like AFK bruh

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So took a good idea and found a way, in their infinite wisdom, to ruin it by implementing too many safety nets. We have ranked battles that have absolutely NOTHING ranked about them. It’s randoms V2.

Anyhow, a good battle for me I felt like sharing and also wanted to use an example on how ppl progress through ranks.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. British destroyers were notorious for heading out stuffed to the gills with ammo. The Tribal Class were particularly well known as aggressive attackers at every opportunity having set out with ammo in places they were never supposed to be stored!

  2. Team mates like them is why I stopped at silver and stopped playing ranked.

  3. That look when the satisfaction survey comes up.

  4. Grinding ranked is painful when your dds die in 2 seconds and your bbs are sniping just staying at the back

  5. The problem with ranked :/
    I understand that sometimes your internet goes out or you cant load in
    but it also might be the case that repub just afk’ed his way to gold
    The idea that ranked is “skill based” with stuff like this is infuriating

  6. Hey Flambass, do you have an updated version for your captain builds spreadsheet? It sure would be nice to get some tips & configure them all while the resetting is free

  7. ranked games? more like operation save star.

  8. My father, long dead, used to tell me stories of the men hosing down the 5 inch guns during sustained air attacks.

  9. Lmfao the reds lost in a 7vs6 match. Shame on them lol

  10. Ib Erik Söderblom

    If you spend all your ammo, then do what the Danish naval-heroTordenskjold (Thundershield) did.
    In a battle juli 27, 1714 against a Swedish frigate, he exhausted all bullets and kanon-powder.
    He then send a dinghy over to talk to the Swedes and asked if he could borrow som bullets and powder, so as the fighting could continue.
    It was denied, so the two ships saluted each other and parted.

  11. WG: “We overhauled the ranked system and made it better for everyone”. Player base: DOUBT.

  12. why do people with no XP gain a star? wtf?

  13. Jimmiar Reltherford

    10:28 the CV actually told you “no” damn that’s harsh…

  14. “when in half an hour you expend all your ammunition, then what?” clearly, you go to ramming speed and play torpedo!

    • i think there is a story of a US destroyer doing pretty much this in the Pacific. Was sailing a floating wreck by the end of the battle, but I cannot remember which it was. His aggression effectively delayed an entire battleship squadron

  15. I love How the Henry is trying desperately to get into the next map

  16. Dude, I miss the daily Youtube posts. With my schedule it’s difficult to impossible to watch you live on Twitch. Don’t want you to get burnt out but please know you have fans that can only see you via Youtube.

  17. You know I spent the entire video which I do love your videos by the way trying to figure out what the rest of your team is fucking doing 😆🤣

  18. Md. Shahriar Hossain

    Once I ate almost 13k from midway bombs on my full speed sideways Daring; fun!

  19. Now that I think about it. Wargaming has accurately replicated the feelings of dread, anger, and hopelessness that many destroyer, cruisers and battleship crews must have felt during WW2.

  20. During operation overlord, HMS warspite expended her entire magazines in the opening bombardment. She then sailed across the channel, rearmed, and in the same day, came back and fired her entire magazines again. When she returned home again to rearm once more, they found they needed to replace her barrels. Considering she was presumably using all armaments in bombardment, I’d say it’s safe to conclude that yes, any warship in game can expend is full arsenal without running into issues of gun barrel wear.

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